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35. The Originator - Fatir

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Praise belongs for Allah, the Originator of the heavens and earth,who appointed the angels to be Messengers, with wings, two, three, andfour. He increases the creation as He wills. Allah has power over allthings.
  2. Whatever mercy Allah opens to people, none can withhold; andwhatever He withholds none can release after Him. He is the Almighty, theWise.
  3. People, remember the blessings of Allah to you. Except for Allah,is there any other creator who provides for you out of heaven and earth?There is no god except He. Where then do you turn?
  4. If they belie you,other Messengers have been belied before you. To Allah all matters arereturned.
  5. People, the promise of Allah is true, so do not let thispresent life delude you, and do not let the deluder (satan) delude youabout Allah.
  6. satan is indeed your enemy; therefore take him for anenemy. He calls his party so that they will become the companions of theBlaze.
  7. For the unbelievers awaits a terrible punishment, but for thosewho believe and do good deeds is forgiveness and a great recompense.
  8. What then of he whose evil deeds have been decorated fair to him andthinks them to be good? Allah leads astray whomsoever He will andwhomsoever He will He guides. Do not let your soul be wasted in regretsfor them; Allah has knowledge of all they do.
  9. Allah is He who sends thewinds that stir up the clouds. Then, We drive them on to a dead land andrevive the earth after it's death. Such is the Raising Up.
  10. He who wantsmight, the Might belongs to Allah altogether. To Him ascend good words,and the righteous deed He raises. But those who devise evil deeds - theirsshall be a terrible punishment, and their plotting shall be annulled.
  11. Allah created you from dust, then from a (sperm) drop. Then he made youpairs. No female conceives or is delivered except by His Knowledge. Hewhose life is long, whatsoever is increased or decreased of his age is ina Clear Book. Surely, that is easy for Allah.
  12. The two seas are notalike. One is fresh, sweet and pleasant to taste, while the other is saltand bitter. Yet, from each you eat fresh flesh and bring forth out of itornaments for you to wear. And you see the ships plow their course throughit so that you may seek His bounty, and in order that you give thanks.
  13. He causes the night to enter into the day and the day into the night. Hehas subjected the sun and the moon each running for a named term. Such isAllah, your Lord. To Him belongs the Kingdom; and those whom you callupon, other than Him, do not possess even as much as the membrane of adate-stone.
  14. If you supplicate to them they cannot hear yoursupplication, and if they heard, they cannot answer you. On the Day ofResurrection they will disown your associating. None can tell you like Hewho is the Aware.
  15. People, it is you who are in need of Allah. He is theRich, the Praised.
  16. He can put you away, if He will, and bring a newcreation
  17. this is not a great matter for Allah.
  18. No laden soul shallbear another's load. If one is heavy-burdened and calls for his load to becarried, nothing of it will be carried, not even if he is a closerelative. You warn only those who fear their Lord in the Unseen, andestablish the prayer. He who purifies himself, purifies himself for thegood of his own soul. To Allah is the arrival.
  19. The blind and the seeingare not equal,
  20. nor are darkness and light.
  21. The shade and the hotwind are not equal,
  22. nor are the living and the dead equal. Allah makesto hear whosoever He will, but you cannot make those who are in theirgraves hear.
  23. You (Prophet Muhammad) are but a warner.
  24. We have sentyou with the truth, a bearer of glad tidings and warning, for there is nonation, that has not had a warner pass away in it.
  25. If they belie you,those before them also belied. Their Messengers came to them with clearsigns; the Psalms, and the Illuminating Book.
  26. Then I seized those whodisbelieved, and how was My rejection!
  27. Did you not see how Allah sendsdown water from the sky and with it brings forth different colored fruits?In the mountains there are paths of various colors, of white and red, andjet-black.
  28. People too, and beasts and cattle have their differentcolors. But it is only those amongst His worshippers that fear Allah whohave knowledge. Indeed, Allah is the Almighty and the Forgiving.
  29. Indeed, those who recite the Book of Allah and establish their prayers andspend, in secret and in public of that which We have provided them, lookfor a trade that does not come to nothing,
  30. so that He may pay them infull their wages and enrich them from His bounty. Surely, He is theForgiver and the Thanker.
  31. That which We have revealed to you of theBook is the truth and it confirms what was before it. Allah is Aware andsees His worshipers.
  32. Then, We gave the Book as an inheritance to thoseof our worshipers whom We chose. Among them, is he who was harmful tohimself, and some who minimize, and some who, by the permission of Allah,race in charity, this is the greatest virtue.
  33. They shall enter theGardens of Eden, where they shall be adorned with bracelets of gold andwith pearls, and there, their robes shall be of silk.
  34. They shall say:'Praise belongs to Allah who has removed all sorrow from us. Indeed, ourLord is the Forgiver, the Thanker.
  35. Through His bounty He has made us tolive in the abode of Everlasting Life, where neither weariness nor fatigueshall touch us.'
  36. As for the unbelievers, theirs is the Fire of Gehenna.They shall neither be done away with nor die, and its punishment shallnever be lightened for them. As such shall We recompense every unbeliever.
  37. There they will cry out: 'Our Lord, bring us out, and we will do good,other than what we have done.' What, did We not make your lives longenough to remember for whosoever would remember? A warner came to you, sotaste now! None shall help the harmdoers.
  38. Allah knows the Unseen in theheavens and earth. He knows that which is in the innermost of the chests.
  39. It is He who made you caliphs in the earth. He who disbelieves, hisdisbelief shall be charged against him. The unbelievers disbelief doesnothing for them, except, increase them in hate with Allah - theirdisbelief increases the unbelievers only in loss.
  40. Say: 'Have youconsidered your associates who you call upon, other than Allah? Show mewhat they have created in the earth! Or, have they a partnership in theheavens?' Or, have We given them a Book so that they have proof of it? No,the harmdoers promise each other nothing else but delusion.
  41. It is Allahwho holds the heavens and the earth lest they vanish. Should they vanish,none would hold them after Him. He is the Clement, the Forgiving.
  42. Theysolemnly swore by Allah that if a warner came to them they would be morerightly guided than any other of the nations. Yet, when a warner came tothem, it only increased their aversion,
  43. behaving arrogantly in the landand devising evil. But, evil devising coils only those who do it. Do theylook except for the ways of former nations? You shall never find anychange in the way of Allah.
  44. What, have they not journeyed through theland and seen the end of those who went before them? They were strongerand mightier than themselves. Allah! There is nothing in heavens or earththat can frustrate Him, He is the Knower, the Able.
  45. If Allah shouldtake people to task for what they have earned, He would not leave onecreature that crawls upon the face (of the earth)! But, He is deferringthem to a named time. And when their time comes, indeed, Allah is the Seerof His worshipers.
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