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69. The Resurrection Verifier - Al Haqqah

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. The Resurrection Verifier;
  2. and what is the Resurrection Verifier?
  3. What makes you to know what the Resurrection Verifier is?
  4. Thamood andAad belied the Clatterer.
  5. Thamood, they were destroyed by the violentshout (of Gabriel),
  6. as for Aad, they were destroyed by a howling,violent wind
  7. that He subjected upon them for seven nights and eight daysconsecutively and you might have seen them struck down as if they were thestumps of palm trees that had fallen down.
  8. Can you see any remnant ofthem now?
  9. Similarly, Pharaoh, and those before him, and the ruinedvillages, sinned
  10. and rebelled against their Lord's Messenger. So Hetook them with a stern taking.
  11. And when the waters rose (high) Wecarried you in the sailing (Ark),
  12. making it a Reminder for you, for allattentive ears to retain.
  13. When a single blow is blown on the Horn,
  14. when the earth with all its mountains is lifted up and crushed with asingle blow,
  15. on that Day, the Event occurs.
  16. The heaven will besplit; because on that Day it will be frail.
  17. The angels will stand onall its sides. And on that Day, eight (of them) will carry the Throne ofyour Lord above them.
  18. On that Day you shall be exposed, and no secretof yours will remain hidden.
  19. Then, he who is given his book in hisright hand will say: 'Here, take and read my book!
  20. Indeed, I knew thatI should come to my reckoning.'
  21. His shall be a pleasing life
  22. in ahigh Garden,
  23. its fruits are near.
  24. (It will be said): 'Eat and drinkwith a good appetite because of what you did in days long passed.'
  25. But,he who is given his book in his left hand will say: 'Woe to me, would thatmy book had not been given to me!
  26. Nor that I knew my reckoning!
  27. Would that it (my death) had ended it all!
  28. My wealth has not helped mea thing
  29. and my authority has been destroyed.'
  30. (It will be said):'Take him and bind him.
  31. Roast him in Hell,
  32. then in a chain seventyarm's lengths long insert him.
  33. He did not believe in Allah, the Great,
  34. nor did he urge the feeding of the needy.
  35. Today he shall have noloyal friend here,
  36. nor any food except foul pus
  37. that none butsinners eat.'
  38. I swear by all that you can see,
  39. and all that you donot see,
  40. that this is the speech of a noble Messenger.
  41. It is not thespeech of a poet - little do you believe -
  42. nor is it the speech of asoothsayer - little do you remember.
  43. (It is) a sending down from theLord of all the Worlds.
  44. Had he invented sayings against Us,
  45. We wouldhave seized him by the right hand
  46. then, We would surely have cut fromhim the aorta (vein)
  47. not one of you could have prevented it from him.
  48. Indeed, it is a Reminder to those who fear Allah,
  49. We know that thereare some among you who will belie.
  50. Indeed, it is a sorrow to theunbelievers
  51. yet it is a certain truth.
  52. Exalt the Name of your Lord,the Great.
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