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90. The Country - Al-Balad

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. No, I swear by this country (Mecca),
  2. and you are a lodger in thiscountry.
  3. And by the giver of birth, and whom he fathered,
  4. We createdthe human in fatigue.
  5. Does he think that none has power over him!
  6. Hewill say: 'I have destroyed a vast wealth.'
  7. Does he think that none hasobserved him?
  8. Have We not given him two eyes,
  9. a tongue, and two lips,
  10. and guided him on the two paths (of good and evil)?
  11. Yet he has notscaled the height.
  12. What could let you know what the height is!
  13. (Itis) the freeing of a slave,
  14. the giving of food upon the day of hunger
  15. to an orphaned relative
  16. or to a needy person in distress;
  17. so thathe becomes one of those who believe, charge each other to be patient, andcharge each other to be merciful.
  18. Those are the Companions of theRight.
  19. But those who disbelieve in Our verses, they are the Companionsof the Left,
  20. with the Fire closed above them.
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