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87. The Highest - Al-'A'la

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Exalt the Name of your Lord, the Highest,
  2. who has created andshaped,
  3. who has ordained and guided,
  4. who brings forth the pastures,
  5. then made it dry dark, flaky stubble,
  6. We shall make you recite so thatyou will not forget,
  7. except what Allah wills, surely, He knows all thatis (spoken) aloud and what is hidden.
  8. We shall ease you to the easy.
  9. Therefore remind, if the Reminder benefits,
  10. and he who fears shallremember,
  11. but the most wretched shall avoid it,
  12. who will roast inthe Great Fire,
  13. in which he will neither die nor live therein.
  14. Prosperous is he who purifies himself,
  15. and remembers the Name of hisLord, so he prays.
  16. But you prefer the present life,
  17. but theEverlasting Life is better, and more enduring.
  18. Surely, this is in theancient Scrolls,
  19. the Scrolls of Abraham and Moses.
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