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AL JINN (72)

The Jinn

Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 28 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Say: it has been revealed to me that a section of the jinn gave ear, and they said, `we have heard a wonderful Reading (Qur'an),(1)
  2. that guides to rectitude, so we have believed in it; and we will not associate with our Lord anyone;(2)
  3. and that exalted be our Lord's Majesty, who has not taken to Himself any consort or son;(3)
  4. and that the fool among us spoke outrage against God;(4)
  5. and that we had thought that men and jinn will never speak against God a lie;(5)
  6. but that some men of mankind would take refuge with some men of the jinn, and they increased them in vileness,(6)
  7. and that they thought, as you also thought, that God will not raise up anyone;(7)
  8. and that we touched the heaven, and found it filled with terrible guards and meteors;(8)
  9. and that we used to sit on its listening posts; __ but any who listens now shall find a meteor in wait for him __(9)
  10. and that we do not know whether harm is desired for those on the earth, or their Lord desires the rectitude for them;(10)
  11. and that some of us are the righteous, and some of us are otherwise __ we are on different ways __(11)
  12. and that we thought that we should never frustrate God in the earth, nor frustrate Him by flight;(12)
  13. and that when we heard the Guidance, we believed in it; and whosoever believes in his Lord, shall not fear any loss nor vileness,(13)
  14. and that some of us have surrendered to God, and some of us ascribe equals (to Him); now whoso has surrendered, those have aimed at the right way;(14)
  15. and as for those who ascribe equals, they are the fire-wood for Hell.'(15)
  16. And (it has been revealed to me) that if they go straight on the way, We would give them plenty of water to drink,(16)
  17. that We may thereby try them; and whoso turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will drive him into severe punishment;(17)
  18. and that the places of worship belong to God, so do not call upon anyone along with God;(18)
  19. and that when God's Servant stood to call on Him, they almost came upon him in swarms.(19)
  20. Say, `I call only on my Lord, and I do not associate anyone with Him'.(20)
  21. Say, `I possess no power over you for hurt or rectitude.'(21)
  22. Say, `none shall protect me from God, and I shall not find, apart from Him,(22)
  23. any refuge, excepting a Deliverance from God and His Messages; and whoso disobeys God and His Messenger, for him shall be the Fire of Hell, wherein they shall dwell forever and ever.(23)
  24. Until when they see that which they are promised, they will know who is weaker in helpers and fewer in numbers'.(24)
  25. Say, `I do not know whether that which you are promised is near, or my Lord is keeping it at a distance.(25)
  26. The Knower of the unseen, He does not disclose His unseen to anyone,(26)
  27. except to a Messenger with whom He is pleased; and then He puts observers before him and behind him,(27)
  28. that He may know that they have delivered the Messages of their Lord; and He encompasses all that is with them, and has counted everything in numbers'.(28)
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