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82. The Splitting - Al-'Infitar

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. When the sky is split,
  2. when the planets are scattered,
  3. when theoceans are gushed forth,
  4. when the graves are overturned,
  5. the soulshall know what it has done, the former and the latter.
  6. O human! Whathas deceived you concerning your Generous Lord
  7. who created you, formedyou and proportioned you?
  8. In whatever shape He will He could surely havefashioned you.
  9. Rather, you belied the Recompense.
  10. Yet over you thereare watchers,
  11. noble scribes
  12. who know of all that you do.
  13. Indeed,the righteous shall (live) in bliss.
  14. But the wicked, indeed they shallbe in the Fiery Furnace,
  15. roasting in it on the Day of Recompense
  16. andfrom it they shall never be absent.
  17. What could let you know what theDay of Recompense is!
  18. Again, what could let you know what the Day ofRecompense is!
  19. It is the Day when no soul can do a thing for anothersoul. That Day, the command belongs to Allah.
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