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39. The Groups - Az-Zumar

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. The sending down of the Book is from Allah, the Almighty, the Wise,
  2. We have sent down the Book with the truth to you (Prophet Muhammad),therefore worship Allah, and make your religion sincerely His.
  3. Is it notthat the sincere religion belongs to Allah? As for those who chooseguardians, other than Him, (saying): 'We only worship them so that theywill bring us near to Allah,' Indeed, Allah will judge between themconcerning their differences. Indeed, Allah does not guide he who is anunthankful liar.
  4. If Allah had desired to take a son, He would havechosen whatever He willed out of His creation. Exaltations to Him! He isAllah, the One, the Conqueror.
  5. He created the heavens and the earth intruth, wrapping the night about the day and wrapping the day about thenight, He has subjected the sun and the moon each to run for a statedterm. Is He not the Almighty, the Forgiving?
  6. He created you from asingle soul, then from it He created its spouse. And He sent down to youeight pairs of the cattle. He creates you in your mothers' womb, creationafter creation, in three (stages of) darkness. Such then is Allah, yourLord. For Him is the Kingdom. There is no god except Him. How, then, canyou turn away?
  7. If you disbelieve, Allah is Rich, independent of you. YetHe does not approve of disbelief to His worshipers, but if you believe Hewill approve it in you. No laden soul shall bear another's load. Then, toAllah you shall return and He will tell to you what you have done. Heknows the innermost of your chests.
  8. When an affliction befalls a human,he supplicates to his Lord and turns to Him (in repentance) yet, no soonerdoes He bestow on him His blessing than he forgets that for which he hadjust supplicated and sets up associates with Allah in order to lead(people) away from His Path. Say: 'Enjoy your disbelief for awhile, youshall surely be among the companions of the Fire.
  9. Or, is he who isobedient that prostrates himself and stands during parts of the night,being afraid of the Everlasting Life but hoping for the Mercy of the Lord(to be compared to the unbeliever)?' Say: 'Are they equal, those who knowand those who do not know?' Only those with minds remember.
  10. Say: 'Myworshipers who believe, fear your Lord. For those who do good in thisworld there is good - and the earth of Allah is wide - surely, those whoare patient will be recompensed in full without count.'
  11. Say: 'I amordered to worship Allah making my religion sincerely His.
  12. I am orderedto be the first of those to be submissive (Muslims to Him).'
  13. Say:'Indeed, if I rebel against my Lord I fear the punishment of a dreadfulDay.'
  14. Say: 'I worship Allah and make my religion sincerely His.
  15. (Asfor yourselves) worship what you will, other than Him.' Say: 'The losersare surely those who lose themselves and their families on the Day ofResurrection. Is that not a clear loss?'
  16. Above them they shall havelayers of fire and beneath them layers. By this Allah puts fear into Hisworshipers.' 'O My worshipers, fear Me!'
  17. Those who shun the worship ofidols and turn in repentance to Allah - for them glad tidings. Thereforegive good tidings to My worshipers,
  18. who listen to the Words and followwhat is finest of it. These are they whom Allah has guided. They are thoseof understanding.
  19. Can you save from the Fire he whom against the wordof punishment has been realized?
  20. As for those who fear their Lord,there await high mansions above which are built (more) high mansions,beneath which rivers flow, such is the promise of Allah; Allah will notfail His promise.
  21. Have you not seen how Allah sends down water from thesky and threaded it as springs in the earth? Then, He brings forth plantsof various colors, after which they wither, and you see them turningyellow, and then He makes them into broken stubble. Surely, in this thereis a reminder for those of understanding.
  22. Is he whose chest Allah hasexpanded to Islam, so that he walks upon a light from his Lord (as thosewhose heart is sealed)? But woe to those whose hearts are hardened againstthe Remembrance of Allah! Those are in clear error.
  23. Allah has sent downthe best discourse, a Book, consimilar in its oft-repeated (verses) thatthe skins of those who fear their Lord tremble; and thereafter their skinsand hearts soften to the Remembrance of Allah. Such is the Guidance ofAllah, whereby He guides whosoever He will; and whosoever Allah leadsastray, he has no guide.
  24. Is he whose face is cautious of the evil ofthe punishment on the Day of Resurrection (to be compared to theunbeliever)! To the evildoers it shall be said: 'Now taste that which youhave been earning.'
  25. Those who went before them also belied, then Ourpunishment overtook them from where they were unaware;
  26. Allah let themtaste degradation in this present life, but the punishment of theEverlasting Life shall be greater if they but knew.
  27. Indeed, We havestruck of every manner of parable for mankind in this Koran in order thatthey will remember.
  28. It is an Arabic Koran free from all crookedness, inorder that they will be cautious.
  29. Allah has struck an example of a manshared by disagreeing partners, and a man who is owned by just one man,are the two equally alike? Praise belongs to Allah, but most of them donot know.
  30. You are mortal, and they are mortal
  31. then, on the Day ofResurrection, you shall dispute before your Lord.
  32. Who does greater evilthan he who lies against Allah and belies the truth when it comes to him?Is there not a lodging in Gehenna (Hell) for the unbelievers?
  33. And hewho comes with the truth, and confirms it, those are they who surely fearAllah.
  34. They shall have whatever they want with their Lord, that is therecompense of the good-doers,
  35. that Allah may acquit them of the worstof what they did, and recompense with the finest wages for what they did.
  36. Is it not that Allah suffices His worshiper, even though they frightenyou with those other than Him? He whom Allah leads astray has no guide.
  37. But he whom Allah guides, none can lead astray. Is not Allah the Almighty,capable of retribution?
  38. If you ask them who created the heavens and theearth, they will reply: 'Allah.' Say: 'Do you think that, if Allah willsto afflict me those you call upon, other than Him, could remove Hisaffliction, or, that if He wills to let me have mercy, they could withholdHis Mercy?' Say: 'Allah suffices me. Those who put their trust, put theirtrust in Him.'
  39. Say: 'O nation, work according to your status, I amworking according to my status, and soon you will know
  40. upon whom thepunishment will come that will degrade him, and who will be overtaken byan everlasting punishment.'
  41. Surely, We have sent down to you the Bookfor mankind with the truth. Whosoever is guided, is guided for himself,and he who goes astray, it is only for his own loss, you (ProphetMuhammad) are not their (compulsory) guardian.
  42. Allah takes away soulsat the time of their death (the temporary death of sleep), and those whodo not die during their sleep He withholds that upon which He has decreeddeath, but turns lose the other till a stated term. Surely, there aresigns in this for a nation who contemplate.
  43. Have they chosen, otherthan Allah, to intercede for them? Say: 'What, even though they have nopower at all, nor understanding?'
  44. Say: 'Intercession belongs altogetherto Allah. His is the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth. To Him youshall be returned.'
  45. When Allah is mentioned alone, the hearts of thosewho do not believe in the Everlasting Life shrink in aversion. But whenthose, other than Him, are mentioned, see, they are filled with gladtidings.
  46. Say: 'O Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth whohas knowledge of the Unseen and Visible, You shall judge between thedifferences of Your worshipers.'
  47. On the Day of Resurrection, if theharmdoers owned all that is in the earth and as much again besides, theywould offer it to ransom themselves from the evil of the punishment. FromAllah will come to them that with which they had never reckoned,
  48. andthe evils of their earnings will appear to them, and that which theymocked at will encompass them.
  49. When an affliction befalls a human hecalls upon Us, but when We confer Our Favor on him, he says: 'I have onlybeen given it on account of knowledge.' Rather, it is but a trial, yetmost do not know.
  50. Those before them said the same, but what they earneddid not help them;
  51. and the evil of their earnings coiled upon them. Theharmdoers among these will also be coiled by the evils of their earnings,they will be unable to defeat it.
  52. Do they not know that Allahoutspreads and withholds His provision to whosoever He will? Surely, thereare signs in this for a believing nation.
  53. Say: 'O My worshipers, whohave sinned excessively against themselves, do not despair of the Mercy ofAllah, surely, Allah forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, the MostMerciful.
  54. Turn to your Lord and surrender yourselves to Him before thepunishment overtakes you, for then you will not be helped.
  55. Follow thebest of what has been sent down from your Lord before the punishmentovertakes you suddenly, while you are unaware.'
  56. Lest any soul shouldsay: 'Sadly, I have neglected my duty to Allah and was of those thatmocked.'
  57. Or, lest it should say: 'If Allah had only guided me I wouldhave been one of the cautious.'
  58. Or, lest when it sees the punishmentshould say: 'O that I might return, and be among those that did good!'
  59. 'Indeed, My verses did come to you, but you belied them. You were proudand became one of the unbelievers.'
  60. On the Day of Resurrection, youshall see those who lied about Allah with blackened faces. In Gehenna isthere not a lodging for those who were proud?
  61. But, Allah will savethose who fear Him with their winnings (Paradise). No evil shall touchthem, nor shall they ever grieve.
  62. Allah is the Creator of all things,and of all things He is the Guardian.
  63. To Him belong the keys of theheavens and the earth. Those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah - theyare the losers.
  64. Say: 'O you who are ignorant, is it other than Allahthat you would order me to worship?'
  65. It has already been revealed toyou and to those who have gone before you, that if you associate(partners) with Allah, your works would be annulled and you will be amongthe losers.
  66. No, worship Allah and be with those who give thanks!
  67. They have not valued Allah with His true value. But on the Day ofResurrection, the entire earth will be in His grip, and the heavens shallbe rolled up upon in His Right. Exaltations to Him! Exalted high is Heabove all that they associate!
  68. The Horn shall be blown and all who arein heavens and earth shall swoon, except those whom Allah wills. Then, theHorn will blow again and they shall stand and gaze.
  69. The earth willshine with the Light of its Lord, and the Book (of deeds) will be set (inplace). The Prophets and witnesses shall be brought and the matter will bejustly decided between them, and they will not be wronged.
  70. Every soulshall be paid in full according to what it has done, for He knows wellwhat they did.
  71. In companies the unbelievers shall be driven intoGehenna. As they draw near, its gates will be opened and its keepers willask them: 'Did there not come to you Messengers of your own, who recitedto you the verses of your Lord and warned you of the encounter of thisyour Day?' 'Yes indeed,' they will answer. And the word of the punishmenthas been realized against the unbelievers.
  72. It will be said to them:'Enter the gates of Gehenna and live there for ever.' Evil is the lodgingplace of the proud.
  73. Then, those that feared their Lord shall be drivenin companies into Paradise. When they draw near its gates will be opened,and its keepers will say to them: 'Peace be upon you, you have done well.Enter and live in it for ever.'
  74. They will say: 'Praise belongs to Allahwho has been true to His promise to us and given us the earth to inherit,that we shall live in Paradise wherever we wish.' How excellent is therecompense of those that labor!
  75. And you shall see the angels encirclingthe Throne exalting with the praise of their Lord. And the matter will bejustly decided between them, and it shall be said: 'Praise belongs toAllah, Lord of all the Worlds!'
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