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25. The Criterion - Al-Furqan

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Blessed is He who has sent down the Criterion to His worshiper(Prophet Muhammad), that he is a warner to all mankind;
  2. to whom theKingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs, who has not taken a son, nordoes He have an associate in the Kingdom, and He created everything, thenHe ordained it very precisely.
  3. Yet they worship, other than Him, godswhich cannot create anything and were themselves created. They own neitherharm nor benefit for themselves, neither do they own death nor life, nor aresurrection.
  4. The unbelievers say: 'This is but a falsehood he hasforged - another nation has helped him.' So they have come with wrong andfalsehood.
  5. They say: 'He has written tales of the ancients, they arerecited to him at dawn and at the evening.'
  6. Say: 'It was sent down byHim who knows the secrets of heavens and earth. He is Forgiving, the MostMerciful.
  7. They also say: 'How is it that this Messenger eats food andwalks about the markets? Why has no angel been sent down with him to warnus?
  8. Or, why has no treasure been thrown to him, or a garden for him toeat from?' And the harmdoers say: 'The man you follow is surelybewitched.'
  9. See how they strike examples for you, surely they have goneastray and are unable to find a way.
  10. Blessed be He who, if He wills,can assign you better things than these; gardens underneath which riversflow, and He shall assign for you palaces.
  11. No, they belied the Hour. Wehave prepared for him who belied the Hour a Blaze.
  12. When it sees themfrom a far off place, they shall hear it raging and sighing.
  13. And when,chained in (iron) fetters, they are cast into some narrow space of theFire, they will call out for destruction.
  14. 'Do not call out today forone destruction; call out for many destructions.'
  15. Say: 'Is that better,or the Garden of Eternity which the cautious have been promised? It istheir recompense and their arrival!'
  16. Living there for ever, they shallfind in it all that they desire. That is a promise binding upon your Lord,and to be asked of Him.
  17. On the Day when He gathers them with all thatthey worship, other than Allah, He will say: 'Was it you who misled Myworshipers, or did they themselves go astray?'
  18. They will answer:'Exaltations to You. We should not have taken others for a guardian, butYou gave them and their fathers enjoyment until they forgot YourRemembrance and they were a destroyed nation.'
  19. So they belie what yousay, and you can neither turn it aside, nor find any help. Those of youwho have done evil, We let them taste a great punishment.
  20. We did notsend Messengers before you but that they ate food and walked about in themarkets, We have appointed some of you to be a trial for others. Will youendure? Your Lord is the Seer.
  21. Those who do not hope to meet Us ask:'Why have no angels been sent to us? Why can we not see our Lord?' Howproud they are within themselves, and have become greatly disdainful.
  22. On the Day when they behold the angels, there will be no glad tidings forthe sinners. They will say: 'A refuge which is forbidden!'
  23. Then Weshall advance upon the work which they have done and render it asscattered dust.
  24. On that Day, the companions of Paradise (will have) abetter abode and a finer resting-place.
  25. On that Day, the heaven issplit asunder with clouds and the angels are sent down in majesty,
  26. thetrue Kingdom on that Day shall belong to the Merciful - a harsh day forthe unbelievers.
  27. Upon that Day the harmdoer shall bite his hands, andsay: 'Would that I had taken a Path with the Messenger!
  28. Would that Ihad never chosen so-and-so for my companion!
  29. He led me astray from theRemembrance after it had reached me, satan is ever the foresaker ofhumans.'
  30. The Messenger says: 'O my Lord, my people have taken thisKoran while deserting it.'
  31. To every Prophet We have appointed an enemyamong the harmdoers; your Lord is Sufficient for you, a Guide and aHelper.
  32. The unbelievers ask: 'Why was the Koran not sent down to himall at once?' As such We strengthen your heart thereby, and We haverecited it very distinctly.
  33. They do not bring to you any parable butthat which We bring to you is the truth and better in explanation.
  34. Those who will be gathered into Gehenna (Hell) upon their faces shall bein the worst in place, and have gone further astray from the Path.
  35. Wegave the Book to Moses and gave him his brother Aaron as a minister.
  36. (Then) We said: 'Go to the nation who have belied Our signs.' And Weutterly destroyed them.
  37. The nation of Noah, We drowned them when theybelied their Messenger, and made of them a sign to the nation. For theharmdoers We have prepared a painful punishment
  38. also to Aad and Thamoodand the nation of Er-Rass and many generations in between;
  39. to each ofthem We gave examples, and each of them We utterly ruined.
  40. They havesurely passed by the village which was rained upon by evil rain (ofstones); what, have they never seen it? No, they look for no resurrection.
  41. Whenever they see you, they mock you (saying): 'Is this whom Allah hassent as a Messenger?
  42. He would have mislead us from our gods, if we hadnot been steadfast to them.' But they shall know who is further astrayfrom the Path when they see the punishment.
  43. Have you seen him who hasmade gods of his own desires? Would you be a guardian over him?
  44. Do youthink that most of them can hear or understand? They are like cattle, no,they are further astray from the Path.
  45. Do you not see how your Lordstretches the shadow? Had it been His will, He could have made itconstant. Then He appointed the sun to be a guide to it;
  46. thereafter Weseize it to Us withdrawing it gently.
  47. It is He who has appointed thenight a mantle for you and sleep for a rest. The day He has appointed forrising.
  48. It is He who loosens the winds, bearing glad tidings before theHands of His Mercy, and We have sent down pure water from the heaven,
  49. so, that with it We revive dead lands and provide drink for the cattle andthe human We created.
  50. We have indeed turned it about them, so that theyremember; yet most people refuse all except disbelief.
  51. Had it been Ourwill, We could have raised a warner in every village.
  52. So do not obeythe unbelievers, but struggle mightily with it (the Koran).
  53. It was Hewho let forth the two seas, this one is palatably sweet and this salt, abitter taste, and He set a barrier between them, and a refuge which isforbidden.
  54. And it is He who created the human from water and gave himkindred of blood and of marriage. Your Lord is the Powerful.
  55. Yet they(the unbelievers) worship, other than Allah, that which can neitherbenefit nor harm them. Surely, the unbeliever is ever a partisan againsthis Lord.
  56. We did not send you but as a bearer of glad tidings and as awarner.
  57. Say: 'I demand of you no wage for this except for he who wishesto take the Path to his Lord.'
  58. Put your trust in the All Living whonever dies, and exalt with His praise, He is sufficiently aware of Hisworshipers' sins.
  59. (It is) He who, in six days created the heavens andthe earth and all that lies between them, and then He willed to theThrone. The Merciful; ask about Him from he who knows Him.
  60. When it issaid to them: 'Prostrate yourselves before the Merciful', they ask: 'Andwhat is the Merciful? Shall we prostrate ourselves to whatever you bidus?' And it increases their aversion.
  61. Blessed be He who has set theconstellations in the heaven, and set amongst them a sun, and anilluminating moon.
  62. It is He who has made the night and day follow eachother for those whom He desires to remember or He desires to be thankful.
  63. The worshipers of the Merciful are those who walk humbly on the earth,and when the ignorant address them say: 'Peace,'
  64. who pass the nightprostrating and standing to their Lord.
  65. Who say: 'Our Lord, turn fromus the punishment of Gehenna, for its punishment is the most terrible;
  66. it is an evil settling, and an evil residence,'
  67. who when they spend areneither wasteful nor miserly, between that is a just stand,
  68. who do notcall upon another god with Allah, nor slay the soul which Allah hasforbidden except by right; who do not fornicate, for he who does thisshall face punishment
  69. doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection is hispunishment, and therein he shall live, humbled,
  70. except he who repentsand believes and does good works - those, Allah will change their evildeeds into good deeds; Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.
  71. He whorepents and does good works truly turns to Allah in repentance,
  72. andthose who do not bear false witness, and when they pass by idle talk, passby with honor
  73. and who when they are reminded of the verses of theirLord, they do not fall down deaf and blind.
  74. Those who say: 'Lord giveus of our wives and children what pleases our eyes and make us leaders tothe fearful.'
  75. Those shall be recompensed with the highest rank fortheir patience. There they shall receive a greeting, and peace!
  76. Therethey shall live for ever; a fine dwelling place, and residence.
  77. Say:'My Lord cares little for you if it was not for your supplication, indeedyou have belied (the Messenger and the Koran) so it (the punishment) willbe fastened.'
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