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50. Qaaf - Qaaf

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Qaaf. By the Glorious Koran!
  2. No, but they marvel that from amongthemselves a warner has come to them. The unbelievers say (in mockery):'This is a marvelous thing!
  3. What, when we are dead and turned to dust?That indeed would be an unlikely return!'
  4. We know all that the earthtakes away of them, and a Book of Records is with Us.
  5. Rather, theybelied the truth when it came to them, and now they are in a state ofconfusion.
  6. What, have they never observed the heaven above them, (andseen) how We built and adorned it, leaving no crack?
  7. We spread out theearth and set upon it firm mountains, and We cause every delightful thingto grow in it
  8. as a lesson and a reminder to every penitent worshiper.
  9. We sent down blessed water from the sky with which We caused gardens andthe grains of harvest to grow,
  10. and tall palm-trees with compact spathes
  11. as a provision for the worshipers; thereby We revived a land that wasdead. Such shall be the emerging.
  12. Before them, the nation of Noah, thenation of Ar-Rass belied and so did Thamood
  13. and Aad, Pharaoh and thebrothers of Lot,
  14. the dwellers of the Thicket and the nation of Tubba',all belied their Messengers, therefore My threat was realized.
  15. What,were We wearied by the first creation? No, indeed; yet they are in doubtabout a new creation.
  16. Indeed, We created the human. We know thewhisperings of his soul, and are closer to him than the jugular vein.
  17. When both receivers (the angels) receive, one on his right, the other onhis left,
  18. whatever phrase he utters, an observer is present.
  19. Andwhen the agony of death comes in truth (they will say): 'This is what youhave been trying to avoid!'
  20. And the Horn shall be blown; that is theDay of Threat!
  21. Each soul shall come with a driver, and a witness.
  22. (It will be said): 'Of this you have been heedless. Therefore, we have nowremoved your covering. Today your sight is sharp.'
  23. And his companionwill say: 'This is that which I have present.'
  24. (It will be said):'Indeed, cast into Gehenna (Hell) every deviating unbeliever,
  25. forbidderof good, transgressor and doubter,
  26. who has set up with Allah anothergod. Indeed, you two, cast him into the terrible punishment.'
  27. And hiscompanion shall say: 'Our Lord, I did not make him insolent, he was farastray.'
  28. He (Allah) will say: 'Do not dispute before Me. I sent you awarning beforehand.
  29. The Word cannot be changed with Me; I do not wrongMy worshipers.'
  30. On that Day We shall ask Gehenna: 'Are you full?' Andit will answer: 'Are there any more?'
  31. And Paradise, which is not faraway, shall be brought closer to those who were cautious.
  32. (It shall besaid to them): 'This is that you were promised. It is for every heedingpenitent.
  33. Whosoever fears the Merciful in the Unseen, and comes with acontrite heart.
  34. Enter it in peace. This is the Day of Eternity!'
  35. There they have all that they desire, and with Us is much more.
  36. Howmany generations, stronger in might than they have We destroyed beforethem! They searched the land, could they find any asylum?
  37. Surely, inthis there is a Reminder for he who has a heart or listens attentivelywhile witnessing.
  38. In six days We created the heavens and the earth andall that is between them - and no weariness touched Us!
  39. Bear then withpatience what they say. Exalt with the praise of your Lord before sunriseand before sunset.
  40. And exalt Him in the night, and at the ends of theprostrations.
  41. Listen for the Day when the Caller will call from anearby place.
  42. On the Day when they will hear the Shout, in truth thatDay they will emerge.
  43. It is We who give life and make to die. To Us isthe arrival.
  44. Upon that Day the earth will be rent asunder from aroundthem as they hurry forth - that is an easy gathering for Us.
  45. Indeed, Weknow what they say. You (Prophet Muhammad) are not a tyrant over them.Therefore, remind by the Koran whosoever fears (My) threat.
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