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43. Gold - Az-Zukhruf

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. HaMeem.
  2. By the Clear Book
  3. We have made it an Arabic Koran inorder that you understand.
  4. It is in the Origin of the Book with Us,sublime and wise.
  5. Shall We turn away the Remembrance from you becauseyou are a sinful nation?
  6. How many a Prophet did We send to the ancients,
  7. no Prophet came to them except that they mocked him,
  8. so We destroyedthose who were mightier in courage than they. And the example of theancients has passed away.
  9. Yet, if you ask them who created the heavensand the earth, they will answer: 'The Almighty, the Knower created them.'
  10. (It is) He who made the earth to be a cradle for you and made in itways for you, in order that you are guided.
  11. And (it is He), who sendsdown water from the sky in its measure thereby We revive the land that wasdead, as such you shall be brought forth.
  12. And, (it is He) who hascreated all the pairs and appointed for you ships and the cattle on whichyou ride,
  13. so that you can sit upon their backs and then remember theFavors of your Lord and say: 'Exaltations to Him who has subjected theseto us otherwise, we ourselves were not capable of it,
  14. indeed, to ourLord we are turning.'
  15. Yet they assign to Him some of His own (created)worshipers! Clearly, the human is unthankful.
  16. Or, has He takendaughters from those He has created for Himself and favored sons for you?
  17. Yet when one of them is given glad news of (a daughter) that which helikened to the Merciful his face darkens and he chokes inwardly (withgloom).
  18. (As such they attribute to Allah) who is brought up amongornaments but when disputes arise are powerless.
  19. They claim that theangels, who are themselves the worshipers of the Merciful, are females.Did they witness their creation! Their witness shall be written down andthey shall be questioned.
  20. They say: 'Had it been the will of theMerciful, we would never have worshipped them.' Of this they have noknowledge, they are but guessing.
  21. Or have We given them a Book beforethis which they hold fast to?
  22. No, but they say: 'We found our fathersfollowing a creed, and by following in their footsteps we are guided.
  23. As such, We never sent a warner before you to a village, except thoseliving in luxury said: 'We found our fathers following a creed, and byfollowing in their footsteps we are guided.'
  24. Say: 'What then if I bringyou a better guidance than that you found your fathers following?' Butthey reply: 'We disbelieve in that you have been sent with.'
  25. So We tookvengeance upon them, and see how the end was of those who lied.
  26. (Remember) when Abraham, said to his father and his nation: 'I am quitfrom what you worship,
  27. except Him who originated me, for He will guideme.'
  28. He made this an abiding word among his descendants, in order thatthey would return.
  29. I gave them and their fathers days of enjoymentuntil the truth and a clear Messenger came to them.
  30. But when the truthcame to them, they said: 'This is sorcery, we disbelieve in it.'
  31. Theyalso said: 'Why was this Koran not sent down to a great man from the twoVillages?'
  32. What, is it they who divide the Mercy of your Lord! (It is)We who divided between them their livelihoods in this life, raising somein rank above others, so that some may take the other into his service.Your Lord's Mercy is better than all they gather.
  33. If it were not thatmankind would be one nation We would have made for whosoever disbelievesin the Merciful silver roofs upon their houses, and stairs to climb,
  34. with doors to their houses and couches on which to recline;
  35. and gold,surely, all this is but the enjoyment of this present life. TheEverlasting Life with your Lord is for those who fear (Him).
  36. Towhosoever blinds himself from the Remembrance of the Merciful, We shallassign him a satan so he is his companion,
  37. and they bar them from theWay, though they themselves think that they are guided.
  38. And when hecomes before Us, he shall say: 'Would that there had been between me andyou, the distance of the two Easts!' Evil is the companion.
  39. Because ofthe harm you did, it would be of no benefit to you today, you are partnersin the punishment.
  40. What, will you make the deaf hear, or guide theblind and he who is in clear error?
  41. Even if We take you away, We shalltake vengeance upon them,
  42. or We show you a part of that which We havepromised them, for indeed We have power over them.
  43. Therefore, hold fastto that which is revealed to you, indeed, you are on the Straight Path.
  44. It is indeed a Reminder to you and to your nation, and without doubt youshall be questioned.
  45. Ask Our Messengers whom We sent before you if Wehave ever made gods, other than the Merciful, to be worshipped.
  46. We sentMoses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his Council, and he said: 'I am theMessenger of the Lord of the Worlds.'
  47. But when he showed them Our signsthey laughed at them,
  48. yet there was not a sign that We showed them thatwas not greater than its sister, and We seized them with the punishment sothat they might return.
  49. 'Sorcerer,' they said, 'pray to your Lord forus in accordance to the covenant He has made with you, and surely we shallbe rightly guided!'
  50. But when We had relieved them of their punishmentthey broke their promise.
  51. Then Pharaoh made a proclamation to hispeople: 'My people, is the kingdom of Egypt not mine and these riverswhich flow beneath me? What, can you not see?
  52. Am I not better than thiscontemptible (man), who can scarcely make things clear (because of theimpediment of his speech)?
  53. Why have no armlets of gold been given him,or angels sent down successively with him?'
  54. He (Pharaoh) intimidatedhis nation, so they obeyed him, for they were a sinning nation.
  55. Andwhen they angered Us, We took vengeance on them and drowned all of them,
  56. and We made them a thing of the past, and We made them an example tolater people.
  57. When the son of Mary is mentioned as an example, yourpeople turn away from it
  58. and say: 'What are our gods better, or is he?'They do not mention him to you except to dispute, truly, they are acontentious nation.
  59. He (Prophet Jesus) was only a worshiper whom Wefavored and We made him an example to the Children of Israel.
  60. Had itbeen Our Will We would have made angels among you as successors in theearth.
  61. It is the knowledge of the Hour. Have no doubt concerning it,and follow me. This is a Straight Path,
  62. and do let satan prevent you,for he is your clear enemy.
  63. And when (Prophet) Jesus came with clearsigns, he said: 'I have come to you with wisdom and to clarify to you someof the matters about which you differ. Fear Allah and obey me.
  64. Indeed,Allah is my Lord and your Lord, therefore worship Him. That is theStraight Path.'
  65. Yet the parties differed among themselves. So woe tothose who did evil among the punishment of a Painful Day.
  66. Are theylooking for anything except the Hour (to overtake them). It will come uponthem suddenly when they are unaware!
  67. On that Day close friends shallbecome enemies of each other, except those who fear (Allah).
  68. O Myworshipers, there is no fear for you on this Day, nor will you grieve -
  69. to those who believed in Our verses and were Muslims,
  70. (it will be said)'You and your spouses, enter, walking with joy into Paradise!'
  71. To themwill be passed large platters and cups of gold. There will be all thatsouls desire and all that eyes delight in. (And it will be said:) 'Thereyou shall live for ever.
  72. Such is the Paradise you shall inherit, forthe things you did.
  73. You shall have therein abundant fruit to eat.'
  74. But the evildoers shall live for ever in the punishment of Gehenna (Hell),
  75. which will not be lightened for them, and therein they shall be silent.
  76. We did not wrong them, but they were harmdoers.
  77. 'O Malik,' (theangel of Hell) they will call out, 'let your Lord put an end to us!' Buthe will answer: 'Here you shall stay.'
  78. We brought you the truth, butmost of you were averse to the truth.
  79. Or have they devised a matter! Weare devising.
  80. Do they think We do not hear their secret and that whichthey conspire! Yes, indeed Our angels, who are present with them write itdown.
  81. Say (Prophet Muhammad): 'If the Merciful had a son, I would bethe first of the worshipers.
  82. Exaltations be to the Lord of the heavensand the earth, the Lord of the Throne, above that which they describe!'
  83. Let them alone to plunge and play, until they encounter that Day of theirswhich they are promised.
  84. He who is God in the heavens is also God inthe earth; He is the Wise, the Knower.
  85. Exaltations to Him to whombelong the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, and all that is betweenthem! With Him is the knowledge of the Hour and to Him you shall bereturned.
  86. Those whom they call upon, other than Him, have no power tointercede (for them), except those that have knowingly borne witness tothe truth.
  87. Yet if you ask them: 'Who created you?' they will say:'Allah.' How then can they turn away from Him?
  88. And for his saying: 'MyLord, these are an unbelieving nation,'
  89. pardon them, and say: 'Peace',soon they will know.
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