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78. The News - An-Naba'

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. What do they question each other about!
  2. About the Great News
  3. whereupon they are at variance?
  4. Indeed, they shall know!
  5. Again,indeed, they shall know!
  6. Have We not made the earth as a cradle
  7. andthe mountains as pegs?
  8. And We created you in pairs,
  9. and We made yoursleep a rest,
  10. and We made the night a mantle,
  11. and We made the dayfor a livelihood.
  12. And We built above you seven strong ones,
  13. andplaced in them a blazing lamp
  14. and have sent down from the clouds,pouring rain
  15. that We may bring forth with it grain, plants
  16. andluxuriant gardens.
  17. Indeed, the Day of Decision is an appointed time,
  18. the Day that the Horn is blown, and you shall come in crowds
  19. and heavenis opened, having gates,
  20. and the mountains move, and vaporize.
  21. Indeed, Gehenna (Hell) has become an ambush,
  22. a return for the insolent,
  23. there, they shall live for ages,
  24. tasting neither coolness nor anydrink
  25. except boiling water and pus
  26. for a suitable recompense.
  27. Indeed, they did not hope for a Reckoning,
  28. and they absolutely beliedOur verses,
  29. and everything We have numbered in a Book.
  30. 'Taste! Weshall not increase you except in punishment!'
  31. But, for the cautious aplace of prosperity,
  32. and gardens and vineyards,
  33. curvaceous(virgins), of equal age
  34. and an overflowing cup.
  35. There, they shallneither hear idle talk, nor yet any falsehood,
  36. a recompense from yourLord, a gift, a reckoning,
  37. the Lord of the heavens and earth, and allthat is between them, the Merciful, of whom they are unable to speak.
  38. On that Day, when the Spirit (Gabriel) and the angels stand in ranks theyshall not speak, except he to whom the Merciful has given permission, andsays what is right.
  39. That is the Day, the truth, so whosoever willstakes a way to his Lord.
  40. Indeed, We have forewarned you of an imminentpunishment, the Day when the person will look upon his works and theunbelievers will say: 'Would that I were dust!'
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