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HUD (11)


Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 123 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Alif Lam Ra (A.L.R.); a Book whose signs are perfected, then explained from One Wise and Aware: (1)
  2. that you serve none but God; surely I am to you from Him a warner and a bearer of good news;(2)
  3. and that you ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him; He will give you handsome goods till a stated term, and He will give of His bounty to every man of grace; but if you turn away, I fear for you punishment of a big day.(3)
  4. Unto God shall you be returned, and He is powerful over everything.(4)
  5. Behold, they fold their breasts to hide them from Him; behold, when they wrap themselves in their garments, He knows what they keep secret and what they display; surely He knows the thoughts in the breasts.(5)
  6. And no creature is there on the earth, but its provision depends on God, and He knows its resting place and its repository; all is in a clear Book.(6)
  7. And it is He who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and His Throne is on water that He may try you which one of you is better in works. And if thou sayest, `you shall be raised up after death', the unbelievers say, `this is not but a clear sorcery'.(7)
  8. And if We defer the punishment from them till a reckoned term, they will say, `what detains it?' Behold, the day it comes on them, it will not be turned away from them, and what they mock at shall overtake them.(8)
  9. And if We let man taste mercy from Us, then withdraw it from him, he is desperate, ungrateful.(9)
  10. And if We let him taste prosperity after hardship has touched him, he will say, `the evils have gone away from me'; he is joyous, boastful __(10)
  11. except those who are patient and do righteous deeds; for them shall be forgiveness and a big wage.(11)
  12. Perchance thou wilt leave part of what is revealed to thee, and thy breast will be straitened by it because they say, `why has not a treasure been sent down on him, or an angel come with him?' Thou art only a warner; and God is a caretaker of everything.(12)
  13. Or they say, `he has forged it'. Say, `bring ten forged Surahs (chapters), the like of it, and call upon whom you can, apart from God, if you are truthful'.(13)
  14. Then if they do not answer you, know that it has been sent down with God's knowledge, and that there is no god but He; will you now surrender?(14)
  15. Whoso desires the present life and its adornment, We will pay them in full for their work in it, and they will suffer no loss in it.(15)
  16. They are the ones for whom there will be nothing in the Hereafter except the Fire, and what they worked will have failed there and what they did will be vain.(16)
  17. Is then he who is on a clear proof from his Lord, and a witness from Him recites it, and before him was the Book of Moses for a guide and a mercy? Those believe in it. But whoso out of the factions disbelieves in it, the Fire is his promised place. So be thou not in doubt about it; it is the truth from thy Lord, but most men believe not.(17)
  18. And who does greater wrong than he who forges a lie against God? Those shall be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, `these are the ones who lied against their Lord'; surely the curse of God rests on the wrong-doers __ (18)
  19. those who bar from God's way, and seek crookedness in it; and they disbelieve in the Hereafter.(19)
  20. They could not frustrate Him in the earth, and they had no protector, apart from God; their punishment will be doubled; they were not able to hear nor could see.(20)
  21. They are the ones who have given loss to themselves, and what they forged is lost to them?(21)
  22. No doubt, they will be the biggest losers in the Hereafter.(22)
  23. Those who believe and do righteous deeds and humble themselves to their Lord, they are the people of Paradise, wherein they shall dwell forever.(23)
  24. The likeness of the two parties is as the one blind and deaf, and the other seeing and hearing; are they equal in likeness? Will you not then pay heed? (24)
  25. And We sent Noah to his people (to say) __ `I am a clear warner to you,(25)
  26. that you serve none but God; I fear for you the punishment of a painful day'.(26)
  27. The unbelieving chiefs of his people said, `we see thee only a mortal like us, and we see that only those who are apparently the vilest of us follow thee. And we do not see you having any superiority over us; no, we rather think you are liars'.(27)
  28. He said, `O my people, have you considered if I stand on a clear Sign from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from Him, and it has been made obscure to you, shall we force it on you, while you are averse to it?(28)
  29. O my people, I do not ask you any wealth for it; my wage rests only on God; and I will not drive away the Believers. They shall surely be meeting their Lord, but I see you a people showing ignorance.(29)
  30. O my people, who would help me against God, if I drive them away? Will you not then pay heed?(30)
  31. And I do not say to you, `I possess the treasures of God', nor do I know the unseen, nor I say, `I am an angel', nor I say regarding those whom your eyes despise, `God will not give them any good'; God knows best what is in their souls; surely in that case, I shall be among the wrong-doers'.(31)
  32. They said, `O `Noah, thou hast disputed with us, and hast made much disputation with us, now bring us what thou promisest us, if thou art of the truthful'.(32)
  33. He said, `only God will bring it to you, if He will, and you cannot frustrate Him.(33)
  34. And my sincere advice will not profit you, even if I desired to advise you sincerely, if God desired to pervert you; He is your Lord, and to Him you shall be returned'.(34)
  35. Or do they say, `he has forged it?' Say, `if I have forged it, then on me will fall my sin, and I am quit of the sins you do'.(35)
  36. And it was revealed to Noah, `none of thy people will believe except those who have already believed, so be not distressed by what they were doing.(36)
  37. And make the Ark under Our eyes and by Our revelation, and do not address Me concerning the wrong-doers; they shall be drowned'.(37)
  38. And he makes the Ark; and whenever some chiefs of his people passed by him, they scoffed at him. He said, `if you scoff at us, we will also scoff at you as you scoff.(38)
  39. And you shall soon know on whom comes a punishment that shall humiliate him and on whom shall alight a lasting punishment'.(39)
  40. Until when Our command came, and the Oven boiled, We said, `load in it a pair of every kind, and thy family __ except those against whom the word has gone forth __ and those who have believed'. And there believed not with him but a few.(40)
  41. And he said, `embark in it; in the Name of God be its sailing and its berthing; my Lord is surely Forgiving, Merciful'.(41)
  42. And it moved with them amid waves like mountains. And Noah called to his son who was standing apart, `my son, embark with us and be not with the unbelievers'.(42)
  43. He said, `I will take refuge in some mountain that will save me from the water'. He said, `today, none is there to save from God's command, except for him on whom He has mercy'. And the waves came between them, and he was among the drowned.(43)
  44. And it was said, `O earth, swallow thy water, and O heaven, cease'. And the water subsided, and the matter was decided, and the Ark rested on Judi, and it was said, `away with the wrong-doing people!' (44)
  45. And Noah called to his Lord and said, `my Lord, my son is of my family, and Thy promise is true, and Thou art the biggest judge of all the judges'.(45)
  46. He said, `O Noah, he is not of thy family; it was a deed non-righteous; so do not ask of Me that of which thou hast no knowledge; I admonish thee lest thou shouldst be among the ignorant'.(46)
  47. He said, `my Lord, I take refuge with Thee from asking Thee that of which I have no knowledge. And if Thou dost not forgive me, and dost not have mercy on me, I shall be among the losers'.(47)
  48. It was said, `O Noah, get down with peace and blessings from Us on thee and on the communities of those that are with thee. And there will be communities whom We shall provide necessary goods, then from Us shall afflict them a painful punishment'.(48)
  49. This is of the news of the unseen that We reveal to thee; thou didst not know it, nor thy people before this; so be thou patient; the end-result is for the godfearing. (49)
  50. And to Ad, (We sent) their brother Hood. He said, `O my people, serve God, you have no god other than He; you are not but forgers.(50)
  51. O my people, I do not ask of you any wage for it; my wage is upon Him who created me. Will you not understand?(51)
  52. And O my people, ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him, He will loose heaven in torrents upon you, and add strength to your strength, and do not turn away as sinners'.(52)
  53. They said, `O Hood, thou hast not brought us any clear Sign and we will not leave our gods on thy saying, and we are no believers of thee.(53)
  54. We only say that some of our gods has afflicted thee with evil'. He said, `I call God to witness, and you also bear witness that I am quit of what you associate,(54)
  55. apart from Him; so try your guile on me all together, then give me no respite.(55)
  56. I put my trust in God, my Lord and your Lord; there is no creature, but He holds it by its forelock; surely my Lord is on a straight path.(56)
  57. And if you turn away, then I have delivered to you the Message with which I have been sent to you. And my Lord will make successors a people other than you; and you will not harm Him in the least; surely my Lord is guardian over everything'.(57)
  58. And when Our command came , We saved Hood and those who believed with him, by a mercy from Us, and We saved them from a severe punishment.(58)
  59. And those were Ad; they denied the Signs of their Lord and disobeyed His Messengers and followed the command of every obstinate potentate.(59)
  60. And they were followed by a curse in this world and on the Day of Resurrection. Behold, Ad disbelieved in their Lord! Behold, away with Ad, the people of Hood!(60)
  61. And to Thamood (we sent) their brother Salih. He said, `O my people, serve God, you have no god other than He. It is He who has produced you out of the earth and inhabited you in it, so ask His forgiveness, then turn to Him; surely my Lord is near and answers'.(61)
  62. They said, `O Salih, thou hast been a center of hope for us before this; dost thou forbid us to serve what our fathers have been serving? But we are in a disquieting doubt concerning what thou callest us to?'(62)
  63. He said, `O my people, what think you if I am on a clear Sign from my Lord and He has given me mercy from Him, then who shall help me against God, if I disobey Him? And you would not add to me anything except loss.(63)
  64. And O my people, this is the She-camel of God which is a Sign for you; so leave her to graze on God's earth, and do not touch her with evil, lest a near punishment should seize you'.(64)
  65. And they hamstrung her, and he said, `enjoy in your homes for three days; that is a promise not to be belied'.(65)
  66. Then when Our command came, We saved Salih and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and from the humiliation of that day. Surely thy Lord is the Strong, the Mighty.(66)
  67. And the Cry seized the wrong-doers, and they lay crouching in their homes,(67)
  68. as if they were never there. Behold, Thamood disbelieved in their Lord. Behold, away with Thamood!(68)
  69. And our messengers came to Abraham with the good news; they said, `peace'; he said, `peace' and delayed not in bringing a roasted calf.(69)
  70. Then when he saw their hands not reaching to it, he became suspicious of them and conceived a fear of them. They said, `fear not; we have been sent to the people of Lot'.(70)
  71. And his wife was standing by; she laughed and We gave her the good news of Issac and, after him, of Jacob.(71)
  72. She said, `woe is me! Shall I bear when I am an old woman, and this my husband is an old man? This is surely a wonderful thing!'(72)
  73. They said, `dost thou wonder at the command of God? Mercy of God and His blessings are upon you, O People of the House; surely He is Praise-worthy, Glorious'.(73)
  74. So when the awe departed from Abraham and the good news also came to him, he started disputing with Us for the people of Lot.(74)
  75. Abraham was surely clement, compassionate and penitent.(75)
  76. `O Abraham, turn away from this; the command of thy Lord has surely come; and there shall be coming upon them a punishment, not to be averted'.(76)
  77. And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was distressed due to them, and felt himself helpless against them, and he said, `this is a fierce day'.(77)
  78. And his people came rushing to him; and they have been committing evil deeds before. He said, `O my people, here are my daughters who are purer for you; so fear God and do not disgrace me in my guests. Is there not among you any right-mended man?'(78)
  79. They said, `thou knowest we have no right to thy daughters, and thou surely knowest what we desire'.(79)
  80. He said, `O would that I had power against you, or that I could take shelter in a strong support!'(80)
  81. They said, `O Lot, we are messengers of thy Lord; they shall not reach thee; so set forth with thy family during a part of the night, and let none of you turn round, excepting thy wife; that which befalls them shall befall her also; their promised time is the morning; is not the morning near?'(81)
  82. So when Our command came, We turned it (the town) upside down, and We rained on it stones of baked clay, layer after layer,(82)
  83. marked with thy Lord; and it is not far off from the wrong-doers.(83)
  84. And to Midian (we sent) their brother Shuaib; he said, `O my people, serve God, you have no god other than He; and do not diminish the measure and the balance; I see you prosperous, but I fear for you the punishment of an encompassing day.(84)
  85. And O my people, fill up the measure and the balance justly, and do not diminish the goods of the people, and do not move about in the land causing disorder.(85)
  86. God's remainder is better for you if you are believers; and I am no guardian over you'.(86)
  87. They said, `O Shuaib, does thy Prayer bid thee that we should leave what our fathers served, or do as we will with our goods? Thou art surely clement and right-minded'.(87)
  88. He said, `O my people, have you considered if I stand on a clear evidence from my Lord, and He has bestowed on me a handsome provision from Him? And I do not desire to come behind you in that I forbid you; I desire only to reform as much as I can; and my success depends only on God; in Him I trust, and to Him I turn penitent.(88)
  89. And O my people, let not the breach with me be a cause to afflict you with the like of what afflicted the people of Noah, the people of Hood or the people of Salih; and the people of Lot are not far off from you!(89)
  90. And ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him; my Lord is Merciful, Loving'.(90)
  91. They said, `O Shuaib, we do not understand much of what thou sayest, and we see thee weak among us; and if it were not for thy clan, we would have stoned thee; for thou art not strong enough against us'.(91)
  92. He said, `O my people, is my clan stronger than God against you? And you have held Him on your backs, away from you; surely my Lord encompasses the things you do.(92)
  93. And O my people, act at your place, I am acting too; you will soon know on whom comes the punishment that shall disgrace him, and who is a liar; and watch, I shall be watching with you'.(93)
  94. And when Our command came, We saved Shuaib and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us; and the Cry seized the wrong-doers, and they lay crouching in their homes,(94)
  95. as if they were never there. Behold, away with Midian, as Thamood were away!(95)
  96. And We sent Moses with Our Signs and a clear authority(96)
  97. to Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they followed Pharaoh's command; and Pharaoh's command was not right.(97)
  98. He shall walk ahead of his people on the Day of Resurrection, then take them to the Fire; and how evil is the place taken to.(98)
  99. And they were followed by a curse in this (world) and on the Day of Resurrection; how evil is the gift granted!(99)
  100. That is of the news of the cities that We relate to thee; some of them are standing and some are mown down.(100)
  101. And We did not wrong them but themselves they wronged, and their gods whom they called upon, apart from God, did not avail them in the least, when thy Lord's command came; and they did not add to them except ruin.(101)
  102. And such is the seizing of thy Lord, when He seizes the cities that are wrong-doing; surely His seizing is painful and terrible.(102)
  103. In that is surely a Sign for him who fears the punishment of the Hereafter. That is a day on which mankind shall be gathered, and that is a day to be witnessed.(103)
  104. And We do not defer it but for a reckoned term.(104)
  105. The day it comes, no soul shall speak except by His permission; and some of them will be wretched and some blessed.(105)
  106. Then, as for the wretched, they shall be in the Fire, wherein shall be moaning and sighing for them,(106)
  107. dwelling therein forever, so long as the heavens and the earth abide, except as thy Lord will; surely thy Lord accomplishes what He desires.(107)
  108. And as for the blessed, they shall be in Paradise, dwelling therein forever, so long as the heavens and the earth abide, except as thy Lord will -- for a gift unbroken.(108)
  109. So be thou not in doubt concerning what these people serve. They serve only as their fathers served before. And We will surely pay them in full their share, undiminished.(109)
  110. PART I

  111. And We had given Moses the Book, but differences were made in it. And had not a Word gone forth from thy Lord, it would have been decided between them. And they are in a disquieting doubt about it.(110)
  112. And surely to everyone thy Lord will pay for their works in full; He is surely aware of what they do.(111)
  113. So stand thou firm as thou art commanded, and should also those who have turned to God with thee, and exceed you not the bounds; He sees what you do.(112)
  114. And do not incline to the wrong-doers, or the Fire shall touch you, and you have no protectors apart from God, then you shall not be helped.(113)
  115. And perform the Prayer at the two ends of the day and early hours of the night; surely the good deeds drive away the evil deeds; that is a reminder for those who remember.(114)
  116. And be thou patient, for God does not waste the wage of the good-doers.(115)
  117. But why were not there among the generations before you, men of prudence, forbidding disorder in the land, except a few of them, whom We delivered; and the worng-doers followed the ease they were placed in, and became sinners.(116)
  118. And thy Lord would not destroy the cities unjustly, when their people put things right. (117)
  119. And if thy Lord willed, He would have made mankind a single community; but they cease not differing,(118)
  120. except those on whom thy Lord has mercy; and for that He created them; and the Word of thy Lord is fulfilled: `I shall certainly fill the Hell with jinn and men all together.'(119)
  121. And all that We relate to thee of the news of the Messengers is that thereby We strengthen thy heart; and in these there has come to thee the truth and an admonition and a reminder for the Believers.(120)
  122. And say to the unbelievers, `act at your place, we are also acting;(121)
  123. and wait, we are also waiting'.(122)
  124. And to God belongs the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and to Him is returned the whole affair; so serve Him and trust in Him; thy Lord is not heedless of the things you do.(123)
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