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Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 59 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Ha Mim (H.M.);(1)
  2. By the Manifest Book,(2)
  3. We have sent it down in a blessed night __ we were surely warning.(3)
  4. Therein are determined all matters of wisdom,(4)
  5. as a bidding from Us __ We were surely sending it,(5)
  6. as a mercy from thy Lord; He is the Hearing, the Knowing,(6)
  7. the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them is __ if you would have faith.(7)
  8. There is no god but He; He gives life and death; your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers.(8)
  9. No, but they are playing in doubt.(9)
  10. So watch for the day when the heaven shall bring a manifest smoke,(10)
  11. covering the people; __ this is a painful punishment.(11)
  12. `Our Lord, remove the punishment from us, we are Believers.'(12)
  13. How can they have the admonition when a clear Messenger has come to them,(13)
  14. yet they have turned away from him, and said, `a man tutored, possessed.'(14)
  15. `We are removing the punishment a little, but you will revert.'(15)
  16. On the day when We shall assault most violently, We shall be taking the vengeance.(16)
  17. And We tried the people of Pharaoh before them, and a noble Messenger came to them __(17)
  18. `Deliver to me the servants of God, I am to you a trusted Messenger;(18)
  19. and do not rise against God, I have come to you with a clear authority;(19)
  20. and I take refuge in my Lord and your Lord, lest you should stone me;(20)
  21. and if you do not believe me, go apart from me.(21)
  22. ' Then he called to his Lord, `these are a sinful people!' __(22)
  23. `Set thou forth with My servants by night, you shall be followed;(23)
  24. and leave the sea becalmed; they are a host to be drowned.'(24)
  25. How many gardens and fountains they left,(25)
  26. and sown fields and a noble(26)
  27. station, and comforts in which they rejoiced!(27)
  28. Thus it was; and We made another people to inherit them.(28)
  29. And the heaven and the earth did not weep for them, nor were they respited.(29)
  30. And We delivered the Children of Israel from the humiliating punishment,(30)
  31. from Pharaoh; he was a high one, among the extravagant.(31)
  32. And We chose them above all people on knowledge,(32)
  33. and We gave them Signs wherein was a clear trial.(33)
  34. Now these people indeed say,(34)
  35. `it is only our first death, and we shall not be raised.(35)
  36. Bring us our fathers, if you are truthful.'(36)
  37. Are they better or the people of Tubba and those before them? We destroyed them; they were surely sinners.(37)
  38. And We have not created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in play.(38)
  39. We have not created them but with truth, but most of them do not know.(39)
  40. Surely the Day of Decision is their appointed time, all together,(40)
  41. the day when a friend shall not avail a friend in the least, nor shall they be helped,(41)
  42. except him on whom God has mercy; surely He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(42)
  43. The tree of cactus(43)
  44. is the food of the sinner;(44)
  45. like molten copper it shall bubble in the bellies,(45)
  46. as the bubbling of the boiling water.(46)
  47. `Take him and thrust him into the midst of Hell;(47)
  48. then pour over his head punishment of boiling water!'(48)
  49. `Taste, surely thou art the mighty, the noble.(49)
  50. This is that which you were doubting.'(50)
  51. The godfearing shall be in a secure station,(51)
  52. amidst gardens and fountains,(52)
  53. wearing silk and brocade, sitting face to face;(53)
  54. so it will be; and We shall wed them to wide-eyed damsels.(54)
  55. They, in security, shall call therein for every fruit;(55)
  56. they shall not taste therein death, except the first death; and He shall save them from the punishment of Hell,(56)
  57. as a bounty from thy Lord; that indeed is the mighty triumph.(57)
  58. Now We have surely made it easy in thy language, that they may pay heed.(58)
  59. So wait; they are waiting too.(59)
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