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SAD (38)


Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 88 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful

  1. Sad (S)__ by the Qur'an, containing the Admonition;(1)
  2. but the unbelievers are steeped in pride and opposition.(2)
  3. How many a generation We destroyed before them and they cried, but there was no time to escape. (3)
  4. And they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among them, and the unbelievers say, `this is a sorcerer and a big liar.(4)
  5. Has he made all the gods One God? This is indeed a strange thing.'(5)
  6. And the chiefs among them departed: `move and adhere to your gods; this is a thing to be desired.(6)
  7. We never heard of this in the last creed; this is nothing but an invention.(7)
  8. Has the Admonition been sent down on him out of us?' No, they are in doubt of My Admonition. No, they have not yet tasted My punishment.(8)
  9. Or do they have the treasures of the mercy of thy Lord, the Mighty, the All-bestowing?(9)
  10. Or is theirs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what between them is? Then let them go up the cords.(10)
  11. Of all the confederates, the host that is here shall be routed.(11)
  12. Before them, gave lies the people of Noah, Ad, and Pharaoh __ the holder of the pegs,(12)
  13. Thamood, the people of Lot, and the men of the Wood __ those were the confederates.(13)
  14. Everyone gave lies to the Messengers, so my retribution was justified.(14)
  15. And these are not waiting but for a single blast which will have no break.(15)
  16. And they say, `our Lord, hasten to us our share before the Day of Reckoning.'(16)
  17. Bear thou patiently what they say, and mention Our servant, David, the man of might; he was a penitent.(17)
  18. We subjected With him, the mountains to extoll at evening and sunrise,(18)
  19. and also the birds, duly mustered; everyone was penitent to Him.(19)
  20. And We strengthened his kingdom, and gave him wisdom and (power of) decisive speech.(20)
  21. And has the tale of the litigants come to thee? When they scaled the guarded chamber;(21)
  22. when they entered upon David, and he was frightened of them; they said, `fear not; as two litigants, one of us has aggressed the other, so judge between us aright, and do not violate, and guide us to the even path.(22)
  23. This is my brother; he has ninety nine ewes, while I have one ewe; yet he says, `give it to my charge, and he has dominated me in speech.'(23)
  24. He said, `he has wronged thee in demanding thy ewe to be added to his ewes; and surely many of the partners aggress one another, except those who believe and do righteous deeds __ and how few they are!' And David thought that We had tried him, so he sought forgiveness of his Lord, and fell down on knees, and turned to God.(24)
  25. So We forgave him that; and indeed he had with Us a near place and a handsome resort. __(25)
  26. `O David, We have made thee a viceroy in the earth, so judge between men aright, and do not follow caprice, lest it lead thee astray from the way of God; surely those who go astray from the way of God, for them shall be a terrible punishment, for that they forgot the Day of Reckoning'.(26)
  27. And We have not created the heavens and the earth and what between them is in vain; that is the thinking of the unbelievers; so woe to the unbelievers because of the Fire!(27)
  28. Or shall We make those who believe and do righteous deeds as those who cause disorder in the earth, or shall We make the godfearing like the lawbreakers?(28)
  29. A Blessed Book We have sent down to thee, that they may ponder over its signs, and that men of understanding my pay heed.(29)
  30. And We bestowed on David Solomon; how excellent a servant he was! He was a penitent.(30)
  31. When the swift standing steeds were presented to him in the evening,(31)
  32. he said, `I have a liking for the good things more than the remembrance of my Lord' __ till when the sun was hidden behind the veil (he said,)(32)
  33. `return them to me'; and he started stroking their shanks and necks.(33)
  34. And We put Solomon to trials, and We cast a body on his throne, then he turned to God.(34)
  35. He said, `my Lord, forgive me and bestow on me a kingdom that may not befall anyone after me; surely Thou art the All-bestower.'(35)
  36. So We subjected to him the wind, that softly blew at his command wherever he would go,(36)
  37. and also the devils, everyone a builder and a diver,(37)
  38. and others bound in chains.(38)
  39. `This is Our gift so bestow or withhold without reckoning.'(39)
  40. And surely he has a near place with Us and a handsome resort.(40)
  41. And mention Our servant Job; when he called to his Lord, `the Devil has afflicted me with weariness and punishment' __ (41)
  42. `Stamp thy foot; here is a cool washing place and a drink?'(42)
  43. And We gave to him his family, and the like of them with them, as a mercy from Us, and a Reminder for men of understanding.(43)
  44. `And take in thy hand a bundle of bushes and strike with it, and do not break thy oath.' We found him patient; how excellent a servant he was! he was a penitent.(44)
  45. And mention Our servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob __ men of might and vision.(45)
  46. We purified them exclusively for the Remembrance of the House.(46)
  47. And surely in Our sight they are among the chosen and the excellent.(47)
  48. And mention Ishmael, Elisha and Dhulkifl; for everyone was among the excellent.(48)
  49. This is an admonition; and surely for the godfearing shall be a handsome resort __(49)
  50. gardens of eternity, the gates whereof will be opened to them;(50)
  51. reclining there they will call therein for abundant fruits and drink;(51)
  52. and with them will be maidens of equal age. who keep their glances restrained __(52)
  53. `This is what you were promised for the Day of Reckoning.(53)
  54. This is Our provision to which there will be no end'.(54)
  55. This for them. And for the insolent, there shall be an evil resort __(55)
  56. Hell, which they shall enter; how evil the cradle!(56)
  57. This, so let them taste it __ boiling water and pus;(57)
  58. and other things, many kinds of its type.(58)
  59. `This is a troop rushing in with you; there is no welcome for them; they shall enter the Fire.'(59)
  60. They will say, `no, it is you for whom there is no welcome; you forwarded it for us; and how evil is the resting place!'(60)
  61. They will say, `our Lord, whoso forwarded this for us, give him a double punishment in the Fire.'(61)
  62. And they will say, `how is it with us, that we do not see men whom we counted among the wicked.(62)
  63. Is it that we took them for a laughing stock, or have the eyes swerved away from them?'(63)
  64. That surely is the truth __ the wrangling of the inhabitants of the Fire.(64)
  65. Say, `I am only a warner, and there is no god but God, the One, the Omnipotent,(65)
  66. the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them is, the Mighty, the All-forgiving'.(66)
  67. Say, `it is a big news,(67)
  68. from which you are turning away.(68)
  69. I have no knowledge of the Most High Chiefs, when they dispute.(69)
  70. This only is revealed to me that I am only a clear warner'.(70)
  71. When thy Lord said to the angels, `I am creating a mortal of clay.(71)
  72. And when I have shaped him and breathed in him of My spirit, fall you down to him in prostration'.(72)
  73. So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them, altogether,(73)
  74. except Iblis; he showed arrogance, and was among the unbelievers.(74)
  75. God said, `O Ibis, what prevented thee from prostrating thyself before that I created with My hands? Did you show arrogance or art thou of the high ones?'(75)
  76. He said, `I am better than he; Thou createdst me of fire and createdst him of clay'.(76)
  77. God said, `now get thou out from here, for thou art accursed.(77)
  78. And upon thee shall rest My curse till the Day of Recompense'.(78)
  79. He said, `my Lord, respite me till the Day they shall be raised'.(79)
  80. God said, `thou art among the respited,(80)
  81. until the Day of the Known Time'.(81)
  82. He said, `by Thy glory, I shall pervert them all together,(82)
  83. except Thy exclusive servants out of them.'(83)
  84. God said, `the truth is, and the truth I speak,(84)
  85. I shall certainly fill Hell with thee and with those who among them follow thee, all together.'(85)
  86. Say, `I do not ask of you any wage for it, and I am no pretender.(86)
  87. It is not but a Reminder for all people.(87)
  88. And you shall surely know its news after a while.'(88)
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