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The Pluckers

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 46 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. By those that pluck out forcibly,(1)
  2. by those that draw out smoothly,(2)
  3. by those that swim speedily,(3)
  4. then outstrip quickly,(4)
  5. then direct an affair!(5)
  6. On the day when the first blast shivers,(6)
  7. and the following follows it,(7)
  8. on that day hearts shall be throbbing,(8)
  9. their eyes humbled.(9)
  10. They say, `shall we be restored to the first state?(10)
  11. Is it, when we are bones decayed?'(11)
  12. They say, `this then would be a losing return'.(12)
  13. Yes, it shall only be one scare,(13)
  14. then, lo, they are awakened.(14)
  15. Hast there come to thee the story of Moses?(15)
  16. When his Lord called to him in the holy valley of Towa,(16)
  17. `go to Pharaoh, he has rebelled;(17)
  18. then say, `hast thou the will to purify thyself,(18)
  19. and that I should guide thee to thy Lord, that thou mayest fear?'(19)
  20. Then he showed him the great Sign;(20)
  21. but he gave lies to it, and disobeyed;(21)
  22. then he turned back hastily,(22)
  23. then he mustered and pro-claimed;(23)
  24. and he said, `I am your lord, the most high';(24)
  25. so God seized him with the punishment of the Last World(25)
  26. and the First. Surely in that is a lesson for him who fears.(26)
  27. Are you harder to be made or the heaven? He built it;(27)
  28. He raised high its vault, then levelled it;(28)
  29. He darkened its night and brought forth its brightness;(29)
  30. and the earth, He, thereafter, spread out;(30)
  31. He brought forth, out of it, its water and its pasture;(31)
  32. and the mountains, He firmly fixed;(32)
  33. all a provision for you and your cattle.(33)
  34. Then, when the Great Catastrophe comes;(34)
  35. on that day, man shall remember what he strived;(35)
  36. and Hell shall be brought forward for him who sees.(36)
  37. Then, as for him, who rebelled,(37)
  38. and preferred the worldly life,(38)
  39. surely Hell shall be the refuge.(39)
  40. And, as for him, who feared the Station of his Lord, and forbade the soul from caprice,(40)
  41. surely Paradise shall be the refuge.(41)
  42. They question thee of the Hour, when it shall come.(42)
  43. How art thou concerned to mention it?(43)
  44. Unto thy Lord is its final end.(44)
  45. Thou art only a warner to him who fears it.(45)
  46. On the day they see it, it shall be as if they stayed only for an evening, or its forenoon.(46)
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