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37. The Alignment - As-Saffat

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. By the aligners (angels) aligning.
  2. and the drivers driving,
  3. andthose who recite the Remembrance
  4. surely, your God is One,
  5. the Lord ofthe heavens and the earth and of all that is between them; the Lord of theEasts.
  6. We have adorned the lower heaven with the adornment of theplanets,
  7. a protection against every rebel satan;
  8. so they cannot listento the High Assembly, for they are pelted from every side.
  9. They arerejected and theirs is an everlasting punishment;
  10. except such assnatches a fragment, and he is pursued by a piercing flame.
  11. So askthem, are they stronger in constitution, or those whom We have created. Wehave created them of sticky clay.
  12. No, you marvel, while they scoff.
  13. When they are reminded, they do not remember.
  14. When they are shown asign, they scoff at it
  15. and say: 'This is nothing but clear sorcery!'
  16. What, when we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we be resurrected.
  17. What, and our forefathers, the ancients!'
  18. Say: 'Yes, but worthless.'
  19. It will be but one Shout, then see, they are watching
  20. and they willsay: 'Woe for us. This is the Day of Recompense.'
  21. This is the Day ofDecision which you belied.
  22. Gather together the evildoers, their wives,and that they were worshipping,
  23. other than Allah, and guide them to thePath of Hell!
  24. And halt them so that they may be questioned.
  25. 'Why doyou not help one another?
  26. No, today they will resign themselves insubmission,
  27. and approach each other with questions,
  28. saying: 'Youused to come to us from the right hand.'
  29. But they reply: 'Rather, youwere not believers.
  30. We had no authority over you, but you were aninsolent nation.
  31. The statement of Our Lord is realized against us, andwe are tasting it,
  32. we perverted you, indeed, we were perverts.'
  33. Therefore, on that Day they will all share Our punishment.
  34. As such Weshall deal with the evildoers.
  35. For when it was said to them: 'There isno god except Allah,' they were always proud
  36. and said: 'Are we torenounce our gods for the sake of a mad poet?'
  37. No, indeed, he hasbrought the truth, and confirmed the Messengers.
  38. You shall certainlytaste the painful punishment:
  39. but you shall not be recompensed exceptfor what you were doing.
  40. But for the sincere worshipers of Allah,
  41. there is waiting for them a known provision;
  42. fruits. And they arereceivers of generosity
  43. in the Gardens of Delight,
  44. sitting face toface upon couches,
  45. a goblet from a spring shall be passed round to them
  46. white, a delight to the drinkers,
  47. there is neither sickness in it,nor intoxication.
  48. And with them will be maidens (houris) who restraintheir wide glances
  49. as if they were hidden pearls.
  50. They will go toone another asking each other questions.
  51. One of them will say: 'I had acompanion
  52. who would say: "Are you among the believers (of theresurrection)?
  53. When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall webe recompensed?"
  54. And he will reply: 'Are you looking down (into Hell)?'
  55. Then, he will look and see him in the midst of Hell.
  56. 'By Allah,' hewill say, 'you almost destroyed me!
  57. But for the Favor of Allah I shouldhave surely been among those who were arraigned (with you in Hell).
  58. What then, shall we not die
  59. except our first death, and shall we not bepunished?'
  60. Indeed, this is the mighty victory,
  61. and for the like ofthis let the workers work.
  62. Is this a better hospitality or the tree ofAz-Zakkum!
  63. We have made this (tree) a trial for the evildoers.
  64. It isa tree that grows from the bottom of Hell;
  65. its spathes are like theheads of satans
  66. on it they shall feed, and with it they shall filltheir bellies.
  67. On top of it they shall have a brew of boiling water,
  68. then their return is to Hell.
  69. They found their fathers in error,
  70. yetthey run in their footsteps,
  71. yet before them most of the ancients wentastray,
  72. though We had sent among them warners.
  73. See then the end ofthose who were warned,
  74. except the sincere worshipers of Allah.
  75. Noahcalled to Us, and We are the Best to answer.
  76. We saved him and hispeople from the great distress,
  77. and We made his offspring thesurvivors.
  78. And We let it remain upon him in the latter:
  79. 'Peace beupon Noah among all the worlds.'
  80. As such We recompense the good-doers,
  81. he was one of Our believing worshipers.
  82. Afterwards We drowned theothers.
  83. Of his party was Abraham.
  84. (Remember when) he came to hisLord with a pure heart;
  85. and when he said to his father and to hisnation: 'What do you worship?
  86. It is falsehood that you desire godsother than Allah!
  87. What do you think of the Lord of the Worlds?'
  88. Hecast a glance at the stars
  89. and said: 'Surely, I am sick (of what youworship)!'
  90. But they turned their backs and went away from him.
  91. Thenhe turned to their gods, and said: 'What do you eat?
  92. What is the matterwith you, that you do not speak?'
  93. And he turned upon them striking themwith the right hand.
  94. Thereafter they (the people) came to him in haste.
  95. He said: 'Do you worship what you, yourselves have carved
  96. when it isAllah who created you and all that you do?'
  97. They replied: 'Build forhim a building and cast him into the fire.'
  98. Their desire was to outwithim, but We made them to be the humiliated.
  99. He said: 'I will go to myLord; He will guide me.
  100. My Lord, grant me a righteous (son).'
  101. AndWe gave him the glad tidings of a very gentle son (Ishmael).
  102. And whenhe reached the age of traveling with him, he said: 'My son, while I wassleeping I saw that I shall slaughter (sacrifice) you, tell me what isyour opinion.' He replied: 'Father, do as you are ordered (by Allah).Allah willing, you shall find me one of those who are steadfast.'
  103. Andwhen they had both submitted, and his son had laid down prostrate upon hisforehead,
  104. We called to him, saying: 'O Abraham,
  105. you have confirmedyour vision.' As such We recompense the good-doers.
  106. That was indeed aclear trial.
  107. So, We ransomed him with a mighty sacrifice,
  108. and Welet it (the beautiful praise) remain upon him in the latter (generations),
  109. 'Peace be upon Abraham!'
  110. As such We recompense the good-doers.
  111. He was one of Our believing worshipers.
  112. Then, We gave him the gladtidings of Isaac, a Prophet, one of the righteous,
  113. and We blessed himand Isaac, and from their offspring are some good-doers, and others whoclearly wronged themselves.
  114. We also favored Moses and Aaron
  115. and Wesaved them with their nation from a great distress.
  116. We helped them,and they became victorious,
  117. and We gave them the Clear Book,
  118. andguided them upon the Straight Path.
  119. And We let it (the beautifulpraise) remain upon on both of them in the latter (generations),
  120. 'Peace be upon Moses and Aaron!'
  121. As such We recompense the good-doers.
  122. They were among Our believing worshipers.
  123. And Elias (El Yaseen)was among the Messengers.
  124. He asked his people: 'Do you not fear(Allah)?
  125. Do you call on Ba'lan (the idol Baal) and abandon the BestCreator,
  126. Allah is your Lord and the Lord of your fathers, theancients.'
  127. But they belied him, so they will be among the arraigned(in Hell),
  128. except the sincere worshipers of Allah.
  129. And We let it(the beautiful praise) remain upon him in the latter (generations),
  130. 'Peace be upon El Yaseen!'
  131. As such We recompense the good-doers.
  132. He was among Our believing worshipers.
  133. Lot, too, was among theMessengers.
  134. We saved him and all his kinsmen,
  135. except an old womanwho lingered,
  136. and We destroyed the others.
  137. You pass by them in themorning
  138. and at night, will you not understand?
  139. Jonah, too, was oneof the Messengers.
  140. He ran away to the laden ship,
  141. and cast lots,and he was among the losers (of the lots that were cast).
  142. So the whaleswallowed him, for he was blameworthy,
  143. and had he not been among thosewho exalt (Allah),
  144. he would have lingered in its belly till the Daythey are resurrected.
  145. But We cast him, upon the shore, and he was ill,
  146. and We caused a pumpkin tree to grow over him.
  147. Then We sent him toa hundred thousand or more,
  148. and they believed, and We gave themenjoyment for awhile.
  149. Now, ask them, has your Lord daughters, and theysons?
  150. Or, did We create the angels females while they were witnessing?
  151. Then is it of their lying that they say:
  152. 'Allah has begotten?'They are truly liars.
  153. Has He chosen daughters above sons?
  154. What isthe matter with you? How do you judge?
  155. What, will you not remember?
  156. Or, do you have a clear authority?
  157. Bring your Book, if what yousay is true!
  158. They assert kinship between Him and the angels. But theangels know that they (the liars) will be arraigned (in Hell).
  159. Exaltations to Allah above what they describe,
  160. except for the sincereworshipers of Allah.
  161. But as for you, and that you worship,
  162. youshall tempt none against Him
  163. except for he who shall roast in Hell.
  164. (Gabriel said to the Prophet): 'Each of us has a known place.
  165. Weare surely those who are arranged in ranks.
  166. And we are they who exalt(Allah).'
  167. What, would they then say:
  168. 'If only we had a reminderfrom the ancients,
  169. we would have been sincere worshipers of Allah.'
  170. But they disbelieve in it (the Koran), but soon they shall know!
  171. Our Word had already preceded Our worshipers, the Messengers,
  172. thatthey shall receive Our help
  173. and Our armies shall be the victors.
  174. So turn (away) from them for a while.
  175. See them and soon they shallsee.
  176. What, do they seek to hasten Our punishment?
  177. When it descendsupon their courtyards, evil will be the morning of those forewarned.
  178. So turn (away) from them for a while,
  179. and see, soon they shall see!
  180. Exaltations be to your Lord, the Lord of Might, above that theydescribe!
  181. Peace be on the Messengers.
  182. And praise belongs to Allah,Lord of the Worlds.
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