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20. Taha - Taahaa

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. TaHa.
  2. We have not sent down the Koran to you for you to be tired,
  3. but as a reminder to he who fears.
  4. It is a sending down from Him who hascreated the earth, and the high heavens,
  5. the Merciful willed to theThrone.
  6. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth, and allthat lies between them, and underneath the soil.
  7. If you speak loudly; Hehas indeed knowledge of the secret and the hidden.
  8. Allah, there is nogod except He. To Him belong the most Beautiful Names.
  9. Has the story ofMoses reached you?
  10. When he saw a fire, he said to his family: 'Stayhere, for I can see a fire. Perhaps I can bring you a lighted torch orfind at the fire guidance.'
  11. When he reached it, he was called: 'OMoses,
  12. I am your Lord. Take off your shoes, for you are in Towa, thesacred valley.
  13. I have chosen you. Therefore, listen to what shall berevealed.
  14. Indeed, I am Allah. There is no god except Me. Worship Me,and establish the prayer of My remembrance.
  15. The Hour is coming. Ialmost conceal it, so that every soul will be recompensed for its labors.
  16. Do not let those who disbelieve in it and follow their desires bar youfrom it, or you will perish.
  17. What is that in your right hand, Moses?'
  18. 'It is my staff," Moses replied, "upon it I lean and with it I beatdown leaves to feed my sheep and for me there are other uses in it.'
  19. Hesaid: 'Moses, cast it down.'
  20. So he cast it down, and thereupon itturned into a sliding serpent.
  21. 'Take it, and do not fear,' He said, 'Wewill restore it to its former state.
  22. Now, put your hand under yourarmpit. It shall come out white, without evil, a second sign.
  23. But Weshall show you some of Our greatest signs.
  24. Go to Pharaoh, he has becomeinsolent.'
  25. 'Lord,' said Moses, 'expand my chest,
  26. and ease my taskfor me.
  27. Unloose the knot upon my tongue,
  28. that they may understand myspeech.
  29. Appoint for me a minister from my family -
  30. Aaron, mybrother.
  31. By him confirm my strength
  32. and let him share my task,
  33. sothat we exalt You
  34. and remember You abundantly.
  35. You are surely seeingus.'
  36. He replied: 'Moses, your request is granted.
  37. We had alreadyshown you favor
  38. when We revealed what was to be made known to yourmother,
  39. saying: "Put him in the box and cast it into the river. Theriver will cast him on to the bank, and he shall be taken up by an enemyof Mine and an enemy of his." I lavished My Love on you, and to be formedin My Sight.
  40. Your sister went (to them) and said: 'Shall I guide you toone who will nurse him?' And so We restored you to your mother, so thather eyes might rejoice and that she might not sorrow. And when you killeda soul We saved you from grief and then We tried you with many trials. Youstayed among the people of Midian for a number of years, and then, Moses,you came here according to a decree.
  41. I have chosen you for Me.
  42. Go,you and your brother with My signs, and do not be negligent of MyRemembrance.
  43. Go to Pharaoh, for he has become insolent.
  44. Speak to himwith gentle words; perhaps he will ponder or fear.'
  45. 'O our Lord,' bothsaid, 'We fear lest he may be excessive against us or become insolent.'
  46. He replied: 'Have no fear I shall be with you, both hearing and seeing.
  47. Both of you go to him (Pharaoh) and say: "We are the Messengers of yourLord. Let the Children of Israel depart with us, and do not punish them.We have come to you with a sign from your Lord; peace be on him whofollows guidance!
  48. It is revealed to us that a punishment will fall onthose who belie and turn away."
  49. He (Pharaoh) said: 'Moses, who is theLord of you both?'
  50. 'Our Lord,' he replied, 'is He Who gave everythingits creation and then guided it.'
  51. He (Pharaoh) asked: 'How was it then,with the former generations?'
  52. He (Moses) answered: 'The knowledge ofthem is in a Book with My Lord. My Lord neither goes astray, nor forgets.
  53. It is He who has made for you the earth as a cradle and threaded roadsfor you and sends down water from the sky with which We bring forth everykind of plant.
  54. You eat and let your cattle graze.' Surely, in thisthere are signs for those of understanding.
  55. We created you from it (theearth), and to it We shall restore you; and from it We will bring youforth yet a second time.
  56. So We showed him (Pharaoh) Our signs, all ofthem, but he belied and refused them.
  57. He said: 'Moses, have you come todrive us from our land with your sorcery?
  58. We will indeed bring sorcerysimilar to yours. Appoint a meeting place between us and you, in a placewhich is agreeable to both which neither we nor you shall not fail (tokeep).'
  59. He (Moses) replied: 'Your meeting shall be on the day of thefeast, and let the people be assembled by mid-morning.'
  60. So Pharaohwithdrew and gathered his guile, then returned,
  61. and Moses said to them:'Alas! Do not forge a lie against Allah lest He destroys you with apunishment. Indeed, whosoever forges has failed.'
  62. They disputed upontheir plan with one another, and spoke in secret
  63. saying: 'These two aresorcerers whose aim is to drive you from your land by their sorcery anddestroy your noble ways.
  64. Gather your guile and then line-up a rank -those who gain the upper hand today shall indeed prosper.'
  65. They said toMoses: 'Will you throw down or shall we be the first?
  66. Moses replied:'No, you throw first.' And by their sorcery it seemed to him that theirropes and staffs were sliding.
  67. Moses became fearful within himself.
  68. But We said to him: 'Do not be afraid; you shall surely be the uppermost.
  69. Throw that which is in your right hand. It will swallow up that whichthey have made, for that which they made is but the guile of a sorcerer.Wherever he goes the sorcerer does not prosper.'
  70. Thereafter thesorcerers threw themselves down, prostrating, saying: 'We believe in theLord of Aaron and Moses.'
  71. 'Have you believed him before I have givenyou permission!' he (Pharaoh) said. 'Indeed, he (must be) your chief, theone who taught you sorcery. I will cut off on opposite sides a hand and afoot then crucify you on the trunks of palm-trees. Indeed, you shall knowwhose punishment is more stern, and more lasting!'
  72. Their reply was: 'Wewill not prefer you over the clear signs that have come to us, nor overHim who has created us. So decide upon whatever you decide, you can onlydecided upon things in this present life.
  73. We believe in our Lord sothat He forgives us our sins and the sorcery you have forced us topractice. Allah is Better, and Everlasting.'
  74. Gehenna (Hell) awaitswhosoever comes before his Lord as a sinner, there he shall neither dienor live.
  75. But for whosoever comes before Him as a believer and havingdone good works there awaits the most highest degree;
  76. living for everin the Gardens of Eden, underneath which rivers flow. Such shall be therecompense of he who purifies himself.
  77. To Moses we also revealed: 'Setforth with My worshipers by night and strike for them a dry path in thesea. Do not fear that you will be overtaken, neither be afraid.'
  78. Pharaoh pursued them with his legions so they were overwhelmed from thesea with that which drowned them.
  79. For Pharaoh had misled his nation,and did not guide them.
  80. Children of Israel! We saved you from yourenemies and made a covenant with you on the right side of the Mountain. Wesent down manna and quails.
  81. 'Eat of the good things with which We haveprovided you and do not transgress therein lest My Anger should fall uponyou, and upon whosoever My Anger falls has assuredly fallen,
  82. but towhosoever repents, believes and does good deeds, and is at last guided, Iam Forgiving.'
  83. 'Moses, why have you come with such haste from yournation?'
  84. Moses replied: 'They are following me. My Lord, I made hasteonly so that I might please You.'
  85. He (Allah) said: 'We tempted yournation in your absence, and the Samaritan has misled them into error.'
  86. With great anger and sorrow, Moses returned to his nation. 'My nation,' hesaid, 'did your Lord not make you a fine promise? Did the time of thecovenant seem long to you? Or did you desire that the anger of your Lordshould fall upon you so that you failed in your coming to my appointment?'
  87. They replied: 'We have not failed in our promise to you through ourchoosing. We were laden with fardels, even the ornaments of the nation,and threw them just as the Samaritan had thrown them (into the fire),
  88. and made a calf for them, a figure that lowed. "This," they said, "is yourgod and the god of Moses but whom he has forgotten."
  89. What! Did they notsee that it did not speak a word to them in return, and for them it couldown neither harm nor benefit?
  90. Aaron had said to them before: 'Mynation, you have been tempted by it. Your Lord is the Merciful. Follow meand obey my order.'
  91. They replied: 'We will not stop; we will cling toit until Moses returns to us.'
  92. He (Moses) said to Aaron: 'When you sawthem in error, what prevented you,
  93. from following after me, did youdisobey my order?'
  94. 'Son of my mother,' he replied, 'Do not seize mybeard nor my head. I was afraid that you might say: "You have divided theChildren of Israel and did not uphold my word."
  95. 'You, Samaritan,' saidhe (Moses), 'what was your business?'
  96. He replied: 'I saw what they didnot see and seized a handful of dust from the foot print of the messengerand so I cast it - this my soul prompted me to do.'
  97. 'Begone! Your lotin this life is to cry: "untouchable!"' said he (Moses). 'An appointmentawaits you that you cannot fail to keep. Look at your god which you clungto - indeed we will burn it and scatter its ashes upon the sea.'
  98. YourGod is only One, Allah. There is no god, except He, alone. His knowledgeencompasses all things.
  99. And so We narrate to you the stories of thepast, and We have given you a remembrance from Us.
  100. Whosoever hasturned away from it shall bear a burden on the Day of Resurrection.
  101. and live in it for ever; how evil will that burden be for them on the Dayof Resurrection.
  102. The Day when the Horn shall be blown. On that Day, Weshall assemble all the sinners with blued eyes,
  103. and they shall murmuramong themselves: 'You have stayed away but ten (days and nights).'
  104. Weknow well what they will say. The most just among them in the matter willdeclare: 'You have stayed away but one day.'
  105. They will question youabout the mountains. Say: 'My Lord will scatter them as ashes
  106. andleave them a desolate waste,
  107. with neither crookedness nor any curvingto be seen therein.'
  108. On that Day, they will follow the Summoner, whois not crooked, their voices hushed before the Merciful, and you shallhear nothing except a murmuring.
  109. On that Day intercession will notbenefit them except him that has received the permission of the Mercifuland whose words are pleased by Him.
  110. He knows what is before them andbehind them, and they do not comprehend Him in knowledge.
  111. (All) facesshall be humbled before the Living One, the Eternal. Those who areburdened with wrong doing shall have failed,
  112. but those who havebelieved and done good works shall fear neither wrong nor injustice.
  113. As such We sent it down, an Arabic Koran, and explained in it threats inorder that they be cautious, or, that it prompts the Remembrance in them.
  114. Highly exalted be Allah, the true King! Do not hasten with the Koranbefore its revelation has been completed to you, but say: 'Lord, increaseme in knowledge.'
  115. We made a covenant with Adam, but he forgot and Wefound in him no constancy.
  116. And when We said to the angels: 'Prostrateyourselves before Adam,' they all prostrated themselves except iblis, whorefused.
  117. 'Adam,' We said, 'This is you and your wife's enemy. Do notlet him expel you from the Garden, so that you (Adam) will be tired.
  118. It has been given to you so that you shall neither become hungry nor nakedtherein;
  119. there, (you shall) neither thirst, nor suffer from the sun.'
  120. But satan whispered to him saying: 'Adam, shall I direct you the Treeof Eternity and a kingdom which never decays?'
  121. They both ate of it,and their shameful parts appeared to them, whereupon they began to stitchupon themselves leaves from the Garden. And so it was, Adam erred anddisobeyed his Lord.
  122. But afterwards his Lord chose him; He turned againtowards him and guided him.
  123. 'Both of you, together, go down out of it(the Garden) each of you an enemy to the other,' He said: 'but, if MyGuidance comes to you, whosoever follows My Guidance shall neither goastray nor be unprosperous;
  124. but whosoever turns away from Myremembrance, his life shall be narrow and on the Day of Resurrection Weshall raise him blind.'
  125. 'My Lord,' he will say: 'why have You raisedme blind when I was able to see?'
  126. He (Allah) will say: 'It is so, Ourverses came to you and you forgot them. So this Day you are forgotten.'
  127. In this way We recompense the prodigal who disbelieves the verses ofhis Lord. But the punishment of the Everlasting Life is more terrible andeverlasting.
  128. Is it not a guidance to them, how many generations Wedestroyed before them in whose dwelling places they walk? Surely, in thisthere are signs for those of reason.
  129. Except for a Word that precededfrom your Lord, and a stated term, it had been fastened.
  130. Therefore, bepatient with what they say, and exalt with the praise of your Lord beforesunrise and before sunset. And in the watches of the night and at theedges of the day, exalt Him, so that you will be pleasing.
  131. Do notstretch your eyes at the flower of this life which We have given couplesto enjoy, it is with this that We might try them; and the provision ofyour Lord is better, and more enduring.
  132. Order your family to pray andbe patient in it. We do not ask you for provisions, rather, it is We whoprovide for you. And the final outcome is for the cautious.
  133. They say:'Why does he not bring us a sign from his Lord?' Did not a clear sign cometo them in the preceding Scrolls?
  134. Had We destroyed them with apunishment before this, they would have said: 'Our Lord, why did You notsend us a Messenger so that we could have followed Your verses before wewere humiliated and degraded.'
  135. Say: 'Everyone is waiting; so wait.Indeed, you shall know who are the companions of the Even Path, and thosewho are guided.'
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