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13. Thunder - Ar-Ra'd

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. AlifLaamMeemRa. Those are the verses of the Book. That which is sentdown to you (Prophet Muhammad) from your Lord is the truth, yet mostpeople do not believe.
  2. It is Allah who raised the heavens withoutpillars that you see. Then He willed to the Throne and subjected the sunand the moon, each pursuing an appointed course. He directs the affair. Hemakes plain His verses so that you will firmly believe in meeting yourLord.
  3. It is He who stretched out the earth and placed upon it firmmountains and rivers. And of all fruits, He has put in it two pairs anddrew the veil of night over the day. Surely, in these there are signs fora nation who think.
  4. And in the land, there are adjoining plots, gardensof vines, sown fields and palm-trees in pairs and single that are wateredwith one water, yet We make some excel others in produce. Surely, in thatare signs for a nation who understand.
  5. If you would wonder, thenwondrous is their saying: 'When we are dust, shall we be raised to lifeagain, a new creation?' Such are those who disbelieve in their Lord. Theirnecks shall be fettered. They shall be the inhabitants of the Fire, in itthey shall live for ever.
  6. They bid you to hasten the evil before thegood, yet examples have passed away before them. Your Lord is Forgiving topeople despite their evil-doing; yet your Lord is Stern in retribution.
  7. The unbelievers say: 'Why has no sign been sent down to him from hisLord?' You are only a warner, and there is a guide for every nation.
  8. Allah knows what every female bears, and what shrinks and swells the womb.And everything with Him has its measure.
  9. (He is) the Knower of theunseen and the seen, the Great, the Exalted.
  10. Similar to yourself is hewho conceals his saying, and he who proclaims it, he who hides himself inthe night, and he who goes forth by day,
  11. he has attendant angels beforehim and behind him, who, by the Command of Allah watch over him. Allahdoes not change what is in a nation unless they change what is inthemselves. Whenever Allah wants evil for a nation, none can ward it off.Other than Him, they have no guardian.
  12. It is He who shows you thelightning, for fear and hope, and Who produces laden clouds.
  13. Thethunder exalts His praise, and so are the angels are in awe of Him. Helooses the thunderbolts and smites whosoever He will. Yet they disputeabout Allah who is Mighty in power.
  14. To Him is the Call of truth. Thoseto whom they call, other than Him, give them no answer. They are like hewho stretches out his hands to the water and bids it rise to his mouth, itdoes not reach it! The prayers of the unbelievers goes astray.
  15. All whodwell in the heavens and earth shall prostrate themselves before Allah,either willingly or unwillingly; as do their shadows in the mornings andevenings.
  16. Say: 'Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?' Say:'Allah.' Say: 'Why then have you chosen guardians other than Him, eventhough they have neither the power to benefit nor harm themselves?' Say:'Are the blind and the seeing equal? Are darkness and light equal? Or,have they ascribed to Allah associates who create as He creates so thatall creation is alike to them?" Say: 'Allah is the Creator of everything.He is the One, the Conqueror.'
  17. He sends down water from the sky and thevalleys (wadis) flow each in their measure, and the torrent carries aswelling scum; and fire from that which they kindle; desiring ornament orware, from that rises a scum like it. As such, Allah strikes both thetruth and the false. As for the scum it is cast away as jetsam, but, thatwhich profits people remains on the earth. As such Allah strikes theparables.
  18. For those who answer their Lord is a most fine reward. Butfor those who do not answer Him - if they possessed all that the earthcontains, and as much besides, they would offer it for their ransom.Theirs shall be an evil reckoning. Gehenna (Hell) shall be their refuge,an evil cradling!
  19. Then is he who knows what is sent down to you fromyour Lord is the truth like he who is blind? Indeed, only those possessedwith minds remember
  20. who fulfill their promise to Allah and do not breaktheir pledge;
  21. who join together what Allah has bidden to be united; whofear their Lord and dread the evil reckoning.
  22. Patient men, desiring theFace of their Lord, establish their prayers, and spend of what We havegiven them in private and in public; and who ward-off evil with good.Theirs shall be the Ultimate Abode.
  23. They shall enter the Gardens ofEden together with the righteous among their fathers, their wives, andtheir descendants. From every gate the angels will come to them,
  24. 'Peacebe to you, for that you were patient.' Best is the Ultimate Abode.
  25. Asfor those who break the covenant of Allah after accepting it, who partwhat He has commanded to be united and worked corruption in the land, acurse shall be laid on them, and they shall have an evil abode.
  26. Allahgives abundantly and sparingly to whom He will. They rejoice in thispresent life; but this present life, beside the Everlasting Life, isnothing but a passing enjoyment.
  27. And those who disbelieve say: 'Why hasno sign been sent down to him by his Lord?' Say: 'Allah leads astray whomHe will, and guides those who repent,
  28. those who believe, and whosehearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah. Is it not with theremembrance of Allah that hearts are satisfied.
  29. For those who believeand do good works is blessedness and blessed resort.'
  30. As such, We havesent you forth to a nation before whom others have passed away in orderthat you recite to them what We have revealed to you. Yet they disbelievethe Merciful. Say: 'He is my Lord. There is no god except He. In Him Ihave put my trust, and to Him I turn.'
  31. If only a Koran whereby themountains were set in motion, or the earth cleaved asunder, or the deadspoken to. No, but to Allah is the affair altogether. Do those who believeknow that had Allah willed He could have guided all people? As for thosewho disbelieve, because of what they do, disaster will not cease toafflict them, or it alights near their home until the promise of Allahcomes. Allah will not break His promise.
  32. Other Messengers were mockedbefore you but I respited the unbelievers, then I seized them. And how wasMy retribution!
  33. What, He who stands over every soul for what it hasearned, yet they made partners for Allah. Say: 'Name them. Or would youtell Him of that which is unknown in the earth to Him? Or in outwardspeech only?' Indeed, their devising seems fair to the unbelievers, forthey are barred from the Right Way. None can guide those whom Allah leadsastray.
  34. They shall be punished in this life but the punishment of theEverlasting Life is more grievous. None shall defend them from Allah.
  35. The likeness of Paradise which the righteous have been promised - beneathit rivers flow, its produce and shade are eternal. Such is the payment ofthe righteous. But the payment of the unbelievers is the Fire.
  36. Those towhom We have given the Book rejoice in what is sent down to you, whilesome factions reject a part of it. Say: 'I am commanded to worship Allahand to associate none with Him. To Him I supplicate, and to Him I turn.'
  37. And as such We have sent it down an Arabic judgment. And if you followtheir desires, after the knowledge that has come to you, you shall have noguardian other than Allah, nor yet a defender.
  38. We have sent forth otherMessengers before you and given them wives and descendants. Yet none ofthem could bring a sign except by the permission of Allah. Every term hasits Book.
  39. Allah blots out, and He establishes what He will. With Him isthe Essence of the Book.
  40. Whether We show you part of that We promisethem, or We call you to Us, it is only for you to deliver the Message, andOurs is the accounting.
  41. Do they not see how We come to the land andreduce its extremities? Allah judges; none repel His judgement. Swift isHis reckoning.
  42. Those who have gone before them devised, but to Allah isthe devising altogether. He knows what every soul earns. The unbelieversshall know without doubt for whom is the Ultimate Abode.
  43. Those whodisbelieve say: 'You are not a Messenger.' Say: 'Allah is a Sufficientwitness between me and you, and whosoever possess knowledge of the Book.'
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