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‘ABAS (80)

The Frowned

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 42 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. He frowned and turned aside,(1)
  2. that the blind man came to him.(2)
  3. But what should teach thee that he would purify him,(3)
  4. or take heed and the Admonition profit him.(4)
  5. As for him who shows indifference,(5)
  6. to him thou attendest;(6)
  7. though it is not binding on thee, if he does not purify him.(7)
  8. And as for him who comes to thee running,(8)
  9. and he fears,(9)
  10. from him thou divertest.(10)
  11. No indeed; it is a Reminder __(11)
  12. and whoso wills, shall remember it __ (12)
  13. in Scrolls, honoured,(13)
  14. uplifted, purified,(14)
  15. by the hands of scribes,(15)
  16. noble and virtuous.(16)
  17. Perish Man! How ungrateful he is!(17)
  18. Of what thing did He create him?(18)
  19. Of a sperm-drop! He created him, then determined him,(19)
  20. then eased the way for him,(20)
  21. then made him to die, and buried him,(21)
  22. then, when He will, He shall raise him.(22)
  23. No indeed; he has not accomplished what God commanded him.(23)
  24. Now let Man look at his food __(24)
  25. We poured out water abundantly,(25)
  26. then split the earth asunder,(26)
  27. and made to grow in it grain,(27)
  28. and vines and vegetables,(28)
  29. and olives and palms,(29)
  30. and gardens, dense and lofty,(30)
  31. and fruits and pastures __(31)
  32. a provision for you and the cattle.(32)
  33. Then, when the deafening noise sounds,(33)
  34. on the day when a man shall flee from his brother,(34)
  35. his mother and his father,(35)
  36. his consort and his sons.(36)
  37. Every man of them, that day, shall have a business to suffice him.(37)
  38. Some faces on that day shall be shining,(38)
  39. laughing and joyous,(39)
  40. and some faces on that day shall have dust upon them,(40)
  41. darkness covering them.(41)
  42. Those are the unbelievers, the law-breakers.(42)
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