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The Believers

Revealed at Mecca,Verses: 118 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. The Believers have succeeded,(1)
  2. who are humble in their Prayer,(2)
  3. and who turn aside from idle non-sense,(3)
  4. and who are active at Alms-giving,(4)
  5. and who guard their private parts __(5)
  6. except from their wives or what their right hands own, for then they are not to be blamed;(6)
  7. but those who seek beyond that they are the transgressors __ (7)
  8. who watch their trusts and their covenant,(8)
  9. and who guard their prayers.(9)
  10. Those are the inheritors,(10)
  11. who shall inherit Paradise; they shall dwell therein forever.(11)
  12. And We created man of an extract of clay;(12)
  13. then We made him a sperm-drop in a secure receptacle;(13)
  14. then We made the sperm-drop a clot, and made the clot a lump of tissue, and made the lump of tissue bones, and clothed the bones with flesh, then We produced him as another creation; so blessed be God, the fairest of creators.(14)
  15. Then after that you shall surely die;(15)
  16. then on the Day of Resurrection you shall be raised up.(16)
  17. And We created above you seven ways, and We are not heedless of the creation.(17)
  18. And We sent down water from the heaven in measure, then lodged it in the earth; and We are surely powerful to take it away.(18)
  19. Then with it We produced for you gardens of palms and vines; for you, in them are many fruits, and of them you eat;(19)
  20. and a tree, that issues from the Mount of Sinai, produces oil and sauce for those who eat.(20)
  21. And for you in the cattle is surely a lesson; We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies, and you have many other benefits in them, and of them you eat;(21)
  22. and on them and on the ships you are borne.(22)
  23. And We sent Noah to his people, and he said, `O my people, serve God; you have no god other than He; will you not be godfearing?'(23)
  24. But the chiefs of the unbelievers of his people said, `this is only a man like you, who desires to gain superiority over you; and if God had so willed, He would have sent down angels; we never heard this among our ancient fathers.(24)
  25. He is only a man possessed; so wait on him for a time'.(25)
  26. He said, `my Lord, help me, for that they have given lies to me.'(26)
  27. Then We revealed to him: `Make the Ark under Our eyes and according to Our revelation; then when Our command comes and the Oven boils, insert in it two of every kind and thy family, except those of them against whom the Word has already gone forth; and do not address Me concerning the wrongdoers; they shall be drowned.(27)
  28. Then, when thou and those that are with thee are seated in the Ark, say, `praise be to God who has delivered us from the wrong-doing people.'(28)
  29. And say, `my Lord, cause me to land down a blessed landing, for thou art the best of those who cause the landing.'(29)
  30. In that are surely Signs, and We do put (people) to trial.(30)
  31. Then, after them, We produced another generation,(31)
  32. and We sent among them a Messenger out of them (to say) `serve God; you have no god other than He; will you not be godfearing?'(32)
  33. But chiefs of his people who disbelieved and gave lies to the meeting of the Hereafter, and whom We had given ease in the present life, said, `he is only a mortal like you, who eats of what you eat and drinks of what you drink.(33)
  34. And if you obey a mortal like you, then you will surely be losers.(34)
  35. Does he promise you that when you are dead and become dust and bones, you shall be brought forth?(35)
  36. Far, very far is that which you are promised.(36)
  37. It is only our present life in which we die and live, and we shall not be raised up.(37)
  38. He is only a man who has forged a lie against God, and we shall not believe him.'(38)
  39. He said, `my Lord, help me, for they have given lies to me.'(39)
  40. He said, `in a little while they will indeed be remorseful.'(40)
  41. Then the Cry seized them rightfully, and We made them as scum; so away with the wrongdoing people!(41)
  42. Then, We produced other generations after them.(42)
  43. No community goes ahead of its term, nor do they put it back.(43)
  44. Then We sent Our Messengers successively; whenever there came to a community its Messenger, they gave lies to him; so We made them to follow one another and We made them tales; so away with a people who do not believe.(44)
  45. Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our signs and a clear authority,(45)
  46. to Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they showed arrogance, and they were a haughty people;(46)
  47. and they said, `shall we believe two mortals like ourselves while their people are our bondsmen.'(47)
  48. So they gave lies to them, and were among the destroyed.(48)
  49. And We gave the Book to Moses, that they might be guided.(49)
  50. And We made the son of Mary and his mother a Sign, and We gave them shelter on hill-side, a place of tranquility and springs.(50)
  51. `O Messengers, eat of the good things and act right; surely I know the things you do.(51)
  52. And this community of yours is one community and I am your Lord, so fear Me.'(52)
  53. Yet people split their affair into sects between them; every faction rejoices in what is with them.(53)
  54. So leave them in their confusion for a time.(54)
  55. Do they think that the aid that We give them in wealth and children,(55)
  56. We hasten good things for them? No, they do not understand.(56)
  57. Surely those who live in awe for fear of their Lord,(57)
  58. and those who believe in the Signs of their Lord,(58)
  59. and those who do not associate anything with their Lord,(59)
  60. and those who give what they give, their hearts quaking that they shall be returning to their Lord __(60)
  61. those hasten to good things and they are advancing to them.(61)
  62. And We do not charge any soul but to its capacity, and with Us is a Book that speaks the truth, and they shall not be wronged.(62)
  63. No, but their hearts are in confusion about this, and they have deeds other than that they are doing.(63)
  64. Till, when We seize with punishment those of them that live at ease, lo, they groan.(64)
  65. `Do not groan today; you shall not receive any help from Us.(65)
  66. My signs were surely recited to you, but you used to withdraw on your heels,(66)
  67. showing arrogance about it, passing, nights in telling stories.'(67)
  68. Have they not pondered the Word or has there come to them that which did not come to their earlier fathers?(68)
  69. Or have they not recognised their Messenger that they deny him?(69)
  70. Or do they say, `he is possessed?' No but he has brought them the truth and most of them hate the truth.(70)
  71. But if the truth had followed their caprices, the heavens and the earth and whoso is in them would have been in chaos. No, We have brought them their Admonition and they are turning away from their admonition.(71)
  72. Or dost thou ask them for tribute? But the tibute of thy Lord is better, and He is the best of providers.(72)
  73. And thou indeed callest them to a straight path.(73)
  74. But those who do not believe in the Hereafter, are deviating from the path.(74)
  75. And had We shown mercy to them and removed the harm that is upon them, they would persist in their insolence wandering blindly.(75)
  76. And We did seize them with the punishment, yet they did not humble themselves before their Lord, nor invoked Him in lowliness.(76)
  77. Till, when We open on them a door of terrible punishment, lo, they are struck with despair at it.(77)
  78. And it is He who has produced for you the ears, the eyes and the hearts, yet little thanks you show.(78)
  79. And it is He who has multiplied you in the earth, and to Him shall you be mustered.(79)
  80. And it is He who gives life and makes to die, and His is the alternation of night and day; so will you not understand?(80)
  81. But they say the like of what the ancients said.(81)
  82. They say, `what! when we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we be raised up?(82)
  83. We and our fathers have been promised this before; this is not but the fables of the ancients.'(83)
  84. Say `whose is the earth, and whosoever is on it, if you know?'(84)
  85. They will say, `God's'. Say, `will you not then pay heed?'(85)
  86. Say, `who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the Mighty Throne?'(86)
  87. They will say, `they belong to God'. Say, `will you not then be godfeaing?'(87)
  88. Say, `in whose hand is the sovreignty of everything, and who protects and against whom there is no protection if you know?'(88)
  89. They will say, `God's'. Say, `how then are you bewitched?'(89)
  90. No, We have brought them the truth, and they are surely liars.(90)
  91. God has not taken to Him any son, nor is there any god with Him, for then every god would have taken off what he created, and some of them would have risen up over others; Holy be God above that they describe,(91)
  92. the Knower of the unseen and the visible; so High is He, above that they associate! (92)
  93. Say, `my Lord, if Thou shouldst show me what they are promised,(93)
  94. my Lord, do not put me among the wrongdoing people'.(94)
  95. And We are surely powerful enough to show thee what We promise them.(95)
  96. Repel the evil with that which is fairest; We know very well what they describe.(96)
  97. And say, `my Lord, I take refuge in Thee from the evil suggestions of the devils,(97)
  98. and I take refuge in Thee, my Lord, lest they come to me.'(98)
  99. Till, when death comes to any of them, he says, `my Lord, return me,(99)
  100. that I may act right in that I have left'. No, it is only a word he speaks; and behind them is a barrier until the Day they shall be raised up.(100)
  101. And when the Trumpet is blown, there shall be no kinship between them that day, nor will they question one another.(101)
  102. Then he whose scales are heavy __ those shall be prosperous.(102)
  103. And he whose scales are light __ those will have given loss to themselves, dwelling in Hell forever.(103)
  104. The Fire shall scorch their faces, and they will grin there.(104)
  105. `Were not My signs recited to you, but you gave lies to them?'(105)
  106. They will say, `our Lord, our misfortune overwhelmed us, and we were a people astray;(106)
  107. our Lord, take us out of it, and if we repeat it, then we shall be the wrongdoers.'(107)
  108. He will say, `stay here in shame, and do not speak to Me.(108)
  109. There was surely a party of My servants who said, `our Lord, we believe, so forgive us, and have mercy on us, and Thou art the best of the merciful.'(109)
  110. But you took them for a laughing stock and you laughed at them, till they made you forget My Admonition.(110)
  111. Today, I have recompensed them for they showed patience; indeed they are the triumphant.'(111)
  112. He will say, `how many number of years did you stay on the earth?'(112)
  113. They will say, `we stayed a day or part of a day, but ask the Reckoners.'(113)
  114. He will say, `you stayed but a little, if you only knew.(114)
  115. But did you think that We created you for nothing, and that you would not be returned to Us?'(115)
  116. So High Exalted be God, the True King; there is no god but He, the Lord of the Glorious Throne.(116)
  117. And whoso calls upon another god with God, for which he has no proof, his reckoning is only with his Lord; surely the unbelievers shall not prosper.(117)
  118. And say, `my Lord, forgive and have mercy, for Thou art the best of the merciful.'(118)
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