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75. The Resurrection - Al-Qiyamah

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. No! I swear by the Day of Resurrection,
  2. No! I swear by thereproachful soul!
  3. What, does the human think We shall never gather hisbones?
  4. Indeed yes, We are able to shape his fingers-tips yet again!
  5. Rather, the human desires to continue in his immorality,
  6. 'When will theDay of Resurrection be?' he asks,
  7. but when the sight is dazed
  8. and themoon eclipsed,
  9. when the sun and moon are gathered together
  10. on thatDay the human will ask: 'To (which place) shall I flee?'
  11. No, thereshall be no (place of) refuge.
  12. For on that Day the refuge shall be toyour Lord.
  13. On that Day the human shall be informed of his former andlatter deeds.
  14. He shall be a clear proof against himself,
  15. even thoughhe offers his excuses.
  16. Do not move your tongue with it (the Revelation)to hasten it.
  17. It's gathering and reciting is upon Us.
  18. When We reciteit, follow its recitation.
  19. It's explanation is upon Us.
  20. Yet you lovethis hasty world
  21. and are heedless of the Everlasting Life.
  22. On thatDay there shall be radiant faces,
  23. gazing towards their Lord.
  24. And onthat Day there shall be scowling faces,
  25. so they might think theCalamity had been inflicted upon them.
  26. But, when (the soul) reaches thecollar bone
  27. and it is said: 'Who is a healing chanter?'
  28. and when hethinks it is the time of departure
  29. and when leg is intertwined withleg,
  30. upon that Day the driving shall be to your Lord.
  31. Because, heneither believed nor prayed;
  32. he belied the truth and turned away;
  33. then went arrogantly to his household.
  34. Near to you and nearer,
  35. thennearer to you and nearer!
  36. Does the human think he will be left to roamat will?
  37. What, was he not an ejaculated drop (of sperm)?
  38. Then he wasa clot of blood, then He created and formed him
  39. and made from him twokinds, male and female.
  40. What, is He then unable to revive the dead?
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