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AL-NABA (78)

The News

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 40 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Of what do they question one another __(1)
  2. of the mighty news,(2)
  3. on which they differ?(3)
  4. No indeed; they shall soon know!(4)
  5. Again, no indeed; they shall soon know!(5)
  6. Have We not made the earth as a cradle,(6)
  7. and the mountains as pegs,(7)
  8. and created you in pairs,(8)
  9. and made your sleep for rest,(9)
  10. and made the night for a garment,(10)
  11. and made the day for a livelihood,(11)
  12. and built above you seven strong ones,(12)
  13. and set a dazzling lamp,(13)
  14. and sent down from the pressing rain-clouds water, pouring forth(14)
  15. abundantly, that We may thereby bring forth grain and plants,(15)
  16. and gardens luxuriant?(16)
  17. Surely the Day of Decision is an appointed time,(17)
  18. the Day when the Trumpet is blown, and you shall come in companies,(18)
  19. and the heaven is opened, and becomes gates,(19)
  20. and the mountains are set in motion, and become a mirage.(20)
  21. Surely Hell is an ambush,(21)
  22. for the rebellious a resort,(22)
  23. to stay therein for ages,(23)
  24. tasting therein neither coolness nor drink,(24)
  25. except hot water and a filthy fluid,(25)
  26. for a recompense befitting.(26)
  27. Surely they never hoped for a reckoning,(27)
  28. and gave lies to our signs vehemently.(28)
  29. But everything We have accounted for in a Book,(29)
  30. `so taste, and We shall not increase you but in punishment'.(30)
  31. Surely the godfearing shall achieve success,(31)
  32. gardens and vineyards,(32)
  33. and damsels of like age,(33)
  34. and a cup full to the brim.(34)
  35. Therein they shall not hear any non-sense nor lies __(35)
  36. for a recompense from thy Lord, a gift by reckoning,(36)
  37. Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them is, the All-merciful, to whom they will not have power to address.(37)
  38. On the day when the angels and the Spirit will stand in ranks, none speaking except him whom the All-merciful gives leave, and who speaks aright.(38)
  39. That is the True Day; so whoso wills may take resort to his Lord.(39)
  40. We have warned you of a nearby punishment, on the day when a man shall see what his hands have forwarded, and the unbeliever shall say, `would that I were dust!'(40)
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