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26. The Poets - Ash-Shu'ara'

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. TaSeenMeem.
  2. Those are the verses of the clear Book.
  3. Perhaps youconsume yourself that they are not believers.
  4. If We will, We can senddown on them a sign from heaven before which their necks will remainhumbled.
  5. A fresh remembrance has never come to them from the Merciful,except they turn away from it.
  6. So, they belied, but surely the tidingsof that they mocked will come to them.
  7. Have they not seen the earth, howmany We caused to grow in it every generous kind?
  8. Surely, in this thereis a sign yet most of them do not believe.
  9. Your Lord, He is theAlmighty, the Most Merciful.
  10. And when your Lord called to Moses,saying: 'Go to the harm-doing nation,
  11. the nation of Pharaoh. Will theynot fear Me?'
  12. 'My Lord,' he replied, 'I fear they will belie me
  13. andmy chest will become constricted and my tongue will not be loosed (in myspeech), therefore, send to Aaron.
  14. They hold a sin against me, and Ifear that they will kill me.'
  15. He said: 'Never so, go both of you withOur signs; We shall be with you, listening
  16. go both to Pharaoh and bothof you say to him: 'We are (each) a Messenger from the Lord of all theWorlds.
  17. Send forth with us the Children of Israel.'
  18. He (Pharaoh)said (to Moses): 'Did We not bring you up when you were a child? And haveyou not spent years of your life amongst us?
  19. Yet you were ungratefuland have done the deed you did.'
  20. He (Moses) replied: 'Indeed, I didthat when I was among those who stray.
  21. I fled from you because I fearedyou. But my Lord has given me judgment and made me one of the Messengers.
  22. Is this then the blessing with which you reproach me, that you have theChildren of Israel for worshipers!'
  23. Pharaoh said: 'And what is the Lordof the Worlds?'
  24. 'He' (Moses) replied: 'is the Lord of the heavens andthe earth and all that is between them, if you believe!'
  25. 'Do you nothear?' said he (Pharaoh) to those around him.
  26. He said, 'Your Lord andthe Lord of your fathers, the ancients.'
  27. (Pharaoh) said: 'Surely, theMessenger who has been sent to you is mad!'
  28. 'He is the Lord of the Eastand the West,' said he (Moses), 'and all that is between them, if youcould understand!'
  29. 'If you take any other god except myself,' he(Pharaoh) replied, 'you shall be thrown into prison.'
  30. 'What, even if Ibrought you something clear,' said he (Moses).
  31. He (Pharaoh) replied:'Show us your sign, if you are of the truthful.'
  32. He cast down his staffand thereupon it was a clear serpent.
  33. Then he drew out his hand, and itwas luminous to the onlookers.
  34. 'This', said he (Pharaoh) to hisCouncil, 'is a cunning sorcerer
  35. who seeks to expel you from your landby his sorcery. What is your counsel?'
  36. They replied: 'Put him and hisbrother off for a while, and send heralds to your cities
  37. to bring everyknowledgeable sorcerer.'
  38. The sorcerers were gathered at the appointedtime on a well-known day,
  39. and the people were asked: 'Will you gather
  40. in order that we shall follow the sorcerers if they are the victors.'
  41. Then, when the sorcerers came to Pharaoh, they said: 'Shall we receivea wage if we win?'
  42. 'Yes, indeed' he answered, 'and you shall becomeamong those who are near stationed.'
  43. Moses said to them: 'Cast downwhat you cast.'
  44. So they cast their ropes and staffs, saying: 'ByPharaoh's might, we shall be the victors.'
  45. Then Moses cast down hisstaff and it swallowed up their lying invention,
  46. so the sorcerers werecast down, prostrating themselves,
  47. saying: 'We believe in the Lord ofthe Worlds,
  48. the Lord of Moses and Aaron.'
  49. He (Pharaoh) said: 'Youhave believed him before I have given you permission. He is the chief ofyou who has taught you sorcery. But you shall know. I will surely cut offon opposite sides a hand and a foot, and crucify you all.'
  50. 'There is noharm,' they replied, 'for surely to our Lord we are turning.
  51. We areeager that Our Lord should forgive us our offenses, for we are the firstof the believers.'
  52. Also, We revealed to Moses, saying: 'Go with Myworshipers by night, for you will be followed.'
  53. Then Pharaoh sentgatherers to the cities.
  54. 'These,' they said, 'are a small band,
  55. theyhave enraged us,
  56. and we are a host on our guard.'
  57. As such Weexpelled them from their gardens and their fountains,
  58. their treasuresand a noble station.
  59. As such we gave it to the Children of Israel.
  60. At sunrise, they followed them.
  61. And when the two hosts came in view ofeach other, Moses' companions said: 'We have been reached!'
  62. 'No,indeed' he replied, 'my Lord is with me and He will guide me.'
  63. Then Werevealed to Moses: 'Strike the sea with your staff', so it divided andeach part was as a mighty mount.
  64. And there We brought the others on,
  65. and We saved Moses and those who were with him together,
  66. then, Wedrowned the others.
  67. Surely, in that there is a sign; yet most of themdo not believe.
  68. Surely, your Lord is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.
  69. And recite to them the news of Abraham.
  70. He said to his father and tohis nation: 'What do you worship?'
  71. They replied: 'We worship idols andcontinue cleaving to them.'
  72. 'Do they hear you when you call on them?'He asked.
  73. 'Can they benefit you or harm you?'
  74. They replied: 'No, butwe found our fathers doing so.'
  75. He said: 'Have you considered what youworship,
  76. you, and your elderly fathers?
  77. They are enemies to meexcept the Lord of all the Worlds
  78. who created me; and He guides me,
  79. and He gives me to eat and drink,
  80. who, when I am sick, heals me;
  81. whomakes me to die and then revives me,
  82. and whom I am eager shall forgiveme my sins on the Day of Recompense.'
  83. My Lord, give me judgment, andjoin me with the righteous.
  84. And appoint me a tongue of truthfulnessamong the latter.
  85. and place me amongst the inheritors of the Garden ofBliss.
  86. and forgive my father, for he was among the astray.
  87. Do notdegrade me on the Day when they are resurrected.
  88. The Day when neitherwealth nor sons shall benefit
  89. except him who comes before Allah with apure heart;
  90. and Paradise shall be brought forward to the cautious.
  91. And Hell is brought near to the perverse.'
  92. It will be said to them:'Where is that you worshipped,
  93. other than Allah? Do they help you oreven help themselves?'
  94. And they will be pitched into it, they and theperverse
  95. and the hosts of iblis all together.
  96. And they will saywhile they dispute with one another,
  97. 'By Allah, we were certainly inclear error,
  98. when we made you equal with the Lord of the Worlds.
  99. Itwas nothing but the evildoers who led us astray.
  100. We have nointercessors now,
  101. no caring friend.
  102. Would that we might returnagain, and be among the believers.'
  103. Surely, in that there is a sign,yet most of them do not believe.
  104. Surely, Your Lord is the Almighty,the Most Merciful.
  105. The nation of Noah, belied their Messengers.
  106. when Noah, their brother, said to them: 'Will you not be cautious?
  107. Iam for you an honest Messenger,
  108. so fear Allah, and obey me.
  109. Forthis I ask of you no wage, for my wage falls only on the Lord of theWorlds.
  110. So fear Allah and obey me.'
  111. They replied: 'Are we tobelieve you whom the lowliest follow?'
  112. He said: 'I have no knowledgeof what they have done.
  113. Their account falls only upon My Lord, if youwere but aware.
  114. I will not drive away the believers.
  115. I am only aclear warner.'
  116. 'Noah,' they replied, 'if you do not desist you shallbe of those stoned.'
  117. He said: 'My Lord, my nation have belied me.
  118. So open between me and them an opening, and save me and the believers whoare with me.'
  119. We saved him and those who were with him in the ladenship,
  120. afterwards, We drowned the rest.
  121. Surely, in that there is asign; yet most of them do not believe.
  122. Your Lord is the Almighty, theMost Merciful.
  123. (The nation of) Aad belied their Messengers.
  124. Whentheir brother Hood said to them: 'Will you not be cautious?
  125. I am foryou an honest Messenger.
  126. Fear Allah and obey me.
  127. For this I ask ofyou no wage, for my wage falls only on the Lord of the Worlds.
  128. Do youbuild over each high place a sign to amuse yourselves!
  129. And do you taketo yourselves underground reservoirs, in order to live for ever!
  130. Whenyou assault, you assault like tyrants.
  131. So fear Allah, and obey me.
  132. Fear Him who has given you all the things you know.
  133. He has given youflocks and sons,
  134. gardens and fountains.
  135. Indeed, I fear for you thepunishment of a dreadful Day.'
  136. They replied: 'It is the same to uswhether you admonish or whether you are not one of the admonishers.
  137. That is nothing but a habit of the ancients,
  138. and we shall never bepunished.'
  139. So they belied him, so We destroyed them. Surely, in thatthere is a sign; yet most of them do not believe.
  140. Surely, your Lord isthe Almighty, the Most Merciful.
  141. Thamood, belied their Messengers.
  142. Their brother Salih said to them: 'Will you not be cautious?
  143. I am foryou an honest Messenger.
  144. So fear Allah, and obey me.
  145. For this Iask of you no wage; my wage falls only upon the Lord of the Worlds.
  146. Will you be left secure in this,
  147. amidst gardens and fountains,
  148. sown fields and palm-trees, with slender spathes.
  149. Will you still hewyour dwellings in the mountains?
  150. So fear Allah and obey me.
  151. Do notobey the order of the wasteful,
  152. who corrupt in the earth, and do notreform.'
  153. They replied: 'Surely, you are one of those bewitched.
  154. You are but a human like ourselves. Produce for us a sign, if you are ofthe truthful.'
  155. He said: 'Here is a she-camel. She shall have her shareof water as you have yours on an appointed day.
  156. Do not touch her withmalice so that punishment of a dreadful day seizes you.'
  157. Yet theyhamstrung her, and in the morning they were remorseful,
  158. and thepunishment seized them. Surely, in that there is a sign. Yet most of themdo not believe.
  159. Your Lord, He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.
  160. Lot's nation, belied their Messengers.
  161. When their brother Lot said tothem: 'Will you not be cautious?
  162. I am for you an honest Messenger.
  163. So fear Allah, and obey me.
  164. I ask of you no wage for this; my wage isonly with the Lord of the Worlds.
  165. What, do you come to the males ofthe world,
  166. and leave your wives whom your Lord has created for you?No, but you are a transgressing nation.'
  167. 'Lot,' they replied, 'if youdo not desist, you shall be thrown out.'
  168. He said: 'Truly, I am adetester of what you do.'
  169. 'My Lord, save me and my people from thatthey are doing.'
  170. So We saved him and all his people,
  171. except an oldwoman who stayed behind,
  172. then We destroyed the others.
  173. We rainedupon them a rain, and evil is the rain (of stones) on those that arewarned.
  174. Surely, in that there is a sign. Yet most of them do notbelieve.
  175. Your Lord, He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.
  176. Thedwellers of the Thicket belied their Messengers.
  177. Shu'aib said to them:'Will you not be cautious?
  178. I am for you an honest Messenger.
  179. Sofear Allah, and obey me.
  180. I ask of you no wage for this; my wage isonly with the Lord of the Worlds.
  181. Fill up the measure, do not be amongthe cheats,
  182. and weigh with the straight scale,
  183. and do not diminishthe goods of the people, and do not make mischief in the earth, workingcorruption.
  184. Fear He who created you, and the generations of theancient.'
  185. They replied: 'You are surely one of those bewitched.
  186. You are but a human like ourselves, we think that you are one of theliars.
  187. Drop down on us lumps from heaven, if you are one of thetruthful.'
  188. He said: 'My Lord knows what you are doing.'
  189. But theybelied him, then the punishment of the Day of Shadow (raining fire) seizedthem. Truly, it was the punishment of a dreadful day.
  190. Surely, in thatthere is a sign; yet most of them do not believe.
  191. Your Lord, He is theAlmighty, the Most Merciful.
  192. Truly, it is the sending of the Lord ofthe Worlds.
  193. The honest Spirit (Gabriel) brought it down
  194. upon yourheart (Prophet Muhammad), in order to be one of the warners,
  195. in aclear, Arabic tongue.
  196. Truly, it is in the Books of the ancients.
  197. Was it not a sign for them known to the learned of the Children of Israel?
  198. If We had revealed it to a non-Arab,
  199. and he had recited it tothem, they would not have believed.
  200. Even so, We have caused it toenter into the hearts of harmdoers:
  201. they shall not believe in it untilthey see the painful punishment
  202. so that it will come upon themsuddenly, while they are unaware,
  203. and then they will say: 'Shall we berespited?'
  204. Do they wish to hasten Our punishment?
  205. What do you see?If We gave them enjoyment for years,
  206. and then what they were promisedcomes to them,
  207. what avail will their past enjoyments be to them?
  208. We never destroyed a village that did not have warners
  209. for a reminder,and We never harmed.
  210. It was not the satans who brought it down:
  211. itis not for them, nor are they able.
  212. Truly, they are expelled fromhearing.
  213. So do not call upon another god with Allah, lest you shouldbe one of those who are punished.
  214. Warn your tribe and your nearkinsmen.
  215. and lower your wing to the believers who follow you.
  216. Ifthey disobey you, say: 'I am quit of what you do.'
  217. Put your trust inthe Almighty, the Most Merciful,
  218. who sees you when you stand
  219. andwhen you turn among those who prostrate themselves.
  220. Surely, He is theHearer, the Knower.
  221. Shall I tell you on whom the satans descend?
  222. They descend on every guilty impostor.
  223. They listen, but most of themare liars.
  224. Poets are followed by the perverse.
  225. Have you not seenhow they wander in every valley,
  226. and they say what they do not do?
  227. Except those who believe, and do good works and remember Allah inabundance and became victorious after they had been wronged. Thewrongdoers will surely know which turn they will be returning to (Hell).
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