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18. The Cave - Al-Kahf

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Praise belongs to Allah who has sent down the Book to His worshiper(Prophet Muhammad) and has not made any crookedness in it,
  2. unswerving.To warn of great violence from Him, and to give good tidings to thebelievers who do good deeds that theirs shall be a goodly wage
  3. and theywill live for ever therein.
  4. And it (the Koran) warns those who say:'Allah has taken a son.'
  5. Surely, of this they have no knowledge,neither they nor their fathers; it is a monstrous word that comes fromtheir mouths, they say nothing but a lie.
  6. Yet perchance, if they do notbelieve in this tiding, you will consume yourself with grief and followafter them.
  7. We have appointed all that is on the earth an adornment forit, in order that We try which of them is finest in works.
  8. We willsurely reduce all that is on it to barren dust.
  9. Or, do you think thecompanions of the Cave and the tomb stone were a wonder among Our signs?
  10. When the youths sought refuge in the Cave, they said: 'Lord give usfrom Your Mercy and furnish us with rectitude in our affair.'
  11. For manyyears We sealed up their hearing in the Cave,
  12. and thereafter We revivedthem to find out which of the two parties could best calculate the lengthof their stay.
  13. In truth We tell to you their news. They were young menwho believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.
  14. Westrengthened their hearts when they stood up and said: 'Our Lord is theLord of the heavens and the earth. We will call on no other god exceptHim; (for if we did), we would have spoken outrageously (in disbelief),
  15. These, our nation have taken to themselves gods, other than Allah. Why dothey not bring some clear authority regarding them! Who does greater evilthan he who forges a lie against Allah?'
  16. When you depart from them andfrom what they worship, other than Allah, seek refuge in the Cave. Allahwill extend His Mercy to you and will furnish you with a gentle issue ofyour affair.
  17. You might have seen the rising sun incline towards theright of their Cave, and, as it set go past them on the left, while theystayed within an open space in the Cave. That was one of the signs ofAllah. He whom Allah guides is rightly guided; but he whom He leads astrayyou shall not find for him a guardian to guide him.
  18. You might havethought them awake, though they were sleeping. We turned them about to theright and to the left, while their dog stretched its paws at the entrance.Had you seen them you would surely have become filled with terror andturned your back on them in flight.
  19. As such We revived them so thatthey might question one another. 'How long have you stayed here?' askedone of them. 'We have been here a day, or part of it,' they replied. Theysaid: 'Your Lord knows best how long we have stayed here. Let one of yougo to the city with this silver (coin) and let him search for one who hasthe purest food and bring provision from it. Let him be courteous, but letno one sense it is you.
  20. For, if they appear in front of you, they willstone you to death or restore you to their religion. Then you will neverprosper.'
  21. And so We made them (the unbelievers) stumble upon them, sothat they might know that the promise of Allah is true and that there isno doubt about the Hour. They argued among themselves over their affair,then (the unbelievers) said: 'Build a building over them (their remains).Their Lord knows best who they were.' But those who prevailed over thematter said; 'We will build around them a Mosque.'
  22. Some will say: 'Theywere three; their dog was the fourth.' Others, guessing at the Unseen,will say: 'They were five and their dog was the sixth.' And yet others:'Seven; their dog was the eighth.' Say: 'My Lord knows best their number.Except for a few none know their number.' Therefore, do not dispute withthem except in outward disputation, and do not ask any of them concerningthem.
  23. Do not say of anything: 'I will do it tomorrow,'
  24. unless (youadd) 'if Allah wills.' And remember your Lord when you forget and say: 'Itmay be that my Lord will guide me to something nearer to rectitude thanthis.'
  25. And they stayed in the Cave three hundred years and to that theyadded nine more.
  26. Say: 'None but Allah knows how long they stayed. ToHim belong the Unseen in the heavens and the earth. How well He sees, andhow well He hears! They have no other guardian, other than Him, and Heallows no one (to share) His rule.'
  27. Recite what is revealed to you inthe Book of your Lord. No one can change His Words. You shall find norefuge other than Him.
  28. And be patient with those who call to their Lordin the morning and evening, desiring His Face. And do not turn your eyesaway from them desiring the good things of this life, nor obey he whoseheart We have made neglectful of Our remembrance; so that he follows hisown lust, and his affair has become excessive.
  29. Say: 'This is the truthfrom your Lord. Let whosoever will, believe, and whosoever will,disbelieve it.' For the harmdoers, We have prepared a Fire, the pavilionof which encompasses them. When they cry out for relief, they shall beshowered with water as hot as molten copper, which will scald their faces;how evil a drink, and how evil a resting-place!
  30. As for those whobelieve and do good works - We do not waste the wage of whosoever doesgood works.
  31. Those, they shall live in the Gardens of Eden, underneathwhich rivers flow. They shall be adorned with bracelets of gold andarrayed in green garments of silk, and brocade, reclining therein oncouches; how excellent is their reward and how fine is their restingplace!
  32. Give them the parable of two men. To one we gave two gardens ofvines and surrounded them with palm trees and in between the two we placeda sown field.
  33. Each of the two gardens yielded its produce and did notfail in the least and We made a river to gush through them,
  34. so he hadfruit. As he spoke with his companion, as he was conversing with him, 'Mywealth is more abundant than yours and men have a greater respect for me.'
  35. And when, having wronged himself, he entered his garden, he said: 'I donot think that this will ever perish!
  36. Nor do I think that the Hour willcome. Even if I returned to my Lord, I should surely find a better placethan this.'
  37. His companion said, during his conversation with him:'What, do you disbelieve in Him who created you from dust, then from asperm-drop, and then fashioned you into a man!
  38. He is Allah, my Lord,and I will not associate anyone with My Lord.
  39. When you entered yourgarden why did you not say: "If Allah wills; there is no power except byAllah." Though you see me lesser than yourself in wealth and children,
  40. maybe my Lord will give me a garden better than yours, and send down athunderbolt from heaven, so that in the morning it will be a slope ofdust,
  41. or, in the morning its water will be drained into the earth sothat you will not have a means to reach it.'
  42. And all his fruit weredestroyed, and in the morning he wrung his hands with grief at all he hadspent on it, for it had collapsed upon its trellises, and he said: 'Wouldthat I had not associated anyone with my Lord!'
  43. He had no host to helphim besides Allah, and he was helpless
  44. that Day. Supremacy belongs onlyto Allah, the True. He is the best to reward and the best ending.
  45. Giveto them a parable about this present life. It is like water We have sentdown from the sky with which the plants of the earth mingle, and in themorning it is straw the wind scatters. Allah is Powerful over all things.
  46. Wealth and children are the ornament of this present life. But thethings that last and good deeds, are better with your Lord in reward andhope.
  47. And on the Day when We shall set the mountains in motion and youshall see the earth a leveled plain; when We gather them together, andwould not leave even one behind,
  48. and they shall be presented in ranksbefore your Lord (who will say to them:) 'You have returned to Us as Wecreated you the first time. No, you claimed We would not appoint a meetingfor you!
  49. And the Book shall be set in place, and you will see thesinners fearful of what is in it.' They shall say: 'Woe to us! How is it,this book omits nothing small or great, all are counted!' And they shallfind what they did is present, and Your Lord will wrong no one.
  50. When Wesaid to the angels: 'Prostrate yourselves before Adam,' all prostratedthemselves except iblis, who was one of the jinn, disobedient to thecommand of his Lord. Would you then take him and his descendants to beyour guardians, other than Me, when they are your clear enemy? How evil isthe exchange for the harmdoers!
  51. Neither did I make them witnesses atthe creation of the heavens and the earth, nor at their own creation. Iwould never take those who lead others astray to be My supporters.
  52. Andthe Day He will say: 'Call on those whom you claimed to be My associates.'They will invoke them, but they will receive no answer, for We shall placea gulf between them.
  53. And when the evildoers see the Fire of Hell theywill reckon it is there they shall fall. They shall find no escape fromit.
  54. We have set forth for people in this Koran all manner of parables;the human is the most disputatious of things.
  55. Nothing prevented peoplefrom believing and seeking the forgiveness of their Lord when guidancecame to them, unless they are waiting for the fate of the ancients toovertake them, or that the punishment should come upon them face to face.
  56. We send Our Messengers only to proclaim glad tidings and to givewarning. But the unbelievers dispute with false arguments so that they maybelie the truth. They have taken My verses and warnings in mockery.
  57. Whois greater in evil than he who, when reminded of the verses of his Lord,turns away from them and forgets what his hands have sent before him? Wehave placed veils over their hearts lest they should understand it, andthere is heaviness in their ears. Even if you call them to guidance, theywill never be guided.
  58. Your Lord is Forgiving, Owner of Mercy. Had itbeen His will to take them to task for what they earned, He would havehastened their punishment; but they have an appointed hour from which theywill never escape.
  59. And those villages! When they became evil Wedestroyed them and appointed a meeting for their destruction.
  60. WhenMoses said to his (assisting) youth: 'I will not give up until I reach thepoint where the two seas meet even though I should go on for many years.'
  61. But when they came to the point where the two met, they forgot theirfish, which made its way burrowing into the sea.
  62. And when they had gonefurther, he said to his assisting youth; 'Bring us our breakfast; we areworn out from our journey.'
  63. He replied: 'What do you think, I forgotthe fish when we were resting on the rock. None but satan made me forgetto mention this - it made its way into the sea in a marvelous fashion.'
  64. 'This is what we have been seeking!' said he, and they retraced theirfootsteps
  65. and found one of Our worshipers to whom We had given from OurMercy, and to whom We had taught knowledge of Ours.
  66. Moses said to him:'May I follow you so that you can teach me of that you have learned ofrighteousness?'
  67. 'You will not bear patiently with me,' He replied.
  68. 'For how can you bear patiently with that which you have never encompassedin your knowledge?'
  69. He (Moses) said: 'If Allah wills, you shall find mepatient, I shall not disobey your order.'
  70. He said: 'If you follow me,you must not question me about anything till I myself speak to youconcerning it.'
  71. So they departed. When they boarded a ship, he bored ahole in it. 'What, have you made a hole in it,' he said, 'is it to drownits passengers? You have done a dreadful thing.'
  72. 'Did I not I tellyou,' he replied, 'that you would not bear patiently with me?'
  73. Mosessaid: 'Do not blame me for what I forgot, nor press me to do somethingwhich is too difficult,'
  74. and so they departed. Thereafter they met aboy and he killed him. He (Moses) exclaimed: 'What, have you killed a puresoul and it was not done (in retaliation) for a soul - you have done aterrible thing.'
  75. 'Did I not tell you,' he replied, 'that you would notbe able to bear patiently with me?'
  76. He (Moses) said: 'If I question youagain do not let me be your companion; you already have enough excuse.'
  77. So they departed and thereafter they came to the inhabitants of a village.They asked its inhabitants for some food, but they declined to host them.There, they found a wall about to fall down whereupon his companionrestored it. He (Moses) said: 'Had you wished, you could have takenpayment for that.'
  78. He said: 'This is the parting between me and you.But now I will tell you the interpretation of that which you could notpatiently bear.
  79. As for the ship, it belonged to poor people working onthe sea. I rendered it imperfect because behind them there was a king whowas taking every ship by brutal force.
  80. As for the boy, his parents arebelievers, and we were afraid lest he should impose on them with hisinsolence and disbelief.
  81. It was our wish that their Lord should grantthem another in exchange, another better in purity and tenderness.
  82. Asfor the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city. Beneath it was(buried) a treasure which belonged to them. Their father had been arighteous person and your Lord willed that when they reach manhood tobring out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. What I did was notdone by my own command. That is the interpretation of what you could notbear with patience.'
  83. They will ask you about Thul-Karnain (the piousand chosen). Say: 'I will recite to you something of his story.
  84. Weestablished him in the land and gave him means to all things.
  85. Hejourneyed on a way
  86. until, when he reached the setting of the sun, hefound it setting in a muddy spring, and nearby he found a nation.'Thul-Karnain,' We said, 'you must either punish them or show themkindness.'
  87. He replied: 'The evil-doer we shall punish. Then he shallreturn to his Lord and He will punish him with a stern punishment.
  88. Asfor he who believes and does good works he shall receive a fine reward inrecompense and we shall speak to him with a mild command.'
  89. Then hefollowed the road,
  90. until he reached the rising of the sun, he found itrising upon a nation for whom We provided no veil against it to shadethem.
  91. So, We encompassed in knowledge what was with him.
  92. Then hefollowed the road,
  93. when he reached between the two barriers he found onone side of them a nation who could barely understand speech.
  94. 'Thul-Karnain,' they said, 'Look, Gog and Magog are corrupting the earth.Build for us a barrier between us and them, and we will pay you atribute.'
  95. He replied: 'That which my Lord has given me is better,therefore help me with all your power, and I will build a barrier betweenyou and between them.
  96. Bring me ingots of iron.' After he had leveledbetween the two cliffs, he said: 'Blow.' And when he made it a fire, hesaid: 'Bring me molten copper so that I may pour over it.'
  97. Thereafterthey could neither scale it, nor could they pierce it.
  98. He said: 'Thisis a mercy from my Lord. But when my Lord's promise is come, He will makeit dust. The promise of my Lord is true.'
  99. On that day, We will let themsurge on one another, and the Horn shall be blown, and We will gather themall together.
  100. On that Day We shall present Gehenna (Hell) to theunbelievers,
  101. whose eyes were blinded to My remembrance and they werenot able to hear.
  102. Do the unbelievers think that they can take Myworshipers as guides other than Me? We have prepared Gehenna to be thehospitality of the unbelievers.
  103. Say: 'Shall we tell you of those whoare the greatest losers in deeds?'
  104. (They are) those whose striving inthis world go astray, while they think that what they are doing are gooddeeds.
  105. Those are they who disbelieve the verses of their Lord and denythat they will ever meet Him - their deeds have failed. On the Day ofResurrection, We shall not give any weight to them.
  106. Gehenna is theirrecompense; because they disbelieved and mocked My verses, and MyMessengers.
  107. The hospitality of those who believe and do good worksshall be the Gardens of Paradise
  108. where they will live for ever andnever wish that they should be removed from it.
  109. Say: 'If the sea wereink for the Words of my Lord, the sea would surely be spent before theWords of my Lord are spent, even if We brought its like forreplenishment.'
  110. Say: 'I am only a human like you, revealed to me isthat your God is One God. Let him who hopes for the encounter with hisLord do good work, and not associate anyone with the worship of his Lord.'
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