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YUNUS (10)


Revealed at Mecca, Verses: 109 In the name of Allah, The Merciful, The All-merciful
  1. Alif Lam Ra (A.L.R.); these are the signs of the Wise Book. (1)
  2. Was it a wonder to the people that We revealed to a man among them: `warn the people, and give good news to the Believers that they shall have a footing of truth with their Lord?' The unbelievers say, `this is surely a manifest sorcerer'.(2)
  3. Your Lord is God, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then took over the Throne, and He directs the Affair. There is no intercessor, but after His leave. That is God, your Lord, so serve Him. Will you not pay heed?(3)
  4. To Him shall you be returned, all together; it is God's promise in truth. He begins the creation, then shall repeat it, that He may justly recompense those who believe and do righteous deeds. And the unbelievers, for them shall be a draught of hot water and a painful punishment for that they disbelieved.(4)
  5. It is He who made the sun a radiance, and the moon a light, and determined it by stations that you might know the number of years and the reckoning. God has not created that but with the truth. He explains the signs to a people who have knowledge.(5)
  6. Surely in the alternation of night and day, and what God has created in the heavens and the earth, there are Signs for a godfearing people.(6)
  7. Those who do not look to the meeting with Us and are pleased with the present life and are satisfied with it, and those who are heedless of Our Signs,(7)
  8. their abode is the Fire, for that they were earning.(8)
  9. Those who believe and do righteous deeds, their Lord will guide them by their belief; rivers will flow beneath them in the gardens of bliss.(9)
  10. Their prayer therein will be `Holy be thee, O God', and their greeting therein will be, `peace'; and their last prayer will be, `praise be to God, the Lord of the world'.(10)
  11. And if God should hasten to men evil, like their asking for hastening good, their term would have been decided for them. So We leave those, who do not look to the meeting with Us, in their insolence blindly wandering.(11)
  12. And when affliction touches a man he calls Us on his side, or sitting, or standing; then, when We have removed his affliction from him, he passes on, as if he had not called Us to an affliction that touched him. So are shown fair to the extravagant the things they have been doing. (12)
  13. And We destroyed the generations before you when they did wrong; and their Messengers came to them with clear Signs, but they would not believe. Thus We recompense the sinful people.(13)
  14. Then We appointed you viceroys on the earth after them, that We might observe how you would act.(14)
  15. And when Our clear signs are recited to them, those who do not look to the meeting with Us, say, `bring a Reading (Qur'an) other than this or change it'. Say, `it is not for me to change it of my own accord; I only follow what is revealed to me; I fear, if I disobey my Lord, the punishment of a mighty day'.(15)
  16. Say, `had God willed, I would not have recited it to you, nor would He have made it known to you. I have stayed among you a lifetime before it; so will you not understand?'(16)
  17. Now, who does greater wrong than he who forges a lie against God or cries lies to His signs? Surely the sinners shall not prosper.(17)
  18. And they serve, apart from God, that which neither hurts them nor profits them, and they say, `these are our intercessors with God'. Say, `will you tell God what He does not know in the heavens nor in the earth'; Holy is He, and exalted above that they associate!(18)
  19. And mankind was not but one community, then they differed; and if a word had not preceded from thy Lord, things in which they differ would have been decided between them. (19)
  20. And they say, `why has not a Sign been sent down upon him from his Lord?' Say, `the Unseen belongs only to God; so wait, I am waiting with you'.(20)
  21. And when We let the people taste mercy after hardship has touched them, lo, they devise against Our Signs. Say, `God is swifter in devising'; surely Our messengers are writing down what you devise.(21)
  22. It is He who carries you by land and sea. Until when you are in the ships and they sail with the people with a goodly wind, and the people rejoice in it, there comes upon them a violent wind, and the waves come on them from every place, and they think they are encompassed; they call upon God, making obedience purely His: `if Thou deliverest us from this, we will surely be among the thankful'.(22)
  23. Then, when He delivers them, they rebel in the earth without right. O mankind, your rebellion is only against yourselves; enjoyment of the preset life; then to Us shall you be returned, and We will tell you what you have been doing'.(23)
  24. The likeness of the present life is only as water that We send down from the heaven, with which mingle the plants of the earth, whereof men and cattle eat; till, when the earth takes its glitter and adorns itself, and its people think that they have power over it, Our command comes upon it by night or by day, and We make it stubble, as if nothing was there yesterday. So We explain the Signs for a people who ponder.(24)
  25. And God calls to the House of Peace; and He guides whom He will to a straight path.(25)
  26. For those, who do good, shall be the most fair reward and more; and dust shall not cover their faces nor abasement; they are the people of Paradise, wherein they shall dwell forever.(26)
  27. And those who earn evil deeds, the recompense of evil shall be the like of it, and abasement shall cover them; they shall not have anyone to protect them from God; their faces will be as if they were covered with strips of a darkening night; they are the people of the Fire, wherein they shall dwell forever.(27)
  28. And the day We shall muster them all together, then We shall say to the idolaters, `at your place, you and your associate--gods'. Then We shall separate them widely; and their associate-gods will say, `us you never served.(28)
  29. God is a sufficient witness between us and you; surely we are unaware of your service'.(29)
  30. There every soul shall realize what it did before, and they shall be returned to God, their True Protector, and all that they had forged shall be lost to them.(30)
  31. Say, `who provides you from the heaven and the earth, or who has power over hearing and sight, and who brings forth the dead from the living, and who plans the Affair?' They will say, `God'; then say, `will you not be godfearing?' (31)
  32. That then is God, your True Lord; and what is there after the truth except error? Then how are you turned away?(32)
  33. Thus the word of thy Lord has proved true against the transgressors that they will not believe.(33)
  34. Say, `is there any of your associate-gods who begins creation, then repeats it?' Say, `God begins creation, then repeats it; so how are you perverted?'(34)
  35. Say, `is there any of your associate-gods who guides to the truth'? Say, `God guides to the truth. Then who has a greater right to be followed __ He who guides to the truth or he who himself does not find the way unless he is guided? What ails you; how do you judge?'(35)
  36. But most of them follow only surmise; surely surmise does not avail against the truth in the least; surely God knows what they do.(36)
  37. And this Qur'an is not such as could be forged by anyone other than God; in stead, it is a confirmation of what was before it, and, no doubt, an explanation of the Book from the Lord of the world.(37)
  38. Or do they say, `he has forged it?' Say, `then produce a chapter like it and call on whom you can, if you are truthful!'(38)
  39. No, but they have given lies to that whose knowledge they did not comprehend and whose interpretation has not yet come to them. So also cried lies those that were before them, now see how was the end of the wrong-doers.(39)
  40. And some of them believe in it, and some of them do not believe in it; and thy Lord very well knows those who create disorder.(40)
  41. And if they give lies to thee, then say, `my work is mine and your work is yours; you are quit of what I do, and I am quit of what you do'.(41)
  42. And some of them give ear to thee; but wilt thou make the deaf to hear, though they do not understand?(42)
  43. And some of them look towards thee; but wilt thou guide the blind, though they do not see? (43)
  44. Surely God does not wrong men in the least, but themselves men wrong.(44)
  45. And the day He shall muster them, it will be as if they did not stay (in the world) but an hour of the day, and they will recognise one another; They are indeed losers who give lies to the meeting with God and were not guided.(45)
  46. And whether We show thee something of what We promise them, or We take thee to Us, to Us shall they be returned, then God is witness of the things they do.(46)
  47. And for every Community there is a Messenger, and when their Messenger comes, it is decided between them justly, and they are not wronged.(47)
  48. And they say, `when will this promise be, if you are truthful?'(48)
  49. Say, `I hold no power of hurt or profit even for myself, but as God will. For every community is a term; when their term comes they will not put it back nor put it forward by a moment'.(49)
  50. Say, `have you considered if His punishment comes upon you by night or by day, what part of it will the sinners seek to hasten?'(50)
  51. Is it that when it comes to pass that you will believe in it? `Now __ but you sought to hasten it?'(51)
  52. Then it will be said to the wrong-doers, `taste the punishment of eternity; could you be recompensed for anything but what you have been earning?'(52)
  53. And they ask thee to tell them, if it is true? Say, `yes, by my Lord, it is surely true, and you cannot frustrate Him'.( 53)
  54. And if every soul that does wrong possessed all that is in the earth, he would offer it for his ransom; and they will hide the remorse when they see the punishment, but it will be decided between them justly, and they will not be wronged.(54)
  55. Behold, to God belongs all that is in the heavens and earth. Behold, God's promise is true, but most of them do not know. (55)
  56. It is He who gives life and makes to die, and to Him you shall be returned.(56)
  57. O mankind, there has come to you from your Lord an admonition and a healing for what is in the breasts, and a guidance and a mercy for the Believers.(57)
  58. Say, `it is by the bounty of God and His mercy; so let them rejoice in that; it is better than what they gather'.(58)
  59. Say, `have you considered the provision that God has sent down for you, some of which you have made unlawful and some lawful?' Say, `has God permitted you so, or do you forge against God?'(59)
  60. And what think those, who forge falsehood against God, of the Day of Resurrection? God is bountiful to men, but most of them do not give thanks.(60)
  61. And thou art not on any occupation, nor dost thou recite any Qur'an from Him, nor you people do any work, but We are witnesses over you when you press on it. And there does not escape even weight of an ant in the earth or in the heaven from thy Lord, nor a thing smaller or bigger than that, but it is (written) in a clear Book.(61)
  62. Surely God's friends shall have no fear on them nor shall they grieve __(62)
  63. those who believe and are godfearing;(63)
  64. for them is a good news in the present life and in the Hereafter. There is no changing the Words of God; that is the mighty triumph. (64)
  65. And let not their saying grieve thee; the glory altogether belongs to God; He is the Hearing, the Knowing.(65)
  66. Behold, to God belongs whoso is in the heavens and whoso is in the earth. And what do they follow: those who call upon associate-gods, apart from God __ they follow only surmise, and they only conjecture.(66)
  67. He it is who made for you the night that you might rest in it, and the day to show things; in that are surely Signs for a people who listen.(67)
  68. They say, `God has taken to Him a son'; Holy be He; He is the All-sufficient; to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth; you have no authority for this; do you say about God what you know not?(68)
  69. Say, `those who forge falsehood against God shall not prosper;(69)
  70. it is enjoyment of this world, then to Us shall they be returned, then We shall let them taste the terrible punishment for that they disbelieved.(70)
  71. And recite to them the story of Noah. When he said to his people, `O my people, if my standing and my admonishing with the signs of God is hard on you, then in God have I put my trust; gather your affair and your associates, then let not your affair be doubtful to you, then decide about me, and respite me not.(71)
  72. And if you turn away, I have not asked you for any wage; my wage rests only with God, and I have been commanded, to be one of those who have surrendered.(72)
  73. But they gave lies to him, and We delivered him and those with him in the Ark and made them viceroys, and We drowned those who gave lies to Our signs; then see how was the end of those that were warned!(73)
  74. Then We sent forth, after him, Messengers to their people, and they brought them the clear Signs, but they were not such as would believe in that they had given lies to before. So We seal the hearts of the transgressors.(74)
  75. Then We sent forth, after them, Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his chiefs with Our Signs, but they showed arrogance and became a sinful people.(75)
  76. So when the truth came to them from Us, they said, `this is surely a clear sorcery'.(76)
  77. Moses said, `do you say so regarding the truth, when it has come to you? Is this a sorcery? But sorcerers do not succeed!'(77)
  78. They said, `hast thou come to us to turn us form that we found our fathers on, and that the domination in the land should be yours; but we do not believe you at all'.(78)
  79. And Pharaoh said, `bring me every learned sorcerer'.(79)
  80. So when the sorcerers came, Moses said to them, `cast down what you will cast'.(80)
  81. Then, when they had cast, Moses said, `what you have brought is sorcery; God will bring it to naught; surely God does not set right the work of those who cause disorder.(81)
  82. And God verifies the truth by His Words though the sinners be averse'.(82)
  83. And none believed Moses, except a generation of his people, for fear of Pharaoh and their chiefs, lest they should persecute them; and Pharaoh was surely high in the land, and he was surely of the extravagant.(83)
  84. Moses said, `O my people, if you believe in God, then in Him put your trust, if you have surrendered'.(84)
  85. So they said, `in God we put our trust; our Lord, do not make us a temptation for the worg-doing people;(85)
  86. and deliver us, by Thy mercy, from the disbelieving people'.(86)
  87. And We revealed to Moses and his brother, `take some houses in Egypt for your people, duly directed, and establish the Prayer. And give thou good news to the Believers?' (87)
  88. And Moses said, `our Lord, Thou hast given to Pharaoh and his chiefs adornment and wealth in the present life, our Lord, that they may lead people astray from Thy way; our Lord, obliterate their wealth and harden their hearts, for they will not believe, till they see the painful punishment.'(88)
  89. He said, `your prayer is answered, so go straight, and do not follow the way of those who have no knowledge.(89)
  90. And We led the Children of Israel over the sea, and Pharaoh and his hosts followed them in aggression and spite. Till, when the drowning overtook him, he said, `I believe that there is no god but He in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am of those who surrender'.(90)
  91. `Now! but thou disobeyedst before, and wast of those who create disorder.(91)
  92. So, today, We shall deliver thee with thy body, that thou be a Sign to those after thee. And many men are surely unaware of Our Signs.(92)
  93. And We settled the Children of Israel in a rightful abode and provided them with good things. And they did not differ till the knowledge came to them. Thy Lord will decide between them on the Day of Resurrection in what they differ. (93)
  94. So, if thou art in doubt concerning what We have sent down to thee, ask those who read the Book before thee. The truth has come to thee from thy Lord, so be not of the doubters;(94)
  95. and be not among those who give lies to God's Signs or thou wilt be among the losers.(95)
  96. Those against whom thy Lord's Word is realized will not believe,(96)
  97. though every Sign come to them, till they see the terrible punishment.(97)
  98. And why was there not a city that believed and its belief profited it, except the people of Jonah? When they believed, We removed from them the punishment of humiliation in the present life, and gave them comforts for a time.(98)
  99. Had thy Lord willed, all those on the earth would have believed, all together! Wouldst thou then constrain the people, until they are believers?(99)
  100. And it is not for any soul to believe except by the leave of God; and He lays abomination on those who understand not.(100)
  101. Say, `look to what is in the heavens and the earth'. But the Signs and the warnings do not avail a people who do not believe.(101)
  102. And what are they waiting for except the like of the days of those who passed away before them? Say, `wait, I am with you among those who are waiting.'(102)
  103. Then We shall deliver Our Messengers and the Believers __ like that; it is incumbent upon Us to deliver the Believers.(103)
  104. Say, `O men if you are in doubt regarding my religion, then I do not serve any apart from God; in stead, I serve God who takes your souls, and I have been commanded to be one of the Believers;(104)
  105. and: `set thy face to the religion, all--devoted, and be not among the idolaters.(105)
  106. And do not call, apart from God, on that which neither profits thee, nor hurts thee. If thou dost so, thou shalt be among the worng-doers.(106)
  107. And if God touches thee with harm, none can remove it but He; and if He desires any good for thee, none can repel His bounty; He bestows it on whom He will of His servants; and He is the Forgiving, the Merciful'.(107)
  108. Say, `O men, the truth has come to you from your Lord; so whoso is guided is guided only for himself; and whoso goes astray goes astray only against himself; and I am no care-taker over you'.(108)
  109. `And follow thou what is revealed to thee and be patient, till God judges; and He is the best of judges'. (109)
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