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51. The Scatterers - Ath-Thariyat

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. By the scatterers (the wind) scattering,
  2. then the bearers of weight(the clouds),
  3. then the easy runners (the ships);
  4. then by thedistributors (angels), ordered;
  5. indeed, that which you are promised istrue,
  6. and the recompense shall surely happen.
  7. By the heaven with itspassages,
  8. surely, you are in different sayings,
  9. and are turned awayfrom him who is turned.
  10. Woe to the liars
  11. who are heedless in theimmersion.
  12. 'When will the Day of Judgement be?' they ask.
  13. On thatDay they shall be tried at the Fire,
  14. 'Taste your trial. This is whatyou have sought to hasten!'
  15. The righteous shall live among gardens andfountains,
  16. receiving what their Lord will give them because before thisthey were good-doers.
  17. They slept but a little at night,
  18. and at dawnwould ask forgiveness,
  19. and in their wealth was a share for whosoeverasked and for whosoever was prevented.
  20. For those with sure belief thereare signs in the earth,
  21. and also in yourselves. Can you not see?
  22. Inthe sky is your provision and that which you are promised.
  23. So by theLord of heaven and earth, it is as true as your speech.
  24. Have you heardthe story of Abraham's honored guests?
  25. They entered to him and said:'Peace.' And he replied: 'Peace, you are people unknown to me.'
  26. So heturned to his household and brought a fattened calf.
  27. He set it beforethem, saying: 'Will you not eat?'
  28. Then he conceived a fear about them,and they said: 'Have no fear', and gave him the glad tidings that he wasto have a knowledgeable son.
  29. (Sarah) his wife came with an exclamationand clasped her face, and said: 'Surely, I am a barren old woman!'
  30. 'Such, says your Lord,' they replied: 'He is the Wise, the Knower.'
  31. 'Messengers,' said he (Abraham), 'what is your errand?'
  32. They replied:'We are sent to a sinful nation,
  33. so that we bring down stones of clayupon them
  34. marked by your Lord for the sinful.'
  35. So We brought thebelievers out of that they were in.
  36. But We found in it only onehousehold of those who had surrendered themselves,
  37. and left therein asign for those who fear the painful punishment.
  38. In Moses, too, (therewere signs). We sent him to Pharaoh with clear authority,
  39. but he turnedhis back with his Assembly, saying: 'He is (either) a sorcerer or a madman!'
  40. So We seized him and his hosts and cast them into the sea.Indeed, he was blameworthy.
  41. And in Aad. We let loose on them awithering wind
  42. that left nothing it came upon, except that it wasashes.
  43. And in Thamood it was said to them: 'Take your enjoyment forawhile!'
  44. But in their pride they turn away from the commandment oftheir Lord and the thunderbolt struck them whilst they were looking;
  45. they could neither stand up straight, nor were they helped.
  46. And beforethem the nation of Noah, indeed they were a debauched nation.
  47. We builtthe heaven with might, and We widely extended it.
  48. and We cradled theearth. And We are the Best of Cradlers.
  49. We created two kinds of allthings, so that you will remember.
  50. Therefore, flee to Allah. I am aclear warner to you from Him.
  51. Do not set up with Allah another god. Iam a clear warner to you from Him.
  52. Similarly, no Messenger came tothose before them but they said: 'Sorcerer, or mad!'
  53. Have they handedthis down from one to another? No, rather, they are an insolent nation.
  54. So turn away from them, you shall not be blamed,
  55. But remind, theReminder will benefit the believers.
  56. I have not created mankind andjinn except to worship Me.
  57. I do not desire provision from them, nor doI desire that they should feed Me.
  58. Surely, Allah is the Provider, thePossessor of Power, the Mighty.
  59. The evildoers shall have for theirportion, a portion like their companions (who were destroyed before them).Therefore, they should not ask Us to hasten!
  60. Woe then to theunbelievers for their Day which they were promised!
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