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AL-TUR (52)

The Mount

Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 49 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. By the Mount,(1)
  2. and a Book inscribed,(2)
  3. in a parchment unfolded,(3)
  4. and the House inhabited,(4)
  5. and the Roof raised up,(5)
  6. and the Sea poured forth,(6)
  7. thy Lord's punishment is sure to fall;(7)
  8. there is none to avert it.(8)
  9. On the day when the heaven shakes violently,(9)
  10. and the mountains move on;(10)
  11. woe that day to those who cry lies,(11)
  12. who play in vain talk,(12)
  13. the day when they shall be thrust into the Fire of Hell: (13)
  14. `this is the Fire that you were giving lies to;(14)
  15. is this sorcery, or is it you that did not see? (15)
  16. Enter it, then have patience or have no patience, it is equal to you; you are being recompensed only for that you were doing.'(16)
  17. The godfearing will be in gardens and bliss,(17)
  18. rejoicing in what their Lord has given them; and their Lord shall save them from the punishment of Hell:(18)
  19. `Eat and drink with wholesome appetite for that you were doing;(19)
  20. reclining on couches placed in rows;' and We shall couple them with wide-eyed maidens.(20)
  21. And those who believed, and their offspring followed them in belief, We will join their offspring with them, and We will diminish not for them anything from their work; every man is pledged for what he earned.(21)
  22. And We will aid them with fruits and flesh, such as their hearts desire.(22)
  23. They will pass therein a cup to one another, no non-sense talk there, no cause of sin.(23)
  24. And there will go round them youths, meant for them, as if they were hidden pearls.(24)
  25. And they will advance to each other, asking questions.(25)
  26. They will say, `we were before this among our families in fear.(26)
  27. Then God was gracious to us, and has saved us from the punishment of the burning wind.(27)
  28. We used to call upon Him before; surely He is the Beneficent, the Merciful.(28)
  29. Therefore remind. and by thy Lord's blessing, thou art not a soothsayer nor a madman.(29)
  30. Or do they say, `he is a poet, for whom we await uncertainty of time?'(30)
  31. Say, `wait, I too am waiting with you'.(31)
  32. Or does their reasoning bid them to this, or are they a people of rebels.(32)
  33. Or do they say, `he has invented it?' No, but they do not believe.(33)
  34. Then let them bring a discourse like this, if they are truthful.(34)
  35. Or were they created out of nothing, or are they the creators?(35)
  36. Or did they create the heavens and the earth?(36)
  37. No, but they have no faith. Or are with them thy Lord's treasures or are they the controllers?(37)
  38. Or have they a ladder to listen through? Then let their listener bring a clear authority.(38)
  39. Or has He daughters, and you sons?(39)
  40. Or dost thou ask them for a wage, and they are weighed down with debt?(40)
  41. Or is the unseen with them, and they are writing it down?(41)
  42. Or do they desire to lay a guile?(42)
  43. But the unbelievers themselves are caught in the guile. Or have they a god other than God? Holy be God, above that they associate!(43)
  44. And if they see a fragment falling from the heaven, they would say `a cloud piled up!'(44)
  45. So leave them, till they meet their day, wherein they shall be thunderstruck;(45)
  46. the day when their guile shall not avail them in the least, nor shall they be helped.(46)
  47. And surely, for the wrong-doers there shall be a punishment besides that, but most of them do not know.(47)
  48. And be thou patient for thy Lord's judgement, for thou art before Our eyes; and celebrate the praise of thy Lord when thou risest;(48)
  49. and extol Him during night, and at the declining of the stars.(49) 
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