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AL-HIJR (15)


Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 99 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Alif Lam Ra (A.L.R.) __ these are the Signs of the Book and of a Clear Reading (Qur'an).(1)
  2. The unbelievers will sometime wish that they had surrendered.(2)
  3. Leave them to eat and enjoy and let their hopes delude them, for they will soon know!(3)
  4. And whatever city We destroyed, there was a known decree for it.(4)
  5. No community precedes its term, nor does it put it back.(5)
  6. And they say, `thou, on whom the Admonition is sent down, thou art surely mad.(6)
  7. Why dost thou not bring us the angels, if thou art of the truthful?'(7)
  8. We send not down the angels but with truth, and then they are not respited.(8)
  9. It is We who have sent down the Admonition, and We are surely its guardians.(9)
  10. And indeed We sent Messengers before thee among the ancient sects.(10)
  11. And no Messenger came to them but they mocked at him.(11)
  12. Even so We cause it to enter into the hearts of the sinners __ (12)
  13. they do not believe in it, and the tradition of the ancients is already gone.(13)
  14. And even if We opened to them a gate in the heaven, and they kept ascending through it,(14)
  15. they would surely say, `only our eyes have been dazzled; no, we are a bewitched people'.(15)
  16. And We have set constellations in the heaven and adorned them for the beholders,(16)
  17. and We have guarded it from every outcast devil,(17)
  18. except him who listens by stealth then a visible flame follows him.(18)
  19. And the earth, We have spread it out, and cast therein firm mountains, and caused to grow therein everything duly weighed.(19)
  20. And We have made therein livelihood for you and for those you provide not.(20)
  21. There is not a thing but We have its treasures, yet We send it down only in a known measure.(21)
  22. And We loose fertilising winds, then send down water from heaven, then give it to you to drink; and you are no treasurers of it.(22)
  23. And it is We who give life and make to die, and We are the inheritors.(23)
  24. And We know those of you who have gone before, and We know those who lag behind.(24)
  25. And it is thy Lord who shall muster them; surely He is Wise, Knowing.(25)
  26. And surely We created man from dried clay of moulded mud;(26)
  27. and the jinn, we created before, of flaming fire.(27)
  28. And when thy Lord said to the angels, `I am making a mortal from dried clay of moulded mud,(28)
  29. so when I have shaped him and breathed in him of My Spirit, fall you down to him prostrating.'(29)
  30. And the angels prostrated themselves, all of them, all together,(30)
  31. except Iblis; he refused to be with those prostrating.(31)
  32. God said, `O Iblis, what ails thee that thou art not among those prostrating?'(32)
  33. He said, `I would never prostrate myself before a mortal whom Thou hast created from dried clay of moulded mud.'(33)
  34. God said, `get thou out from here; thou art an outcast,(34)
  35. and upon thee shall rest the curse till the Day of Recompense'.(35)
  36. He said, `my Lord, respite me till the Day they will be raised.'(36)
  37. God said, `thou art among those that are respited,(37)
  38. till the Day of the Known Time!'(38)
  39. He said, `my Lord, as Thou hast perverted me, I will make for them adornments in the earth, and will pervert them all together,(39)
  40. excepting Thy sincere servants among them.'(40)
  41. God said, `this is a straight path leading to me.(41)
  42. Over My servants, thou shalt have no authority, excepting such perverts as follow thee.(42)
  43. And Hell is the promised land of all of them. (43)
  44. It has seven gates; for every gate shall be a set portion of them.'(44)
  45. Surely the godfearing shall be amidst gardens and fountains: (45)
  46. `enter them in peace and security'.(46)
  47. And We shall draw out whatever rancour is there in their breasts; as brothers they will be sitting face to face on couches.(47)
  48. Fatigue shall not touch them there, nor shall they be expelled from there.(48)
  49. Tell My servants that I am the Forgiving, the Merciful,(49)
  50. and that My punishment is the painful punishment.(50)
  51. And tell them of the guests of Abraham.(51)
  52. When they entered to him, they said, `Peace'. He said, `we are afraid of you.'(52)
  53. They said, `be not afraid; we give thee good news of a boy possessing knowledge!'(53)
  54. He said, `do you give me good news when old age has come upon me? Of what do you give me good news?' (54)
  55. They said, `We give thee good news with truth, so be not among those that despair'.(55)
  56. He said, `and who despairs of his Lord's mercy excepting the astray?'(56)
  57. He said, `and what is your business, O envoys?'(57)
  58. They said, `we have been sent to a people of sinners,(58)
  59. except the people of Lot. We shall deliver them all,(59)
  60. except his wife; we have estimated that she shall be among those who stay behind'. (60)
  61. So when the Envoys came to the people of Lot,(61)
  62. he said, `you are a people unknown.'(62)
  63. They said, `no, we have brought thee what they were doubting;(63)
  64. and we have come to thee with the truth, and we are surely truthful.(64)
  65. So set thou forth with thy family during a part of the night, and follow in their rear, and let none of you turn round, and proceed wither you are commanded'.(65)
  66. And We informed him of that task __ that the root of these people shall be cut off by morning.(66)
  67. And the people of the city came rejoicing.(67)
  68. He said, `these are my guests, so do not put me to shame,(68)
  69. and fear God, and do not disgrace me'.(69)
  70. They said, `did we not forbid thee of people?'(70)
  71. He said, `here are my daughters, if you must do'.(71)
  72. By thy life, they wandered blindly in their intoxication.(72)
  73. And the Cry seized them by sunrise,(73)
  74. and We turned it (the town) upside down, and rained on them stones of baked clay.(74)
  75. Surely in that are Signs for the observant.(75)
  76. And surely it lies on an existing way.(76)
  77. In that is surely a Sign for the Believers.(77)
  78. And surely the people of the Wood were wrong-doers;(78)
  79. so We took vengeance upon them; and the two (towns) are on an open road.(79)
  80. And the people of Al-Hijr gave lies to the Envoys;(80)
  81. and We brought them Our Signs, but they turned away from them.(81)
  82. And they used to hew out houses from the mountains, dwelling there, in security.(82)
  83. Then the Cry seized them by morning,(83)
  84. and what they had earned did not avail them.(84)
  85. And We created not the heavens and the earth and what is between them but with truth; and the Hour is sure to come; so overlook thou with grace.(85)
  86. Surely thy Lord, He is the All-creator, the Knowing.(86)
  87. And We have given thee seven of the oft-repeated Verses and the Grand Qur'an.(87)
  88. Stretch not thy eyes to that We have given to some groups of theirs to enjoy, and grieve not for them; and keep thy wing low to the Believers.(88)
  89. And say, `surely I am the clear warner.'(89)
  90. As We have sent down to those who have divided,(90)
  91. those who have broken the Qur'an into segments.(91)
  92. So, by thy Lord, We will surely question them all,(92)
  93. concerning that they were doing.(93)
  94. So declare openly what thou art commanded, and turn thou away from the idolaters.(94)
  95. We shall suffice thee against the mockers,(95)
  96. those who set up with God another god; they will soon know'.(96)
  97. And We know indeed that thy breast is straitened by what they say;(97)
  98. but celebrate thy Lord's praise, and be among those who prostrate;(98)
  99. and serve thy Lord, until the Certain comes to thee.(99)
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