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Revealed at Medina, Verses: 38 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Those who disbelieved and barred from God's way, God has sent their works astray.(1)
  2. And those who believed and did righteous deeds, and believed in what is sent down to Muhammad __ and it is the truth form their Lord __ He has acquitted them of their evils and put right their condition.(2)
  3. That is because those who disbelieved followed falsehood, and those who believed followed the truth from their Lord. Thus does God describe their similitudes for Mankind.(3)
  4. Now when you meet the unbelievers, strike at their necks. Until, when you have slaughtered them sufficiently, tie fast the bonds; then afterwards (set them free) either by grace or by ransom, till the war lays down its loads __ so it shall be. And if God had willed, He could have avenged Himself upon them, but it was so that He may try some of you by others. And those who are killed in the way of God, He will never send their works astray.(4)
  5. He will guide them and put right their condition;(5)
  6. and He will admit them to Paradise, which He has made known to them.(6)
  7. O Believers, if you help God, He will help you, and will make firm your feet.(7)
  8. But the unbelievers __ their fate is to perish, for He has sent their deeds astray.(8)
  9. That is because they are averse to what God has sent down, so He has made their works to go waste.(9)
  10. Have they not journeyed in the land and seen how was the end of those before them? God destroyed them, and the unbelievers shall have the like of it.(10)
  11. That is because God is the Protector of the Believers, and the unbelievers, there is no protector for them.(11)
  12. God shall admit those who believe and do righteous deeds into gardens, underneath which rivers flow. And the unbelievers, they enjoy and eat as the cattle eat, and the Fire is their resort.(12)
  13. And how many a city there was that was stronger than thy city which has expelled thee! We destroyed them, and there was no helper for them.(13)
  14. Is then he who is upon a Clear Sign from his Lord like him for whom his evil deed is adorned, and they followed their caprices?(14)
  15. The similitude of Paradise promised to the godfearing (is this): In it are rivers of unstaling water, and rivers of milk of unchanging taste, and rivers of wine, a delight to the drinkers, and rivers of purified honey; and there they shall have every fruit, and forgiveness from their Lord. (Are they) like him who dwells in the Fire forever, and who are given to drink boiling water that tears their bowels asunder?(15)
  16. And some of them give ear to thee, till, when they go forth from thee, they say to those who have been given knowledge, `what has he said just now?' Those are the ones whose hearts God has sealed and have followed their caprices.(16)
  17. But those who are on guidance, He increases them in guidance, and gives them their piety.(17)
  18. Are they only looking for the Hour that should come upon them suddenly? But its tokens have already come; and when it comes upon them, how shall they have their admonition.(18)
  19. Know that there is no god but God, and ask forgiveness of thy shortcomings, and for the Believing men and women; and God knows your moving about and your resort.(19)
  20. And the Believers say, `why is not a Sura sent down?' But when a well-defined Sura is sent down, and fighting is mentioned therein, thou seest those in whose hearts is sickness, looking at thee with the look of one who faints at death; but preferable for them(20)
  21. was obedience and a desirable word. Then, when the matter is resolved, it would be better for them if they were true to God. (21)
  22. And if you turned away, you are likely to cause disorder in the land, and cut off your bonds of blood?(22)
  23. Those are the ones whom God has cursed, then made them deaf, and blinded their eyes.(23)
  24. Do they not ponder over the Qur'an, or is it that there are locks on their hearts?(24)
  25. Those who have turned on their backs, after the guidance has become clear to them, the Devil tempted them and gave them hopes.(25)
  26. That is because they said to those who are averse to what God has sent down, `we will obey you in some of the affair;' and God knows their secrets.(26)
  27. But how shall it be, when the angels take them, beating their faces and backs?(27)
  28. That is because they have followed what angered God, and were averse to His pleasure; so He has made their deeds to go waste.(28)
  29. Or did those in whose hearts is sickness think that God would not bring to light their malice?(29)
  30. But if We will, We would show them to thee, then thou wouldst recognise them by their mark; and thou wouldst surely recognise them by the twist of their speech; and God knows your works.(30)
  31. And We shall surely test you, till We know those of you who struggle and are steadfast and We shall try the news about you.(31)
  32. Those who disbelieved and barred from God's way, and opposed the Messenger after the guidance had become clear to them, they will not hurt God in the least; and He will make their works to go waste. (32)
  33. O Believers, obey God and obey the Messenger, and do not make your works to go vain.(33)
  34. Those who disbelieved and barred from God's way, then died as unbelievers, God will never forgive them.(34)
  35. So be not slack and do not call for peace; and you shall be the most high, for God is with you, and He will not deprive you of your works.(35)
  36. The present life is only a sport and a diversion; and if you believe and be godfearing, He will give you your wages, and will not ask of you your wealth.(36)
  37. If He asks you for it, and presses you, you would be niggardly, and He will bring forth your malice.(37)
  38. Ha, you are those who are called upon to expend in the way of God, then some of you are niggardly. Whoso is niggardly, he is niggardly only to himself; and God is the All-sufficient and you are the poor. And if you turn away, He will substitute another people, in place of you, then they will not be like you.(38)
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