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70. The Elevated Passages - Al-Ma'arij

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. A caller supplicated about a punishment to fall on
  2. the unbelieverswhich none can prevent.
  3. (A punishment) from Allah, the Owner of theElevated Passages.
  4. To Him the angels and the Spirit (Gabriel) ascend ina day, the measure of which is fifty thousand years.
  5. Therefore bepatient, with a beautiful patience;
  6. they see it as being far off;
  7. butWe see it near.
  8. On that Day the heaven shall become like molten copper,
  9. and the mountains shall be like puffs of wool.
  10. No loyal friend willask another loyal friend
  11. though they are in sight of each other. Toransom himself from the punishment of that Day, the sinner will wish thathe might even ransom himself by his sons,
  12. his companion (wife), hisbrother,
  13. the kinsmen who gave him shelter,
  14. and whosoever is in theearth, altogether, so that it might save him.
  15. No, in truth, it is aFurnace!
  16. It snatches away by the scalps,
  17. and it shall call him whowithdrew and turned his back
  18. and amassed (riches) and hoarded.
  19. Indeed, the human was created grudging and impatient.
  20. When evil comesupon him he is impatient;
  21. but when good comes upon him, he is grudging
  22. except those that pray
  23. who are constant in prayer;
  24. who, fromtheir wealth is a known right
  25. for the impoverished non-requester andthe requester,
  26. who confirm the Day of Reckoning
  27. and go in fear ofthe punishment of their Lord,
  28. for none is secure from the punishment oftheir Lord,
  29. who guard their privates
  30. except from their wives andwhat their right hands own, for these they are not blameworthy.
  31. Butwhosoever seeks beyond that, they are the transgressors.
  32. (Those) whokeep their trusts and their covenant,
  33. and standby their witnessing,
  34. and who are constant in their prayers.
  35. Those are highly honored in theGardens.
  36. But what is the matter with the unbelievers, that they straintheir glances continuously towards them,
  37. on the right and on the leftin groups?
  38. What, is every one of them eager to be admitted to theGarden of Bliss?
  39. Not at all, for We have created them of what theyknow.
  40. No, I swear by the Lord of the Easts and the Wests that We havethe ability
  41. to exchange them with others better than they; nothing canoutstrip Us!
  42. So leave them alone to plunge and play, until theyencounter the Day which they are promised;
  43. the Day when they shall rushfrom their graves, as if they were hurrying to a raised flag,
  44. theireyes are humbled and they are covered with humiliation. Such is the Daythat they were promised.
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