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DAHR (76)


Revealed at Medina,Verses: 31 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Has there come on Man a while of time when he was not a thing to be remembered?(1)
  2. We created Man from a mingled drop, then trying him, We made him hearing, seeing.(2)
  3. Surely We guided him to the Way, whether he be thankful or unthankful.(3)
  4. Surely We have prepared for the unbelievers chains and fetters and a Blaze.(4)
  5. Surely the virtuous shall drink of a cup tampered with camphor;(5)
  6. at a fountain, where the servants of God shall drink, making it to gush forth in plenty.(6)
  7. They fulfil their vows, and fear a Day whose evil is wide-spread.(7)
  8. And they give food, for the love of Him, to the needy, the orphan and the captive:-(8)
  9. `we feed you only to have God's attention, not desiring from you any recompense, nor thanks.(9)
  10. We fear from our Lord a frowning calamitous day'.(10)
  11. So God guarded them from the evil of that day, and granted them radiancy and gladness;(11)
  12. and recompensed them, for their patience, with garden and silk;(12)
  13. reclining therein on couches, they shall not see sun therein, nor bitter cold;(13)
  14. and near them shall be its shades, and its clusters shall be meekly hanging.(14)
  15. And there shall be passed around them vessels of silver, and goblets of crystal __(15)
  16. crystal of silver that they have measured accurately.(16)
  17. And therein, they shall be given to drink a cup tampered with ginger,(17)
  18. therein a spring, named Salsabil.(18)
  19. And there shall go about them ever-abiding youths; when thou seest them, thou thinkest them scattered pearls.(19)
  20. And when thou seest, thou seest bliss and a great kingdom.(20)
  21. Upon them shall be garments of fine green silk and brocade, and they shall be adorned with bracelets of silver; and their Lord shall give them to drink a pure drink: (21)
  22. `Surely this is your recompense, and your effort is thanked.'(22)
  23. Surely it is We who have sent down the Qur'an on thee;(23)
  24. so be thou patient for the judgement of thy Lord, and do not obey any sinner or unthankful man out of them.(24)
  25. And mention the Name of thy Lord at dawn and in the evening,(25)
  26. and prostrate thyself to Him by night, and extol Him through the long night.(26)
  27. Surely these men love the hasty world and forsake a heavy day before them.(27)
  28. We have created them and strengthened their joints; and when We will, We shall exchange their likes.(28)
  29. Surely this is a Reminder, so whoso will, may take a way to his Lord.(29)
  30. But you do not will, except what God wills; surely God is Knowing, Wise;(30)
  31. He admits to His mercy whom He will; and the wrong-doers for them, He has prepared a painful punishment.(31)
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