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The Cloaked

Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 56 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. O thou cloaked!(1)
  2. arise and warn,(2)
  3. and magnify thy Lord,(3)
  4. and clean thy clothes,(4)
  5. and shun abomination,(5)
  6. and do not favour to seek more,(6)
  7. and be patient for the sake of thy Lord.(7)
  8. For when the Trumpet is sounded,(8)
  9. that day will be a hard day,(9)
  10. not easy for the unbelievers.(10)
  11. Leave Me and him whom I created alone,(11)
  12. and gave him ample wealth(12)
  13. and ever-present sons,(13)
  14. and made all things smooth for him;(14)
  15. yet he is eager that I should give more.(15)
  16. No indeed; he is froward to Our signs.(16)
  17. I shall constrain him to a hard climb.(17)
  18. He pondered and determined;(18)
  19. perish he, how he determined;(19)
  20. again, perish he, how he determined;(20)
  21. then he looked,(21)
  22. then he frowned and scowled,(22)
  23. then he turned back and showed arrogance;(23)
  24. and he said, `this is not but a sorcery handed down;(24)
  25. this is not but the speech of man'.(25)
  26. I shall cast him in Saqar;(26)
  27. and what will teach thee what Saqar is?(27)
  28. It spares nothing, nor leaves any;(28)
  29. it scorches the mortal;(29)
  30. over it are Nineteen.(30)
  31. And We have appointed only angels to be the masters of the Fire, and We have appointed their number only to be as a trial for the unbelievers, and that those who were given the Book may become sure, and that the Believers may increase in belief, and that those who were given the Book and the Believers may not doubt, and that those in whose hearts is sickness and the unbelievers may say, `what does God desire by this similitude?' Thus God sends astray whom He will, and guides whom He will. And none knows the hosts of thy Lord but He. And it is not but a Reminder for the mortals.(31)
  32. No indeed; by the moon,(32)
  33. and by the night when it retreats,(33)
  34. and by the dawn when it shines,(34)
  35. it is surely one of the gravest things,(35)
  36. a warning for mortals,(36)
  37. for him among you who wills to advance or lag behind.(37)
  38. Every soul is pledged to what it has earned,(38)
  39. except the Companions of the Right.(39)
  40. In the gardens, they shall question(40)
  41. concerning the sinners: (41)
  42. `what put you in the Saqar?'(42)
  43. They shall say, `we were not of those who prayed,(43)
  44. and we were not such as feed the needy,(44)
  45. and we used to indulge in vain talk with those who indulged in it,(45)
  46. and we gave lies to the Day of Recompense,(46)
  47. till the Certain came to us.'(47)
  48. Now the intercession of the intercessors shall not profit them.(48)
  49. But what ails them, that they turn away from the Reminder,(49)
  50. as if they are startled asses,(50)
  51. fleeing from a lion.(51)
  52. No, but every man of them desires that he should be given Scrolls spread open, __(52)
  53. no indeed. But they do not fear the Hereafter.(53)
  54. No indeed; it is a Reminder;(54)
  55. so whoso wills may remember it.(55)
  56. But they shall not remember, except what God wills; He alone is worthy to be feared and worthy to forgive.(56)
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