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36. Yaseen - YaSeen

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. YaSeen.
  2. By the Wise Koran,
  3. you (Prophet Muhammad) are truly amongthe Messengers sent
  4. upon a Straight Path.
  5. The sending down of theMighty, the Most Merciful
  6. so that you may warn a people whose fatherswere not warned, and so were heedless.
  7. The Phrase has become obligatoryupon most of them, yet they do not believe.
  8. We have bound their neckswith fetters up to their chin, so that their heads are raised and cannotbe lowered.
  9. We have set a barrier before them and a barrier behind them,and, We have covered them so that they do not see.
  10. It is the samewhether you have warned them or you have not warned them, they do notbelieve.
  11. You only warn he who follows the Remembrance and fears theMerciful in the Unseen. Give to him glad tidings of forgiveness and agenerous wage.
  12. Surely, it is We who revive the dead and write down whatthey have forwarded and what they have left behind; We have countedeverything in a Clear Book.
  13. Give to them a parable; to the people ofthe village there came Messengers,
  14. We sent to them two, but they beliedthem so We reinforced them with a third. They said: 'We have surely beensent as Messengers to you.'
  15. But they said: 'You are only humans likeourselves. The Merciful has not sent down anything, your speech is butlies!'
  16. They said: 'Our Lord knows that we are Messengers to you.
  17. Andit is only for us to deliver a Clear Message.'
  18. They answered: 'Wepredict evil of you. If you do not desist, we will stone you and a painfulpunishment from us will befall you.'
  19. They said: 'Your prediction iswith you, if you are reminded. Surely, you are but a wayward nation.'
  20. Then, a man came running from the furthest part of the village 'Mynation,' he said, 'follow the Messengers,
  21. follow those who ask no wageof you and are rightly guided.
  22. Why should I not worship Him who hasoriginated me and to whom you shall all be returned?
  23. What, shall Itake, other than Him, gods whose intercession, if the Merciful desires toafflict me, cannot help me at all, and they will never save me?
  24. Surely,I should then be in clear error.
  25. I believe in your Lord, so hear me.'
  26. It was said (to him): 'Enter Paradise,' and he said: 'Would that mypeople knew
  27. that my Lord has forgiven me, and caused me to be amongstthe receivers of generosity.'
  28. And We did not send down to his nationafter him any army from heaven, neither would We send any down.
  29. It wasonly one Shout and they were silent, still.
  30. Woe, for those(unbelieving) worshipers! They mocked every Messenger that came to them.
  31. Have they not seen how many generations We destroyed before them? Theyshall never return to them,
  32. all shall be arraigned before Us.
  33. Thedead land is a sign for them. We revive it, and from it produce grain fromwhich they eat.
  34. And there We made gardens of palms and vines, and in itWe caused fountains to gush forth,
  35. so that they might eat of its fruitand the labor of their hands. Will they not give thanks?
  36. Exaltations toHim who created pairs of all the things the earth produces and ofthemselves, and that of which they have no knowledge.
  37. A sign for themis the night. From it We withdraw the day and they are in darkness.
  38. Thesun runs to its fixed resting-place; that is the decree of the Almighty,the Knower.
  39. And the moon, We have determined it in phases till itreturns like an old palm-branch.
  40. The sun shall not outstrip the moon,nor shall the night outstrip the day. Each is floating in an orbit.
  41. Anda sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden Ark (ofNoah).
  42. And We have created for them the like of it in which they board.
  43. We drown them if We will, then they have none to cry to, nor can theybe saved,
  44. except through Our Mercy and as enjoyment for awhile.
  45. Whenit is said to them: 'Have fear of that which is before you and behind youin order that you find mercy.'
  46. Yet there never comes to them any signof their Lord's signs, but they turn away from it.
  47. And when it is saidto them: 'Spend of that which Allah has given you,' the unbelievers say tothe believers: 'Are we to feed those whom Allah can feed if He chooses?Surely, you are only in clear error.'
  48. They also say: 'When will thispromise be, if what you say is true?'
  49. They await but one Shout, whichwill seize them while they dispute.
  50. Then they will be unable to make awill, nor shall they return to their kinsmen.
  51. And the Horn is blown,and, from the graves they rush forth to their Lord.
  52. 'Woe for us!' theywill say. 'Who has roused us from our sleeping-place? This is what theMerciful promised; the Messengers have spoken the truth!'
  53. And it is butone Shout and they are all arraigned before Us.
  54. Today, no soul shall bewronged a thing. You shall not be recompensed except according to yourdeeds.
  55. Indeed, the companions of the Garden are this Day busy in theirrejoicing.
  56. Together with their spouses, they shall recline on couchesin the shade.
  57. They shall have fruits and all that they call for.
  58. Peace, a saying from the Most Merciful Lord.
  59. (And He will say):'Distance yourselves, O sinners, this Day.
  60. Children of Adam, did I notmake a covenant with you, that you should not worship satan - he is surelya clear enemy to you -
  61. and that you worship Me? Surely, that is theStraight Path.
  62. Yet he has led many a host of you astray, did you notunderstand?
  63. This, then is Gehenna (Hell), that which you were promised.
  64. Roast well therein this Day for you were unbelievers.'
  65. This Day Weset a seal on their mouths and their hands speak to Us, and their feetwill testify to their earnings.
  66. Had it been Our will We would haveobliterated their sight so that they raced to the Path. But, how wouldthey see?
  67. Had it been Our will We would have transmuted them (intomonkeys, pigs and stones) where they were, so that they could neither goforward nor yet return.
  68. To whoever We give a long life We make himstoop. Do they not understand?
  69. We have not taught him (ProphetMuhammad) poetry, nor does it become him. This is only a Remembrance and aClear Holy Reading (Koran)
  70. that he may warn the living, and so thatJudgement may be passed against the unbelievers.
  71. Have they not seen howWe have created for them the cattle they master with Our Hands?
  72. We havesubdued these to them, and some of them they ride and some of them theyeat;
  73. they also have other uses in them and drinks. What, will they notgive thanks!
  74. And yet they have taken gods, other than Allah, so thatthey might helped!
  75. They cannot help them, for them (the so-called) armyare brought (with them to Hell).
  76. So do not let their sayings grieveyou. Surely, We have knowledge of what they hide and all that they reveal.
  77. Has the human not seen how We created him from a drop (of sperm)? Yethe is a clear opponent.
  78. And he has struck for Us a parable, andforgotten his own creation. He asks: 'Who will quicken the bones afterthey have decayed?'
  79. Say: 'He will quicken them who originated them thefirst time; He has knowledge of every creation;
  80. who has made fire foryou from the green tree with which you kindle.'
  81. Is He who created theheavens and the earth unable to create their like? Yes, indeed, He is theCreator, the Knower.
  82. When He wills a thing, His command is to say to it'Be', and it is!
  83. Exaltations to Him in whose Hand is the Kingdom of allthings, and to Him you will be returned.
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