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NUH (71)


Revealed at Mecca,Verses: 28 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. We sent Noah to his people: `warn thy people before there comes on them a painful punishment'.(1)
  2. He said, `O my people, I am a clear warner to you, (to say)(2)
  3. `serve God and fear Him and obey me;(3)
  4. He will forgive you your sins and defer you to a stated term. Surely God's term, when it comes, cannot be deferred, if you but knew'.(4)
  5. He said, `my Lord, I called my people by night and by day,(5)
  6. but my calling has only increased them in flight.(6)
  7. And whenever I called them that Thou mightest forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears, wrapped them in their garments, became stubborn, and showed great arrogance.(7)
  8. Then I called them openly,(8)
  9. then I spoke to them in public, and also made secret talks with them;(9)
  10. and I said, `ask forgiveness of your Lord; He is surely All-forgiving,(10)
  11. He will loose heaven upon you in torrents,(11)
  12. and He will aid you with wealth and sons, and appoint for you gardens, and appoint for you rivers.(12)
  13. What ails you, that you do not look for dignity with God,(13)
  14. and He has created you in different states?(14)
  15. Have you not seen how God created seven heavens in regions,(15)
  16. and set the moon therein for a light, and set the sun for a lamp?(16)
  17. And God caused you to grow out of the earth,(17)
  18. then He will return you into it, and will bring you forth.(18)
  19. And God made for you the earth as a wide expanse,(19)
  20. that you may traverse in its wide paths'.(20)
  21. Noah said, `my Lord, they have disobeyed me, and have followed him whose wealth and children have added only to his loss;(21)
  22. and they have devised a mighty device.(22)
  23. And they have said, `do not leave your gods and do not leave Wadd, nor Suwa, nor Yaghuth, Ya`uq and Nasr'.(23)
  24. And they have indeed led many astray, and added not to the wrong-doers but straying'.(24)
  25. Because of their sins, they were drowned and admitted into the Fire, then they did not find for them any helpers, apart from God.(25)
  26. And Noah said, `my Lord, do not leave any of the unbelievers to dwell on the land.(26)
  27. If Thou leavest them, they will lead Thy servants astray, and they will not beget any but ungrateful law-breakers.(27)
  28. My Lord, forgive me, and my parents, and whoso enters my house as a believer, and the believing men and women; and do not increase the wrong-doers except in ruin'.(28)
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