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92. The Night - Al-Layl

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. By the night, when it envelops,
  2. and by the day when it unveils.
  3. And by Who created the male and female,
  4. your striving is indeed todifferent ends!
  5. For him that gives and fears (Allah)
  6. and believes inthe finest,
  7. We shall surely ease him to the Path of Easing;
  8. but forhim that is a miser, and sufficed,
  9. and he belied the finest
  10. We shallsurely ease for him the Path of Hardship (the Fire).
  11. When he falls(into Hell), his wealth will not help him.
  12. Indeed, Guidance is Ours,
  13. and to Us belong the Last and the First.
  14. I have now warned you of theBlazing Fire,
  15. in which none shall be roasted except the most wretchedsinner,
  16. who belied and turned away,
  17. and from which the cautiousshall be distanced.
  18. He who gives his wealth to be purified,
  19. andconfers no favor upon anyone for recompense
  20. seeking only the Face ofhis Lord, the Most High,
  21. surely, he shall be satisfied.
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