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The Rangers

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 182 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. By those that range in ranks,(1)
  2. then scare to terrify,(2)
  3. then recite the Remembrance,(3)
  4. your God is surely One;(4)
  5. the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them is, and the Lord of the Easts.(5)
  6. We have adorned the nearer heaven with the adornment of the planets,(6)
  7. and to guard against every rebel devil;(7)
  8. they cannot listen to the High Council, for they are pelted from every side,(8)
  9. to be repelled, and for them is a perpetual punishment,(9)
  10. but any who snatches away a point, a shining flame follows him.(10)
  11. Now ask them to pronounce: `are they stronger in constitution or (others) that We have created? We created them from a sticky clay.(11)
  12. No, but thou wonderest, and they scoff;(12)
  13. and when reminded, do not pay heed;(13)
  14. and when they see a Sign, would scoff;(14)
  15. and they say, `this is not but clear sorcery.(15)
  16. What! When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we be raised up?(16)
  17. What! and our ancient fathers?'(17)
  18. Say, `yes, and in all lowliness.'(18)
  19. For it shall be only a single scare, then lo, they are watching.(19)
  20. And they say, `woe to us; this is the Day of Recompense.'__ (20)
  21. `This is the Day of Decision, that you were giving lies to.'(21)
  22. `Muster the wrong-doers, and their wives, and what they were serving,(22)
  23. apart from God, and guide them to the path of Hell.(23)
  24. But halt them, for they are to be questioned: (24)
  25. `What ails you, that you do not help one another?'(25)
  26. No, today, they have resigned themselves in submission.(26)
  27. And of them some advance on others, asking questions.(27)
  28. They say, `you used to come to us from the right side.'(28)
  29. Those say, `no, but you yourselves were not believers,(29)
  30. and we had no authority over you; no, you were a transgressing people.(30)
  31. Now our Lord's Word is realized against us, we have to taste it.(31)
  32. We did pervert you, for we ourselves were perverts.'(32)
  33. So, on that day, they all will be sharers in the punishment.(33)
  34. Thus We deal with the sinners.(34)
  35. When it was said to them `there is no god but God', they used to show arrogance,(35)
  36. and said `shall we forsake our gods for a mad poet?'(36)
  37. `No, he brought the truth and confirmed the Envoys.(37)
  38. Now you shall be tasting the painful punishment;(38)
  39. and you shall not be recompensed except accordign to what you were doing'.(39)
  40. But God's exclusive servants; __ (40)
  41. for them shall be a known provision __(41)
  42. fruits; and they shall be high-honoured,(42)
  43. in the gardens of bliss,(43)
  44. sitting upon couches, face to face.(44)
  45. A cup from a fountain, being passed round to them,(45)
  46. white, delicious to the drinkers,(46)
  47. no dizziness in it, nor will they be intoxicated by it.(47)
  48. And with them shall be wide-eyed maidens restraining their glances,(48)
  49. as if they were covered eggs.(49)
  50. Then some of them will advance upon others asking questions.(50)
  51. A speaker out of them will say, `I had a comrade,(51)
  52. who would say, `art thou really among the conformers?(52)
  53. What! When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we be recompensed?'(53)
  54. He will say, `will you be looking down?'(54)
  55. And he looks and sees him in the midst of Hell.(55)
  56. He says, `by God, thou had almost destroyed me!(56)
  57. And if it were not my Lord's blessing, I would have been among the arraigned.(57)
  58. Is it that we shall not be dying,(58)
  59. except our first death, and we shall not be punished.(59)
  60. Surely this is the mighty triumph.(60)
  61. For the like of this, then, let the workers work.'(61)
  62. Is that better as a hospitality or the tree of cactus?(62)
  63. We have made it a trial for the wrong-doers.(63)
  64. It is a tree that comes forth in the root of Hell;(64)
  65. its spathes are as the heads of the devils.(65)
  66. They shall surely be eating of it, and of it filling the bellies.(66)
  67. Then, on top of it, they will be having a brew of hot water.(67)
  68. Then their return shall be to Hell.(68)
  69. They found their fathers astray,(69)
  70. and they are running on their footsteps.(70)
  71. And, indeed, before them, most of the ancients went astray.(71)
  72. And We had sent among them warners.(72)
  73. Then, behold, how was the end of those that were warned,(73)
  74. except for God's exclusive servants.(74)
  75. And Noah called to Us; then how excellent were the Answerers!(75)
  76. And We delivered him and his family from the great distress,(76)
  77. and We made his offspring the survivors,(77)
  78. and left for him among the later folk:(78)
  79. `Peace be on Noah among all the people!'(79)
  80. Thus We recompense the good-doers.(80)
  81. He was among Our Believing servants.(81)
  82. Then We drowned the others.(82)
  83. And of his party was Abraham.(83)
  84. When he came to his Lord with a pure heart.(84)
  85. When he said to his father and his people, `what do you serve?(85)
  86. Is it a calumny __ gods apart from God __ that you desire?(86)
  87. What guess you then about the Lord of the world?'(87)
  88. And he cast a glance at the stars,(88)
  89. and said, `I am sick.'(89)
  90. Then they turned away from him, turning their backs.(90)
  91. And he quietly went to their gods, and said, `will you not eat?(91)
  92. What ails you, that you do not speak?'(92)
  93. And he turned upon them, striking with the right hand.(93)
  94. Then people advanced to him in all haste.(94)
  95. He said, `do you serve what you hew,(95)
  96. while God created you, and what you make?'(96)
  97. They said, `build a building for him and cast him in the furnace.'(97)
  98. So they desired a guile against him, but We made them the lowest.(98)
  99. And he said, `I am going to my Lord; He will guide me.' __(99)
  100. `My Lord, bestow on me one of the righteous.'(100)
  101. And We gave him good news of a clement boy.(101)
  102. Then, when he reached the age of running with him, he said, `my son, I see a dream that I sacrifice thee; consider what thou thinkest?' He said, `my father, do as thou art bidden; thou shalt, God willing, find me one of the patient.'(102)
  103. So when they had surrendered, and he flung him upon his brow,(103)
  104. We called to him, `Abraham,(104)
  105. thou hast confirmed the vision; thus We recompense the good-doers.(105)
  106. Surely this was the manifest trial.'(106)
  107. And We ransomed him with a mighty sacrifice.(107)
  108. And We left for him among the later folk: (108)
  109. `Peace be upon Abraham.'(109)
  110. So We recompense be good-doers.(110)
  111. He was among Our Believing servants.(111)
  112. And We gave him good news of Isaac, a Prophet, one of the righteous.(112)
  113. And We blessed him and Isaac. Now among their offspring are (both) good-doers and clear self-wrongers.(113)
  114. And We favoured Moses and Aaron;(114)
  115. and We delivered them and their people from the great distress;(115)
  116. and We helped them, so that they were the victors.(116)
  117. And We gave them the Enlightening Book;(117)
  118. and We guided them to the Straight Path.(118)
  119. And We left for them among the later folk:(119)
  120. `Peace be upon Moses and Aaron!'(120)
  121. Thus We recompense the good-doers.(121)
  122. They were among our Believing servants.(122)
  123. And Elias was among the Envoys.(123)
  124. When he said to his people, `will you not be godfearing?(124)
  125. Do you call on Baal, and forsake the Best of the creators __(125)
  126. God, your Lord, and the Lord of your ancient fathers?'(126)
  127. But they gave lies to him, so they will surely be arraigned, __(127)
  128. except for God's exclusive servants.(128)
  129. And We left for him among the later folk: (129)
  130. `Peace be upon Elias!'(130)
  131. Thus We recompense the good-doers.(131)
  132. He was among Our Believing servants.(132)
  133. And Lot was among the Envoys.(133)
  134. When We delivered him and his family altogether,(134)
  135. except an old woman among those who stayed behind.(135)
  136. Then We utterly destroyed the others.(136)
  137. And you indeed pass by them in the morning,(137)
  138. and in the night; will you not understand?(138)
  139. And Jonah was among the Envoys.(139)
  140. When he fled to the laden ship,(140)
  141. and he cast lots and was among the rebutted.(141)
  142. Then the whale swallowed him, and he was to blame.(142)
  143. And had he not been of those that celebrate God,(143)
  144. he would have remained in its belly, till the day they shall be raised.(144)
  145. And We cast him on the wilderness, and he was sick;(145)
  146. and we caused to grow over him a plant of gourd.(146)
  147. And We sent him to a hundred thousand or more,(147)
  148. and they believed; so We gave them enjoyment for a time.(148)
  149. Now ask them for a pronouncement: Has thy Lord daughters and they sons?(149)
  150. Or did We create the angels females, and they were witnesses?(150)
  151. Behold, it is out of their calumny that they say,(151)
  152. `God has begotten'; and they are surely liars.(152)
  153. Has He chosen daughters above sons?(153)
  154. What ails you, how do you judge?(154)
  155. Will you not take heed?(155)
  156. Or have you a clear authority?(156)
  157. Then bring your Book, if you are truthful!(157
  158. And they have set up a kinship between Him and the jinn, while the jinn know that they shall be arraigned __(158)
  159. Holy be God, above that they describe;(159)
  160. except for God's exclusive servants.(160)
  161. Now, you and what you serve,(161)
  162. you cannot tempt any against Him,(162)
  163. except him who shall enter the Blaze.(163)
  164. `And there is none among us but he has a known station;(164)
  165. and surely we are the rangers;(165)
  166. and surely we are those that celebrate Him'.(166)
  167. And they indeed used to say,(167)
  168. `if only we had a Reminder from the ancients,(168)
  169. we would have been God's exclusive servants.'(169)
  170. So they have disbelieved in it, but they will soon know.(170)
  171. And Our Word has already gone forth to Our servants, the Envoys:(171)
  172. `Surely they, only they, shall be helped;(172)
  173. and surely only Our host shall be the victors.'(173)
  174. So turn away from them for a while,(174)
  175. and see them, they shall soon see!(175)
  176. Do they seek to hasten Our punishment?(176)
  177. But when it lands in their courtyard, how evil will be the morning of those that are warned!(177)
  178. And turn thou away from them for a while,(178)
  179. and see; they shall soon see!(179)
  180. Holy be thy Lord, the Lord of Glory, above that they describe;(180)
  181. and peace be upon the Envoys;(181)
  182. and praise be to God, the Lord of the world.(182)
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