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The Poets

Revealed At Mecca, Verses: 227 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Ta Sin Mim (T.S.M.).(1)
  2. These are the signs of the Manifest Book.(2)
  3. Perhaps thou wilt consume thyself that they do not believe.(3)
  4. If We will, We shall send down a Sign on them from the heaven, so that their necks will be humbled to it.(4)
  5. But no Reminder comes to them, renewed from the All-merciful, but that they turn away from it.(5)
  6. Now they have cried lies, so there shall come to them the news of that they were mocking at.(6)
  7. Have they not seen the earth, how many of every fine type We have made to grow in it?(7)
  8. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(8)
  9. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(9)
  10. And when thy Lord called to Moses, `go to the wrong-doing people,(10)
  11. the people of Pharaoh; will they not be godfearing?'(11)
  12. He said, `my Lord, I fear that they will give lies to me,(12)
  13. and my breast straitens and my tongue is not loosened; so send to Aaron.(13)
  14. And they have also a sin against me, so I fear that they will kill me'.(14)
  15. He said, `no indeed; go (you two) with Our Signs; We shall be with you, listening.(15)
  16. So go you to Pharaoh, and say, `we are the Messengers of the Lord of the world,(16)
  17. send the Children of Israel with us'.(17)
  18. He said, `did we not bring thee up as a child among us, and thou didst stay several years of thy life among us,(18)
  19. and thou didst the deed that thou didst, and thou wast of the ungrateful?'(19)
  20. He said, `I did it then, and I was of the astray;(20)
  21. then when I feared you, I fled from you, but my Lord gave me judgement and appointed me one of the Envoys.(21)
  22. And is this a blessing thou reproachest me with that thou hast enslaved the Children of Israel.'(22)
  23. Pharaoh said, `and what is the Lord of the World?'(23)
  24. He said, `the Lord of the heavens and the earth and what between them is, if you could have faith.'(24)
  25. He said to those around him, `do you not hear?'(25)
  26. He said, `your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers.'(26)
  27. He said, `surely your Messenger who has been sent to you is possessed.'(27)
  28. He said, `the Lord of the East and the West and what between them is, if you could understand.'(28)
  29. He said, `if thou takest a god other than me, I shall surely put thee among the imprisoned.'(29)
  30. He said, `even though I had brought thee something, manifest?'(30)
  31. He said, `bring it then, if thou art of the truthful.'(31)
  32. So he cast his staff, then, lo, it was a serpent manifest;(32)
  33. and he drew forth his Hand, then, lo, it was white to the beholders.(33)
  34. Pharaoh said to the chiefs about him, `this is surely a learned sorcerer,(34)
  35. who desires to expel you from your land by his sorcery; so what do you enjoin?'(35)
  36. They said, `put him and his brother off a while, and send musterers to the cities,(36)
  37. to bring thee every learned sorcerer'.(37)
  38. So the sorcerers assembled at the appointed time of a known day,(38)
  39. and it was said to the people, `will you also assemble,(39)
  40. that we may follow the sorcerers, if it should be that they are the victors?'(40)
  41. Then, when the sorcerers came, they said to Pharaoh, `shall we have a wage if we should be the victors?'(41)
  42. He said, `yes, and then you shall surely be among the near-stationed.'(42)
  43. Moses said to them, `cast you what you will cast.'(43)
  44. So they cast their ropes and their staffs, and said, `by the might of Pharaoh, we will surely be the victors.'(44)
  45. Then Moses cast his staff, and, lo, it swallowed up all that they had forged.(45)
  46. And the sorcerers fell down prostrate;(46)
  47. they said, `we believe in the Lord of the world,(47)
  48. the Lord of Moses and Aaron.'(48)
  49. Pharaoh said, `you have believed him before I gave you permission; he is surely your chief who taught you sorcery; now you will soon know. I shall cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I shall crucify you all.'(49)
  50. They said, `no matter, we are returning to our Lord;(50)
  51. we are eager that our Lord should forgive us our mistakes for we are the first of the believers.'(51)
  52. And We revealed to Moses, `take away My servants by night; you will be followed.'(52)
  53. And Pharaoh sent musterers over the cities,(53)
  54. `these are indeed a small band,(54)
  55. and they are enraging us,(55)
  56. while we are a well-equipped host.'(56)
  57. So We expelled them from gardens and fountains,(57)
  58. and treasures and a gracious station;(58)
  59. so it was; and We made the Children of Israel to inherit them.(59)
  60. Then they followed them by sunrise,(60)
  61. and when the two hosts saw each other, the companions of Moses said, `we are overtaken.'(61)
  62. He said,`no indeed; my Lord is with me; He will guide me.'(62)
  63. Then We revealed to Moses, `strike the sea with thy staff;' and it was split, and every part was like a mighty mountain.(63)
  64. And there We brought the others on;(64)
  65. and We saved Moses and all those with him;(65)
  66. then We drowned the others.(66)
  67. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(67)
  68. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(68)
  69. And recite to them the tale of Abraham.(69)
  70. When he said to his father and his people, `what do you serve?'(70)
  71. They said, `we serve idols, and we keep sitting with them.'(71)
  72. He said, `do they hear you when you call,(72)
  73. or do they profit or harm you?'(73)
  74. They said, `no, but we found our fathers doing likewise.'(74)
  75. He said, `have you considered what you have been serving,(75)
  76. you and your earlier fathers,(76)
  77. they are enemy to me, except the Lord of the world,(77)
  78. He who created me, then guides me,(78)
  79. and He who gives me to eat and drink,(79)
  80. and, when I fall sick, He heals me,(80)
  81. and who will make me to die, then will give me life,(81)
  82. and who, I am eager, will forgive me my mistakes on the Day of Recompense' __ (82)
  83. `My Lord, give me Judgement and join me with the righteous,(83)
  84. and make for me a reputation of truth among the later people,(84)
  85. and make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Bliss,(85)
  86. and forgive my father, for he is among the astray,(86)
  87. and do not disgrace me on the day when people are raised up,(87)
  88. the day when wealth shall not profit, nor sons,(88)
  89. except for him who comes to God with a sound heart.(89)
  90. And Paradise shall be brought forward for the godfearing;(90)
  91. and the Blazing Fire shall be brought forward for the perverse;(91)
  92. and it will be said to them, `where are those you were serving,(92)
  93. apart from God? Do they help you or help themselves?'(93)
  94. Then they shall be thrown headlong into it __ they and the perverse,(94)
  95. and the hosts of Iblis, all together.(95)
  96. They shall say, as they dispute there with each other,(96)
  97. `by God, we were clearly astray,(97)
  98. when we made you equal with the Lord of the world.(98)
  99. And none led us astray but the sinners.(99)
  100. Now we have no intercessors,(100)
  101. nor any bosom friend.(101)
  102. But if we could have a second turn, we would be among the believers.'(102)
  103. In that is surely a Sign; yet most of them are not believers.(103)
  104. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(104)
  105. The people of Noah gave lies to the Envoys,(105)
  106. when their brother Noah said to them, `will you not be godfearing?(106)
  107. I am a trustworthy Messenger to you;(107)
  108. so fear God, and obey me;(108)
  109. and I do not ask of you any wage for this; my wage is only on the Lord of the world;(109)
  110. so fear God and obey me.'(110)
  111. They said, `shall we believe thee while the meanest people follow thee?'(111)
  112. He said, `I have no knowledge of the things they do.(112)
  113. Their account falls only on my Lord, if you could understand;(113)
  114. and I shall not drive away the Believers.(114)
  115. I am only a plain warner'.(115)
  116. They said, `If thou dost not give over, O Noah, thou shalt surely be among the stoned'.(116)
  117. He said, `my Lord, my people have given lies to me,(117)
  118. so decide between me and them, and save me and the Believers that are with me.'(118)
  119. So We saved him and those that were with him in the laden ship.(119)
  120. Then, afterwards, We drowned the rest.(120)
  121. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(121)
  122. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(122)
  123. Ad gave lies to the Envoys,(123)
  124. when their brother Hood said to them, `will you not be godfearing?(124)
  125. I am a trustworthy Messenger for you,(125)
  126. so fear God, and obey me;(126)
  127. and I ask of you no wage for this; my wage is upon the Lord of the world.(127)
  128. Do you build on every prominence a Sign for sport,(128)
  129. and take to strong buildings as if you will live forever?(129)
  130. And when you assault, you assault as tyrants!(130)
  131. But fear God and obey me;(131)
  132. and fear Him who has aided you with the things you know;(132)
  133. He aided you with cattle and sons,(133)
  134. and gardens and fountains.(134)
  135. Indeed I fear for you the punishment of a mighty day.'(135)
  136. They said, `it is the same for us whether thou admonishest us or thou art not of the admonishers;(136)
  137. this is nothing but the habit of the ancients;(137)
  138. and we shall not be punished.'(138)
  139. So they gave lies to him, and We destroyed them. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(139)
  140. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(140)
  141. Thamood gave lies to the Envoys,(141)
  142. when their brother Salih said to them, `will you not be godfearing?(142)
  143. I am for you a trust-worthy Messenger,(143)
  144. so fear God and obey me;(144)
  145. and I do not ask of you any wage for it; my wage is only upon the Lord of the world.(145)
  146. Will you be left secure amidst these things;(146)
  147. amidst gardens and fountains(147)
  148. and sown fields and palms-trees, having slender spathes,(148)
  149. and you will be hewing houses in the mountains skilfully?(149)
  150. But fear God and obey me,(150)
  151. and do not obey the bidding of the extravagant,(151)
  152. who cause disorder in the land and do not put things right.'(152)
  153. They said, `thou art merely one of the bewitched;(153)
  154. thou art not but a mortal like us; now bring a Sign if thou art of the truthful.'(154)
  155. He said, `here is a She-camel; for her a portion of drink, and for you a portion of drink, on a known day;(155)
  156. and do not touch her with malice, or else punishment of a mighty day shall seize you.'(156)
  157. But they hamstrung her, and they were remorseful,(157)
  158. and the punishment seized them. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(158)
  159. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(159)
  160. The people of Lot gave lies to the Envoys,(160)
  161. when their brother Lot said to them, `will you not be godfearing?(161)
  162. I am for you a trust-worthy Messenger,(162)
  163. so fear God and obey me;(163)
  164. and I do not ask of you any wage; my wage is only upon the Lord of the world.(164)
  165. Do you, of all the world, come to the males,(165)
  166. and leave your wives that your Lord has created for you? No, but you are a transgressing people.'(166)
  167. They said, `if thou, O Lot, dost not give over, thou shalt be among the expelled.'(167)
  168. He said, `surely I am of those that detest your doings' __(168)
  169. `My Lord, save me and my family from what they do.'(169)
  170. So We saved him and his family, all together,(170)
  171. except an old woman among those that stayed behind;(171)
  172. then We destroyed the others;(172)
  173. and We rained on them a heavy rain; and how evil was the raining over the warned!(173)
  174. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(174)
  175. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty, the Merciful.(175)
  176. The people of the Wood gave lies to the Envoys,(176)
  177. when Shuaib said to them, `will you not be godfearing?(177)
  178. I am for you a trust-worthy Messenger,(178)
  179. so fear God and obey me;(179)
  180. and I do not ask of you any wage for it; my wage is only upon the Lord of the world.(180)
  181. Fill up the measure, and be not of the cheaters,(181)
  182. and weigh with the straight balance,(182)
  183. and do not diminish the goods of the people, nor go about the land, causing disorder;(183)
  184. and fear Him who created you and the former generations.'(184)
  185. They said, `thou art merely one of the bewitched,(185)
  186. and thou art not but a mortal like us, and we surely think thee of the liars;(186)
  187. now drop down on us fragments of the heaven, if thou art of the truthful.'(187)
  188. He said, `my Lord very well knows what you do'.(188)
  189. But they gave lies to him, and the punishment of the Day of Shadow seized them; surely it was a punishment of a mighty day.(189)
  190. In that is surely a Sign, yet most of them are not believers.(190)
  191. And surely thy Lord __ He is the Mighty the Merciful.(191)
  192. And surely it is a revelation of the Lord of the world.(192)
  193. The Trustworthy Spirit has come down,(193)
  194. with it, on thy heart, that thou mayest be among the warners,(194)
  195. in a clear Arabic language;(195)
  196. and it is certainly (present) in the Scrolls of the former people.(196)
  197. And was it not a Sign for them that the learned of the Children of Israel know it?(197)
  198. And if We had sent it down on some Non-Arab,(198)
  199. and he had read it to them, they would not have believed in it.(199)
  200. Thus We have put it into the hearts of the sinners;(200)
  201. they shall not believe in it, until they see the painful punishment;(201)
  202. and it will come upon them suddenly, while they perceive it not;(202)
  203. then they will say, `shall we be respited?'(203)
  204. What! do they seek to hasten Our punishment?(204)
  205. But hast thou considered, if We let them enjoy for years,(205)
  206. then there comes upon them what they are promised,(206)
  207. what will it avail them, the enjoyment that was given to them.(207)
  208. And We never destroyed any city but it had its warners __(208)
  209. for a Reminder __ and We were not wrong-doers.(209)
  210. And the devils have not come down with it.(210)
  211. And it does not behove them nor can they do it.(211)
  212. They are, in fact, kept away from its hearing.(212)
  213. So call thou not upon another god with God, or thou shalt be among those who are punished.(213)
  214. And warn thy nearest kindred,(214)
  215. and keep thy wing low to the Believers who follow thee.(215)
  216. And if they disobey thee, say, `I am absolved of what you do.'(216)
  217. And put thy trust in the Mighty, the Merciful,(217)
  218. who sees thee when thou standest(218)
  219. and thy turning about among those who prostrate themselves.(219)
  220. Surely He is the Hearing, the Knowing.(220)
  221. Shall I tell you on whom the devils come down?(221)
  222. They come down on every imposter, sinner,(222)
  223. who give ear, and most of them are liars.(223)
  224. And the poets __ the perverse follow them.(224)
  225. Hast thou not seen that they wander in every valley,(225)
  226. and that they say what they do not,(226)
  227. except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and remember God much, and avenge them after being wronged. And the wrongdoers shall soon know to which returning place they will return.(227)
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