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56. The Event - Al-Waqi'a

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. When the Event (the resurrection) comes
  2. there is no denying itscoming
  3. (it will) abase (some) and exalt (others).
  4. When the earth isshaken
  5. and the mountains fragmented
  6. becoming scattered dust,
  7. youshall be divided into three parties,
  8. Companions of the Right, what arethe Companions of the Right?
  9. Companions of the Left, what are theCompanions of the Left?
  10. And the Outstrippers, the Outstrippers
  11. thoseare they brought near (to their Lord)
  12. in the Gardens of Delight,
  13. ahost of the ancients
  14. but only a few from the later generations.
  15. onlavish couches
  16. they shall recline, facing each other,
  17. (and there)shall wait on them immortal youths
  18. with goblets and ewers, and a cupfrom a spring
  19. that will neither make the head throb, nor intoxicate,
  20. with fruits of their own choice
  21. and any flesh of fowl that they desire.
  22. And wide-eyed houris
  23. like hidden pearls,
  24. a recompense for allthat they did.
  25. There they shall hear no idle talk, no cause of sin,
  26. but only the saying: 'Peace, Peace!'
  27. The Companions of the Right
  28. (will be) among thornless Lote trees.
  29. Banana-trees, piled
  30. andcontinuous shade,
  31. and flowing water
  32. and an abundance of fruits,
  33. unfailing and not forbidden.
  34. And couches raised up.
  35. Indeed We formedthem (the houris and all believing women),
  36. and made them virgins,
  37. chaste, loving companions of the same age
  38. for the Companions of theRight -
  39. a multitude of the ancients,
  40. and a multitude of the laterpeople.
  41. As for the Companions of the Left
  42. (they shall live) amidburning winds and boiling water,
  43. in the shadow of a smoking blaze,
  44. neither cool nor good.
  45. Before they lived at ease,
  46. and persisted inthe great sin
  47. and constantly said: 'What, when we are dead and becomedust and bones, shall we then be restored to life?
  48. What, and ourfathers, the ancients?'
  49. Say: 'Those of ancient times and those of latertimes
  50. shall be gathered together to the appointed time on a known Day.'
  51. Then you went astray, you that belied,
  52. you shall eat (the fruit) ofthe Tree of Zakkum.
  53. You shall fill your bellies with it,
  54. and drinkboiling water on top of that,
  55. and you will drink as the lapping ofthirsty camels.
  56. Such shall be your hospitality on the Day ofRecompense.
  57. We created you, why will you not believe!
  58. Have youthought about what (sperm) you ejaculate?
  59. Did you create it, or are Wethe Creator?
  60. It was We who decreed death among you. We will not besurpassed
  61. that We will change you and cause you to grow again in a wayyou do not know.
  62. You have surely known of the first creation. Why then,will you not remember!
  63. Ponder upon the soil you till,
  64. is it you thatsow it, or are We the Sower?
  65. If We will, We would make it brokenstubble and you would remain wondering,
  66. (Saying:) 'We are laden withdebts!
  67. Rather, we have been prevented!'
  68. Have you thought about thewater you drink?
  69. Is it you that send it down from the clouds or We?
  70. If We will, We would make it bitter, why then do you not give thanks?
  71. Have you thought about the fire you kindle?
  72. Is it you that originatedits tree, or are We the Originator?
  73. We have made it a reminder, and ablessing to the traveler.
  74. Then, exalt the Name of your Lord, the Great.
  75. I swear by the fallings of the stars -
  76. and that is a mighty oath, ifyou but knew -
  77. it is indeed a Glorious Koran,
  78. in a Book protected(from tampering)
  79. which none shall touch except the purified;
  80. asending down from the Lord of all the Worlds.
  81. What, do you hold thisdiscourse in disdain,
  82. do you make it your provision to belie it?
  83. Why, then, when the soul leaps up to the throat of the dying
  84. and youare watching at that time
  85. We are nearer to him than you, but you do notsee
  86. why then, if you are not revived,
  87. do you not restore his soul,if you are truthful?
  88. If he is among the near
  89. there shall be calmnessand ease, a Garden of Delight.
  90. If he is a Companion of the Right
  91. (hewill be greeted with): 'Peace be upon you, Companion of the Right!'
  92. But, if he is of those who belied, and went astray,
  93. there shall be ahospitality of boiling water,
  94. and a roasting in Hell.
  95. Indeed, thisis the certain truth.
  96. So exalt the Name of your Lord, the Great.
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