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68. The Pen - Al-Qalam

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Noon. By the Pen and that (the angels) write,
  2. you are not, becauseof the favor of your Lord, mad.
  3. Indeed, there is an unfailing wage foryou.
  4. Surely, you (Prophet Muhammad) are of a great morality.
  5. You shallsee and they will see
  6. which of you is the demented.
  7. Indeed, your Lordknows very well those who strayed from His Path, and those who are guided.
  8. Therefore, do not obey those who belie,
  9. they wish you wouldcompromise, then, they would compromise.
  10. And do not obey every meanswearer,
  11. the backbiter who goes about slandering,
  12. those who hindergood, the guilty aggressor,
  13. the crude of low character
  14. because hehas wealth and sons.
  15. When Our verses are recited to him, he says: 'Theyare but fairy-tales of the ancients!'
  16. We shall mark him upon his nose!
  17. We have tried them as We tried the owners of the garden who had swornthat in the morning they would reap it,
  18. without adding to theirswearing, (Allah willing, InshaAllah).
  19. Then, a visitation from yourLord came down upon it while they slept,
  20. and in the morning it was ifthe garden had been reaped.
  21. (Then) in the morning they called out toone another, saying:
  22. 'Come out to your tillage if you want to reap!'
  23. And so they departed, whispering to one another:
  24. 'No needy person shallset foot in it today.'
  25. And they went out early, determined in theirresolve.
  26. But when they saw it they said: 'We have surely gone astray.
  27. No, rather, we have been prevented!'
  28. (Whereupon) the best among themsaid: 'Did I not say to you to exalt (Allah)?'
  29. 'Exaltations to Allah,our Lord,' they said, 'We were truly harmdoers.'
  30. And they came blamingone another.
  31. They said 'Woe to us, truly we were insolent!'
  32. It maybe that our Lord will give us better than it in exchange. To our Lord wehumbly turn.'
  33. Such was their punishment. But the punishment of theEverlasting Life is much greater, if they but knew.
  34. Surely, thecautious shall have Gardens of Bliss with their Lord.
  35. What, shall Wemake those who are submissive like the wrongdoers?
  36. What is the matterwith you then, how do you judge?
  37. Or, have you a Book from which youstudy
  38. surely in it you shall have whatever you choose!
  39. Or, have youan oath from Us that stretches to the Day of Resurrection (if so) youshall surely have what you judge!
  40. Ask them, which of them willguarantee that!
  41. Or, do they have associates? Then let them bring theirassociates, if what they say is true!
  42. On the Day when the leg shall bebared, and they are ordered to prostrate themselves, they will be unable.
  43. Their eyes will be humbled, and humiliation shall spread over them forthey were already ordered to prostrate themselves when they wereundiminished.
  44. Therefore, leave Me with he who belied this discourse. Wewill draw them on little by little from where they do not know.
  45. I shallrespite them, My stratagem is firm.
  46. Or, do you ask them for a wage, sothat they are burdened with debt?
  47. Or, is the Unseen with them, and theyare writing it down!
  48. So be patient with the judgement of your Lord anddo not be like the Companion of the Whale (Jonah), when he called outchoking inwardly.
  49. Had the favor of his Lord not come upon him, he wouldhave been blamed, cast upon the shore.
  50. But his Lord had chosen him andHe placed him among the righteous.
  51. When the unbelievers hear theReminder, they nearly strike you down with their glances, and say:'Surely, he is mad!'
  52. But it is nothing other than a Reminder for allthe worlds.
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