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15. The Valley of Hijr - Al-Hijr

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. AlifLaamRa. Those are the verses of the Book, the Clear Koran.
  2. Itcould be that those who disbelieve will wish that they were Muslims.
  3. Letthem eat and enjoy; and let their hopes deceive them, soon they shallknow.
  4. We never destroyed a village whose term had not already beendecreed.
  5. No nation can outstrip its term, nor do they put it back.
  6. They say: 'You to whom the Remembrance is sent down, you are indeed mad.
  7. Why do you not bring down the angels, if what you say is true.'
  8. We donot send angels except with the truth. Then they shall have no respite.
  9. It is We who sent down the Koran, and We watch over it.
  10. We have sentforth before you Messengers among the factions of the ancients.
  11. But noMessenger came to them except he was mocked.
  12. So We make it enter thehearts of the sinners.
  13. They do not believe in it even though thepractice of the ancients has already gone.
  14. If We opened a gate in theheaven and they kept ascending through it,
  15. still they would say: 'Oureyes were dazzled; truly, we must have been a bewitched people.'
  16. Wehave set constellations in the heavens and made them pleasing to thebeholders,
  17. and guarded them from every stoned satan.
  18. Except for hewho steals the listening and is then pursued by a visible flame.
  19. Wehave spread out the earth and set upon it firm mountains. Everything Wehave caused to grow therein is justly weighed;
  20. and there appointed foryou is a livelihood, and for those you do not provide.
  21. And there is nota thing but with Us are its treasuries, and We do not send it down exceptin a known measure.
  22. We send the winds fertilizing, and We send down outof heaven water, from which you drink and you are not its treasurers.
  23. And surely, it is We who give life and make to die. We are the Inheritor.
  24. We know those of you who press forward, and We know the laggards,
  25. and it is your Lord who will gather them. He is Wise, Knowing.
  26. Wecreated mankind from clay, molded from mud,
  27. and before him We createdthe jinn from smokeless fire.
  28. When your Lord said to the angels: 'See,I am creating a mortal from clay of molded mud.
  29. When I have shaped himand ran My created soul in him fall down prostrating towards him'.
  30. Allthe angels prostrated themselves,
  31. except iblis (father of the jinn) whorefused to be one of those who prostrated themselves.
  32. He said: 'iblis,what is the matter with you, that you do you not prostrate yourself?'
  33. He replied: 'I will not prostrate to a mortal You have created of clay,from molded mud.'
  34. (Allah) said: 'Begone, you are accursed!
  35. A curseshall be on you till the Day of Recompense.'
  36. He said: 'My Lord,reprieve me till the Day they are raised.'
  37. He answered: 'You are amongthose reprieved
  38. till the appointed time.
  39. (satan) said: 'My Lord, forYour perverting me, I shall make (matters) in the earth seem most fair tothem and I shall pervert all,
  40. except the devoted amongst Yourworshippers.
  41. He (Allah) said: 'This is for Me the Right Path
  42. over Myworshipers you have no authority, except the perverse that follow you.
  43. Gehenna (Hell) will be the promise for all of them.
  44. It has seven gates,and through each gate a portion of them belong.
  45. But the cautious shalllive amongst gardens and fountains:
  46. 'In peace and security, enterthem!'
  47. We shall remove all rancor from their hearts, and as brethrenthey shall recline on couches face to face.
  48. There, no fatigue shallsmite them, nor shall they ever be driven from it.'
  49. Tell My worshipersthat I am the Forgiving, the Most Merciful,
  50. and that My punishment isthe painful chastisement.
  51. Tell them of Abraham's guests.
  52. Theyentered to him and said: 'Peace,' but he replied: 'We are afraid of you.'
  53. 'Do not be afraid,' they answered. 'We come to give you glad tidings ofa knowledgeable child.'
  54. He said: 'What is this, do you bring me gladtidings even though I am old?' Of what do you give me glad tidings?'
  55. They replied: 'In truth we have given you glad tidings, do not be one ofthose who despair.'
  56. He replied: 'And who despairs of the mercy of hisLord, except those that are astray?
  57. He asked: 'Messengers, what is yourerrand?'
  58. They replied: 'We are sent to sinful nation.
  59. Except Lot'sfamily, of whom we shall save all,
  60. but his wife. We decreed that sheshould be amongst those who remain behind.
  61. And when the envoys came tothe family of Lot,
  62. he said to them: 'I do not know you.'
  63. 'No,' theyreplied: 'We bring you (news) of that concerning which they were doubting.
  64. We bring you the truth, and indeed we are truthful.
  65. Depart with yourfamily in a part of the night and walk behind them and let none of youturn round. Go to a place where you are commanded.'
  66. And We made knownto him this decree that the wrongdoers were to be utterly cut off in themorning.
  67. The people of the city came to him rejoicing.
  68. He said:'These are my guests; do not shame me.
  69. Fear Allah and do not disgraceme.'
  70. They replied: 'Have we not forbidden you (the people of) theworlds?'
  71. He said: 'Here are my daughters; take them (in marriage), ifyou would be doing.'
  72. By your life, they wandered blindly in theirdazzlement.
  73. At sunrise a dreadful Shout seized them.
  74. We laid it (thecity) up-side down and rained stones of baked clay upon them.
  75. Surely,in that there are signs for those who contemplate.
  76. Indeed, it is on away which still exists.
  77. Surely, in that there is a sign for those whobelieve.
  78. The dwellers of the Thicket were harmdoers.
  79. On them, too,We took vengeance, and they are both on a clear roadway.
  80. And thedwellers of Al Hijr also belied the Messengers.
  81. We brought them signs,but they turned away.
  82. They hewed their dwellings out of the mountainsin safety.
  83. But the Shout seized them in the morning,
  84. and that whichthey had earned did not help them.
  85. We did not create the heavens andthe earth, and what is between them except in truth. The Hour is sure tocome, therefore, forgive them with a gracious pardon.
  86. Your Lord is theCreator, the Knower.
  87. We have given you the seven dual (verses, AlFatihah) and the Mighty Holy Reading (Koran).
  88. Do not stretch your eyesto that We have given pairs of them to enjoy, nor sorrow for them, andlower your wing to the believers.
  89. And say: 'I am the plain warner.'
  90. So We sent it down to the partitioners,
  91. who have broken the Koran intoparts,
  92. so by your Lord, We will question them all
  93. about what theydid.
  94. Proclaim then, what you are commanded and turn away from theunbelievers.
  95. We suffice you against those who mock,
  96. and those whoset up other gods with Allah, indeed, they will soon know.
  97. Indeed, Weknow your chest is straitened by that they say.
  98. Exalt with the praiseof your Lord and be one of those who prostrate.
  99. Worship your Lord tillthe certainty (death) comes to you.
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