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79. The Pluckers - An-Nazi'at

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. By the pluckers (the angels of death), violently plucking (the soulsof the unbelievers),
  2. by the drawers (the angels of death), gentlydrawing (the souls of the believers),
  3. by the swimmers (angels) swimminggently
  4. and the outstrippers (angels), outstripping,
  5. by the managers(angels) affair.
  6. On the Day, the shiverer shivers
  7. followed by thesucceeding,
  8. hearts will throb on that Day
  9. and their eyes will behumbled.
  10. They say: 'What, are we being restored as we were before,
  11. even after we are fragmented bones?'
  12. They will say: 'Then we arereturned - lost!'
  13. But it will be only a single blow,
  14. and they willbe upon the surface of the earth (alive).
  15. Have you received the storyof Moses?
  16. His Lord called to him in the Sacred Valley of Towa,
  17. saying 'Go to Pharaoh, he has become exceedingly insolent,
  18. and say:"Will you purify yourself,
  19. that I might guide you to your Lord, so thatyou fear (Him)."
  20. He showed him the mighty sign,
  21. but he belied anddisobeyed,
  22. and hastily turned away,
  23. then, he gathered, proclaimed,then said:
  24. 'I am your lord, the most high!'
  25. So Allah seized him withthe punishment of the Everlasting Life, and of this world.
  26. Surely, inthis there is a lesson for he that fears!
  27. What, are you harder tocreate than the heaven which He has built?
  28. He raised it high andleveled it,
  29. and darkened its night and brought forth its morning.
  30. And the earth He extended after that;
  31. and then brought from it itswater and pastures.
  32. And the mountains He set firm
  33. an enjoyment foryou and your herds.
  34. But when the Great Catastrophe comes,
  35. the Daywhen the human will remember what he has worked for,
  36. and when Hell isadvanced for whoever sees,
  37. then as for whosoever was insolent
  38. preferring the present life,
  39. surely, Hell will be their refuge.
  40. But,whosoever feared the standing before his Lord and prevented the self fromdesires,
  41. indeed, their refuge shall be Paradise.
  42. They will questionyou about the Hour: 'When shall it be?'
  43. But how are you to know?
  44. Itsfinal end is for your Lord.
  45. You are but a warner for those who fear it.
  46. On the Day when they behold it, it will be as if they had lingered butan evening, or, a morning.
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