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53. The Star - An-Najm

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. By the star when it plunges,
  2. your companion is neither astray,neither errs,
  3. nor does he speak out of desire.
  4. Indeed it is not excepta Revelation which is revealed,
  5. taught by One who is Stern in power.
  6. Of might, he (Gabriel) stood firm
  7. while he was in the highest horizon;
  8. then he drew near, and became close
  9. he was but two bows' length or evennearer,
  10. so (Allah) revealed to His worshiper (Gabriel) that which herevealed (to Prophet Muhammad).
  11. His heart did not lie of what he saw.
  12. What, will you dispute with him about what he sees!
  13. Indeed, he sawhim in another descent
  14. at the Lote Tree (Sidrat tree) of the ending
  15. close to the Garden of Refuge.
  16. When there comes to the Lote Tree, thatwhich comes
  17. his eyes did not swerve, nor did they stray
  18. for indeedhe saw one of the greatest signs of his Lord.
  19. (Among the idols) haveyou considered al-lat and al-'uzza,
  20. and, another, the third manat?
  21. What, have you males, and He females!
  22. That is indeed an unjustdivision.
  23. They are but names, named by you and your fathers. Allah hasnot sent down any authority for them. They follow conjecture and theirsoul's desire, even though the guidance of their Lord has come to them.
  24. Is the human to have whatever he fancies?
  25. To Allah belongs the Eternallife and the first life.
  26. How many an angel is there in the heavenswhose intercession shall not benefit until Allah gives permission to whomHe will and is pleased.
  27. Those who disbelieve in the Everlasting Lifecall the angels by female names.
  28. Yet of this they have no knowledge,they follow mere conjecture, and conjecture does not help against truth.
  29. So turn from those who turn away from Our Remembrance and only desirethis present life.
  30. That is all they have of knowledge. Your Lord knowsbest who has strayed from His Path, and those who are guided.
  31. To Allahbelongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Hewill recompense the evildoers according to their deeds, and recompensethose who have done good with the finest reward
  32. those who avoid themajor sin and indecencies except the small sins, indeed your Lord is ofimmense forgiveness and He is more knowledgeable of you when He createdyou from the earth and when you were still unborn in your mothers' wombs.Do not praise yourself. Allah knows the cautious.
  33. Have you consideredhe who turns his back,
  34. and gives a little, grudgingly?
  35. Or, does hepossess knowledge of the Unseen, and can therefore see?
  36. Or, has he notbeen told of that which is in the Scrolls of Moses
  37. and Abraham, whopaid his debt in full?
  38. That no soul shall bear another's burden,
  39. andthat everyone shall have in his account only that which he worked for,
  40. and that his work is surely seen
  41. then, he shall be recompensed for itin full repayment
  42. and that the final return is to your Lord,
  43. that itis He who causes to laugh and causes to weep.
  44. and that it is He whocauses to die, and causes to live
  45. and that it is He who created pairs,the male and the female,
  46. from an ejaculated drop (of sperm),
  47. andthat upon Him is the second creation
  48. and that it is He who gives richesand causes to hoard,
  49. and that He is the Lord of (the star) Sirius,
  50. that it was He that destroyed ancient Aad
  51. and Thamood, sparing no one,
  52. and before them the nation of Noah, they exceeded in evil and wereinsolent.
  53. He plunged the villages
  54. so that there came upon them thatwhich came.
  55. So which then of your Lord's favors do you dispute?
  56. Thisis a warner from the warners of ancient times.
  57. The Imminent is near athand;
  58. none except Allah can disclose it.
  59. Do you marvel then at thisdiscourse (the Koran)?
  60. Or do you laugh, and do you not weep
  61. whileyou are thoughtless?
  62. Rather, prostrate to Allah and worship Him.
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