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The Folding Up

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 29 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. When the sun is folded up,(1)
  2. when the stars are dimmed,(2)
  3. when the mountains are set in motion,(3)
  4. when the pregnant she-camels are abandoned,(4)
  5. when the savage beasts are mustered,(5)
  6. when the seas overflow,(6)
  7. when the souls are coupled,(7)
  8. when the buried girl is asked,(8)
  9. for what sin she was killed,(9)
  10. when the Scrolls are spread open,(10)
  11. when the heaven is stripped bare,(11)
  12. when Hell is set blazing,(12)
  13. when Paradise is brought near __(13)
  14. then shall a soul know what it has produced.(14)
  15. No, I swear by those that recede,(15)
  16. move and disappear,(16)
  17. and by the night when it deepens,(17)
  18. and by the dawn when it breaths,(18)
  19. surely it is a Word of a Noble Messenger,(19)
  20. powerful, stationed with the Lord of the Throne,(20)
  21. obeyed, moreover trusted.(21)
  22. And your companion is no mad,(22)
  23. and he surely saw it on the clear horizon;(23)
  24. and he is not niggardly of the unseen.(24)
  25. And it is not the word of an accursed devil;(25)
  26. where then are you going?(26)
  27. It is naught but a reminder for all people,(27)
  28. for him who among you wills to go straight.(28)
  29. But you have no will, except as God, the Lord of the world, wills.(29)
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