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RUM (30)

The Greeks

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 60 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Alif Lam Mim (A.L.M.).(1)
  2. The Greeks have been defeated,(2)
  3. in a neighbouring land; but they, after their defeat, shall gain victory,(3)
  4. in a few years; to God belongs the affair before and after; and on that day the Believers shall rejoice(4)
  5. in God's help; He helps whom He will; and He is the Mighty, the Merciful;(5)
  6. it is God's promise; God shall not fail His promise, but most men do not know.(6)
  7. They know what is apparent in the worldly life, but they are unaware of the End.(7)
  8. Have they not pondered within themselves that God has not created the heavens and the earth and what between them is but on truth and for a stated term? Yet many men disbelieve in the meeting with their Lord.(8)
  9. And have they not journeyed in the land and seen how was the end of those before them? They were stronger than these in might, and they ploughed the land and cultivated it more than these cultivated it, and their Messengers came to them with the Clear Signs; and God was not such as would wrong them, but themselves they wronged.(9)
  10. Then, the end of those who did evil was evil, for that they gave lies to the Signs of God and used to mock at them.(10)
  11. God begins the creation, then repeats it, then to Him you shall be returned.(11)
  12. And on the day the Hour comes, the sinners shall despair.(12)
  13. And there shall be no intercessors for them among their associate-gods, and they shall deny their associate-gods.(13)
  14. And on the day the Hour comes, that day they shall be divided.(14)
  15. Then as for those who believed and did righteous deeds, they shall rejoice in a green meadow.(15)
  16. And as for those who disbelieved, and gave lies to Our signs and to the meeting of the Hereafter, they shall be arraigned in the punishment.(16)
  17. Glory be to God, when it is your evening and when it is your morning.(17)
  18. And His is the praise in the heavens and the earth, and at sunset and when it is your noontime.(18)
  19. He brings forth the living from the dead, and brings forth the dead from the living, and revives the earth after it is dead; and like that shall you be brought forth.(19)
  20. And of His Signs is that He created you of dust; then, lo, you are men spreading wide.(20)
  21. And of His Signs is that He created for you mates, out of yourselves, that you might repose in them, and He put love and mercy between you; in that are surely Signs for a people who ponder.(21)
  22. And of His Signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your languages and colours; in that are surely Signs for the men of knowledge.(22)
  23. And of His Signs is your sleeping and your seeking of His bounty by night and day; in that are surely Signs for a people who hear.(23)
  24. And of His Signs is that He shows you lightning for fear and hope, and sends down water from the heaven, with which He revives the earth after it is dead; in that are surely Signs for a people who understand.(24)
  25. And of His Signs is that the heaven and the earth stand firm by His command; then, when He gives you a call (to come) out of the earth, lo, you shall come forth.(25)
  26. And to Him belongs whosoever is in the heavens and the earth; all are obedient to Him.(26)
  27. And it is He who begins the creation, then repeats it, and it is easy for Him. And His is the loftiest example in the heavens and the earth; and He is the Mighty, the Wise.(27)
  28. He describes for you a similitude from yourselves: do you have among those that your right hands own, any associates in that We have provided for you, so that you are equal in it, fearing for them as you fear for yourselves? Thus We explain the Signs for a people who understand.(28)
  29. No, but the wrong-doers follow their caprices without any knowledge; now who will guide those whom God has sent astray; and they have no helpers?(29)
  30. So set thy face to the Religion, all-devoted: __ God's original law on which he originated mankind; there can be no change in God's creation; that is the standing Religion __ but most men do not know __(30)
  31. turning to Him, fear Him, and establish the Prayer, and be not of the idolaters,(31)
  32. of those who have divided their religion, and have become sects; every group rejoices in what is with them.(32)
  33. And when some harm touches men, they call to their Lord, turning to Him; then, when He makes them taste mercy from Him, lo, a party of them assigns associates to their Lord,(33)
  34. that they may be ungrateful for what We have given them; `enjoy; you will soon know'.(34)
  35. Or have We sent down upon them any authority which speaks of the things they associate with Him?(35)
  36. And when We let men taste mercy, they rejoice in it; and when an evil afflicts them for that their hands have forwarded, lo, they despair.(36)
  37. But have they not seen that God outspreads and straitens provision for whom He will? In that are surely Signs for a people who believe.(37)
  38. So give the kinsman, the needy, and the traveller his right; that is better for those who desire God's attention; and it is those who shall prosper.(38)
  39. And what you give in usury, that it may increase upon people's wealth, does not increase with God; but what you give in alms, desiring God's attention, shall get the increase manifold.(39)
  40. God is He who created you, then provided for you, then He shall make you dead, then He shall give you life; is there any among your associate-gods who does anything of that? Holy be He, Exalted, above that they associate!(40)
  41. Disorder has prevailed over the land and sea, for what men's hands have earned, that He may make them taste some of that they have done; may be, they return.(41)
  42. Say, `journey in the land then behold, how was the end of those that lived before; most of them were idolators.'(42)
  43. So set thy face to the standing religion before there comes a day from God that will not be turned back, the day when people will be sundered apart.(43)
  44. Whoso disbelieves, on him shall fall his unbelief and whoso does righteousness, for themselves they make preparations,(44)
  45. that He may recompense those who believe and do righteous deeds out of His bounty; surely He does not like the unbelievers.(45)
  46. And of His Signs is that He looses the winds as bearers of good news, and that He may make you taste of His mercy, and that the ships may sail by His commandment, and that you may seek of His bounty, and, may be, that you give thanks.(46)
  47. And indeed We sent Messengers before thee to their people, and they came to them with the Clear Signs, then We took vengeance upon the sinners: and surely it was a duty binding upon Us to help the Believers.(47)
  48. God is He who looses the winds, that stir up the cloud, then He spreads it in the heaven how He will, and He breaks it up, then thou seest the rain coming out of its midst; and when He causes it to fall on whomsoever of His servants He will, they rejoice;(48)
  49. and surely, before it was sent down on them, they were, before that, in despair.(49)
  50. Now see the marks of God's mercy, how He gives life to the earth after it was dead; surely That One is the quickener of the dead, and He is powerful over everything.(50)
  51. But if We loose a wind, and they see it turning yellow, they will remain, thereafter, unbelievers.(51)
  52. So thou shalt not make the dead to hear, nor make the deaf to hear the call, when they turn back, retreating.(52)
  53. And thou art no guide for the blind in their straying; thou only makes him hear who believes in Our Signs, and so have surrendered.(53)
  54. God is He who made you of weakness, then, after weakness, He gave strength, then, after strength, He gave weakness and grey hairs; He creates what He will, and He is the Knowing, the Powerful.(54)
  55. And on the day when the Hour arrives, the sinners shall swear that they did not stay more than an hour; so were they perverted.(55)
  56. But those, who have been given knowledge and faith, shall say, `you stayed, in God's Book, till the Day of Upraising, and this is the Day of Upraising, but you never knew.(56)
  57. So on that day, their excuse will not profit the wrong-doers, and they will not be allowed to make amends.(57)
  58. And We have indeed described in this Qur'an every type of similitude for the people; yet, even if thou bringest them a Sign, the unbelievers will surely say, `you only follow falsehood.'(58)
  59. Thus does God seal the hearts of those who have no knowledge.(59)
  60. So be thou patient; God's promise is true; and let not those who have no faith make thee unsteady.(60)
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