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38. Saad - Saad

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Saad, by the Holy Reading (Koran) of the Remembrance.
  2. No, theunbelievers exalt in their division.
  3. How many generations have Wedestroyed before them. They called: 'The time is neither of escape, norsafety.'
  4. They marvel now that, from among themselves, a warner has cometo them. The unbelievers say: 'This is a lying sorcerer.
  5. What, has hemade the gods One God? This is indeed a wondrous thing.'
  6. Their assemblyleft (saying): 'Go, and be patient to your gods, this is something to bedesired.
  7. We never heard of this in the former religion. It is nothingbut an invention.
  8. What, out of all of us, has the Remembrance been sentdown to him (Prophet Muhammad)?' No, they are doubtful about MyRemembrance, no, they have not yet tasted My punishment.
  9. Or, have theythe treasuries of the Mercy of your Lord, the Almighty, the Giving?
  10. Or,is theirs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that is betweenthem? Then let them ascend by (their) means!
  11. The army is defeated as(were) the confederates.
  12. Before them the nations of Noah, Aad andPharaoh, and he of the tent-pegs belied,
  13. Thamood, the nation of Lot andthe dwellers of the Thicket - such were the confederates.
  14. There was notone of those that did not belie the Messengers. Therefore, My retributionwas realized.
  15. These only wait for a single Shout for which there willbe no delay.
  16. They say: 'Our Lord, hasten to us our share before the Dayof Recompense.'
  17. Bear patiently with what they say, and remember Ourworshiper David, a man of might. He was ever turning in repentance.
  18. Wesubjected the mountains to exalt (Me) with him in the evening and atsunrise,
  19. and the birds, too, gathered each obedient to him.
  20. We madehis kingdom strong and gave him wisdom and decisive speech.
  21. Has thenews of the dispute reached you (Prophet Muhammad)? When they scaled theSanctuary
  22. they went to David whereupon he was afraid of them, but theysaid: 'Do not be afraid, we are two that have a dispute, one of us haswronged the other. Judge between us justly, and do not transgress, andguide us to the Right Path.
  23. This, my brother has ninety-nine ewes, butI have only one ewe (a female sheep). He said: "Give her into my keeping"and overcame me in the argument.'
  24. He (David) replied: 'He has withoutdoubt wronged you in seeking to add your ewe to his sheep. Manyintermixers wrong one another; except those who believe, and do goodworks, and they are few indeed.' David realized that We had tried him andsought the forgiveness of his Lord and fell down, prostrate and repented.
  25. So, We forgave him that, and he has a near place with Us and a finereturn.
  26. (We said): 'David, We have made you a caliph in the earth.Judge with justice among people and do not yield to your own preference incase it should lead you from the Path of Allah. Surely, a terriblepunishment awaits those who stray from the Path of Allah, because theyforget the Day of Reckoning.'
  27. It was not in falsehood that We createdthe heavens and the earth and all that is between them. That is thethought of the unbelievers. But woe to the unbelievers because of theFire!
  28. Are We to make those who believe and do good works the same asthose who corrupt the earth? Are We to make the righteous as the wicked?
  29. It is a Blessed Book that We have sent down to you (Prophet Muhammad),so that those possessed with minds might ponder its verses and remember.
  30. We gave Solomon to David; and he was an excellent worshiper, he waspenitent.
  31. When his dressage steeds were presented to him in theevening,
  32. he said: 'Indeed I have loved the love of good things betterthan the remembrance of my Lord until the sun has vanished behind a veil.
  33. Bring them back to me!' And he hacked their legs and necks(slaughtering them for Allah).
  34. Indeed, We tried Solomon and placed abody (of a child) upon his throne, then he repented.
  35. He said: 'Forgiveme my Lord, and give me a kingdom the like of which will not befall anyafter me, surely, You are the Giver.'
  36. So We subjected the wind to him,so that it ran softly by his command wherever he wished;
  37. and thesatans, every builder and diver
  38. and others joined together by (iron)fetters.
  39. 'This is Our gift, give or withhold without reckoning.'
  40. Andhe has a place near to Us, and a fine return.
  41. Also, remember Ourworshiper Job. He called out to his Lord, (saying): 'satan has afflictedme with harm and pain.'
  42. (We said): 'Stamp your foot on the ground, hereis cool water with which to wash and a drink.'
  43. We restored to him tohis family and like those with them, a mercy from Us and a reminder to anation that understand.
  44. (We said to him): 'Take a bundle of rushes andstrike with it; and do not break your oath.' We found him to be patient, agood worshiper and he was penitent.
  45. Also, remember Our worshipersAbraham, Isaac, and Jacob, those of might and vision.
  46. Indeed, Wepurified them with a most pure quality, the remembrance of the EverlastingLife.
  47. Indeed with Us they are among the chosen, the excellent.
  48. Also,remember our worshipers Ishmael, Elisha, and Thul-Kifl, they are among thegood.
  49. This is a Reminder, and indeed for the cautious is a fine return,
  50. the Gardens of Eden whose gates shall be open to them,
  51. in which theywill recline, and call for abundant fruit and drink therein.
  52. And withthem will be maidens of equal age with modest gaze.
  53. 'This is what youare promised on the Day of Recompense,
  54. this is Our unending provision.'
  55. All of this; but, for the proud there is an ill return.
  56. They shallroast in (the Fire) of Gehenna, an evil cradling.
  57. All of this; so letthem taste it, boiling water and pus,
  58. and other similar to it, joinedtogether.
  59. (We shall say to their leaders): 'This is a troop rushing inwith you, there is no welcome for them, they shall roast in the Fire.'
  60. But they will say: 'No, it is you that has no welcome. It was you whobrought it upon us, an evil place!'
  61. They will say: 'Our Lord, givethose who brought this upon us double the punishment of the Fire!'
  62. Andthey will say: 'Why do we not see the men that we counted as being amongthe wicked in here?
  63. Have we taken them in mockery? Or, have our eyesswerved from them?'
  64. Surely that is true - the disputing of theinhabitants of the Fire
  65. Say: 'I am only a warner. There is no godexcept Allah, the One, the Conqueror,
  66. the Lord of the heavens and theearth and all that is between them; the Almighty, the Forgiving.'
  67. Say:'This is a mighty message
  68. from which you turn away.
  69. I had noknowledge of the High Assembly's dispute.
  70. This alone is revealed to me,I am only a clear warner.'
  71. When your Lord said to the angels: 'I amcreating a human from clay,
  72. after I have shaped him and breathed of Myspirit (I created) into him, fall down prostrate before him.'
  73. So allthe angels prostrated themselves
  74. except iblis (satan, the father of thejinn), he became too proud, for he was one of the unbelievers.
  75. He(Allah) said: 'iblis, what prevented you from prostrating yourself towardsthat which I have created with My Hands? Have you become too proud, or areyou among the grand?'
  76. He (satan) replied: 'I am better than he. Youcreated me from fire, and You created him from clay.'
  77. 'Begone!' saidHe, 'you are stoned'.
  78. 'My curse shall rest on you until the Day ofRecompense.'
  79. He (satan) replied: 'Respite me my Lord till the Day ofResurrection.'
  80. He (Allah) said: 'You are among those that are respited
  81. till the Day of the known time.'
  82. He (satan) said: 'I swear by YourMight, that I will seduce all of them
  83. except those among them who areYour sincere worshipers.'
  84. He (Allah) said: 'This is the truth, and Ispeak the truth:
  85. I shall certainly fill Gehenna with you and every oneof them that follows you.'
  86. Say (Prophet Muhammad): 'For this I ask ofyou no wage, and I am not of those who take things upon themselves.
  87. This is nothing else but a reminder to all the worlds,
  88. and after awhile you shall know its news.'
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