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The Pen

Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 52 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Nun (N), by the pen and what they write,(1)
  2. thou art not, by the blessing of thy Lord, a man possessed;(2)
  3. and for thee is surely an unfailing wage;(3)
  4. and thou art surely of a magnificent character.(4)
  5. Now thou shalt see and they shall see,(5)
  6. which of you is the demented.(6)
  7. It is thy Lord who very well knows as to who has gone astray from His way, and it is He who very well knows those who are guided.(7)
  8. So obey thou not those who cry lies.(8)
  9. They wish that thou shouldst compromise, then they would compromise.(9)
  10. And do not obey every mean swearer,(10)
  11. back-biter, one going about with slander,(11)
  12. hinderer of good, transgressor, sinner,(12)
  13. rough, thereafter of doubtful birth,(13)
  14. because he has wealth and sons.(14)
  15. When Our signs are recited to him, he says, `fables of the ancients'.(15)
  16. We shall brand him upon the snout!(16)
  17. We have tried them, as We tried the owners of the garden; when they swore that they would pluck by morning,(17)
  18. and they made no exception.(18)
  19. Then a visitant from thy Lord visited it while they were asleep,(19)
  20. and it was like a garden plucked.(20)
  21. Now they called to one another in the morning,(21)
  22. `move early to your tillage, if you would pluck'.(22)
  23. So they departed, whispering to one another,(23)
  24. `no needy man should enter it today against your will;'(24)
  25. and they proceeded early, determined on the purpose.(25)
  26. Then when they saw it, they said, `we are surely lost;(26)
  27. no, we have been deprived!'(27)
  28. The moderate among them said, `did I not say to you, why do you not extol God?'(28)
  29. They said, `Holy be our Lord; we were wrong-doers'.(29)
  30. Then they turned, some against others, blaming each other.(30)
  31. They said, `woe to us, we were surely transgressors.(31)
  32. May be our Lord will give us better in exchange than it; to our Lord We humbly turn.'(32)
  33. Such is the punishment; and the punishment of the Hereafter is greater; would that they knew.(33)
  34. Surely for the godfearing shall be gardens of bliss with their Lord.(34)
  35. What! shall We make those who surrender like the sinners?(35)
  36. What ails you, how you judge?(36)
  37. Or have you a Book in which you study,(37)
  38. that you shall have therein what you choose?(38)
  39. Or have you oaths binding on Us, till the Day of Resurrection, that you shall have what you judge?(39)
  40. Ask them, which of them will guarantee that!(40)
  41. Or do they have associate-gods? Then let them bring their associate-gods, if they are truthful!(41)
  42. On the day when the leg shall be bared, and they shall be called to prostrate themselves, and they will not be able;(42)
  43. humbled their eyes, abasement shall over-spread them; and indeed they were called to prostrate themselves when they were all well.(43)
  44. So leave Me and him who gives lies to this discourse; We will draw them on, step by step, whence they do not know;(44)
  45. but I respite them; my guile is sure.(45)
  46. Or dost thou ask them for a wage, and they are weighed down with debt?(46)
  47. Or is the unseen with them, and they are writing it down?(47)
  48. So be thou patient for the judgment of thy Lord, and be not like the Man of the Fish; when he cried, and he was all-choked.(48)
  49. Had a blessing from his Lord not reached him, he would have been cast upon the wilderness, being blamed.(49)
  50. But his Lord chose him, and placed him among the righteous.(50)
  51. And the unbelievers almost strike thee down with their glances, when they hear the Reminder, and they say, `he is surely a man possessed.'(51)
  52. But it is not but a Reminder for the whole world.(52)
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