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12. The Prophet Joseph - Yusuf

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. AlifLaamRa. Those are the verses of the Clear Book.
  2. We have sent itdown, an Arabic Koran, in order that you understand.
  3. In the sending downof this Koran, We will narrate to you (Prophet Muhammad) the best ofnarratives, of which you were previously unaware.
  4. When Joseph said tohis father: 'Father, I saw eleven planets, and the sun and the moon; I sawthem prostrating themselves before me.'
  5. He said: 'O my son, say nothingof this vision to your brothers lest they should cunningly plot againstyou - indeed, satan is the clear enemy of the human,
  6. so your Lord willchoose you and teach you the interpretation of visions, and perfect HisFavor upon you and upon the House of Jacob, as He perfected it on yourfathers Abraham and Isaac before you. Your Lord is Knowing, Wise.
  7. Indeed, in Joseph and his brothers there were signs for those who inquire.
  8. They said: 'Joseph and his brother are dearer to our father thanourselves, even though we are many. Truly, our father is obviously wrong.
  9. (Let us) kill Joseph, or cast him away in some (far off) land, so thatyour father's face will be left for you, and afterwards you will be arighteous nation.'
  10. One of them said: 'No, do not kill Joseph, if you doanything, cast him into a dark pit, a traveler will pick him up.'
  11. Theysaid: 'Father, what is the matter with you, do you not trust us withJoseph? Indeed, we are sincere advisors.
  12. Send him with us tomorrow tofrolic and play. We will look after him.'
  13. He said: 'It grieves me tolet him go with you, for I fear lest the wolf should devour him when youare not paying attention to him.'
  14. They said: 'We are many, if a wolfdevours him, then we are losers!'
  15. When they went with him, they agreedto put him in the bottom of a well. We revealed to him: 'You shall tellthem of what they did when they are not aware (it is you).'
  16. Atnightfall, they returned weeping to their father.
  17. They said: 'We wentracing and left Joseph with our things. The wolf devoured him, but youwill not believe us, though we speak the truth.'
  18. And they brought hisshirt (stained) with blood, a lie. He said: 'No, your souls have temptedyou to do something. But come sweet patience! The help of Allah is alwaysthere to seek against that which you describe.'
  19. Thereafter travelerscame, and sent their waterman. And when he had let down his pail, (hecried:) 'Rejoice, a boy!' Then they concealed him among their merchandise,but Allah knew what they did.
  20. Then, they sold him for a trifling price,a number of dirhams, because they considered him to be of little value.
  21. The Egyptian that bought him said to his wife: 'Make his stay honorable.He may benefit us, or take him for our son.' As such We established Josephin the land, so that We might teach him the interpretation of visions.Allah prevails in His affairs, though most people do not know.
  22. And whenhe reached maturity, We bestowed on him judgment and knowledge. As such Werecompense those who do good.
  23. And she, in whose house he was, sought toseduce him and closed the doors saying: 'Come!' 'In Allah is my refuge!'he replied. 'My Lord has made my dwelling a good one. Harmdoers neverprosper.'
  24. She desired him, had he not been shown the proof of his Lordhe would have taken her. But We turned him away from evil and abomination,for he was one of Our sincere worshipers.
  25. They raced to the door andshe tore his shirt from behind. And by the door, they met her husbandwhereupon she said: 'What is the recompense of one whose intent is evilagainst your people other than being imprisoned, or sternly punished!'
  26. He (Joseph) said: 'It was she who sought to seduce me,' and a witness (aninfant) of her people bore witness, saying: 'If his shirt is torn from thefront, she is speaking the truth and he is one of the liars,
  27. but, ifhis shirt is torn from behind, she lied, and he is of the truthful.'
  28. And when he saw his shirt torn at the back, he said: 'This is one of your(women's) guiles. Your guile, (O woman), is great indeed!
  29. Joseph, turnaway from this. And you, ask forgiveness for your sin. You are indeed oneof the sinners.'
  30. Certain women in the city said: 'The Governor's wifehas sought to seduce her servant. He has made her heart stricken with lovefor him. Clearly, we perceive her to be in error.'
  31. When she heard oftheir sly whispers, she sent for them and prepared a banquet. To each shegave a knife, (then called Joseph saying:) 'Come and attend to them.' Whenthey saw him, they were so taken with him that they cut their hands, andsaid: 'Allah save us! This is no mortal, he is no other but a nobleangel!'
  32. Whereupon she said: 'Now you see, this is he on whose accountyou blamed me. Yes, I sought to seduce him, but he was unyielding. If hedeclines to do what I command, he shall be imprisoned and be one of thehumiliated.'
  33. He supplicated: 'Lord, prison is dearer to me than that towhich they invite me. Yet if You do not shield me from their guile I shallyield to them and be one of the ignorant.'
  34. His Lord answered him and Heturned their guile away from him. Indeed, He is the Hearer, the Knower.
  35. Then it seemed good to them, even after they had seen the signs, that theyshould imprison him for some time.
  36. Two young men went to prison withhim. One of them said: 'I saw (in a vision) that I was pressing grapes.'And the other said: 'I saw (in a vision) that I was carrying bread upon myhead, and that birds ate of it. Tell us its interpretation, for we can seeyou are among the good.'
  37. He said: 'Before any food comes to feed eitherof you, I will give you its interpretation. That which I will tell you hasbeen taught to me by Allah. I reject the belief of a nation who do notbelieve in Allah and disbelieve in the Everlasting Life.
  38. I follow thecreed of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is not for us toassociate anything with Allah. Such is the favor of Allah to us, and tomankind. Yet most people do not give thanks.
  39. My fellow-prisoners, saywhich is better, many gods at variance, or Allah the One, the Conqueror?
  40. That which you worship, other than Him, are nothing but names which youand your fathers have named and for which Allah has sent down noauthority. Judgement rests with Allah alone. He has commanded you toworship none except Him. That is the right religion, yet most people donot know.
  41. My fellow-prisoners, one of you will pour wine for his lordwhereas the other will be crucified, and birds will peck at his head. Thematter you inquired about has been decided.
  42. And he said to the one ofthe two who he knew would be saved: 'Mention me in the presence of yourlord.' But satan made him forget to mention him to his master, so that heremained in prison for a certain number years.
  43. The king said: 'I saw ina vision seven fatted cows being devoured by seven lean ones; and sevengreen ears of corn and seven others withered. My counselors, tell me themeaning of my vision, if you can interpret visions.'
  44. They said: 'Theyare confused nightmares, nor do we know anything of the interpretation ofvisions.'
  45. After all that time, the one of the two who had been savedremembered, he said: 'I will interpret it for you, so let me go.'
  46. (Hesaid:) 'Joseph, the truthful, tell us of the seven fatted cows that weredevoured by seven lean ones - also of the seven green ears of corn and theother seven which were withered, so that I can go back to the people andthen they will then know.'
  47. He replied: 'You shall sow for seven yearsas is your way. Leave in the ear (of corn) you reap, except a little whichyou eat.
  48. Thereafter, seven hard years will come upon you which willconsume all but little of that which you have stored.
  49. Then, there willcome a year in which people are helped, in which the people will press.'
  50. The king said: 'Bring him before me.' But when the king's envoy came tohim, he said: 'Go back to your lord and ask him: "What about the women whocut their hands. Indeed, my Lord knows their guile.'
  51. 'What was yourbusiness, women,' he asked, 'when you solicited Joseph?' 'Allah save us!'they replied. 'We know no evil against him.' The Governor's wife said:'The truth has been discovered at last; I solicited him; he is among thetruthful.
  52. This (I have done) so that he will know I did not secretlybetray him, and that Allah does not guide the guile of the treacherous.
  53. Yet I do not consider my soul was innocent, surely the soul incites toevil - except to whom my Lord has mercy; indeed, my Lord is Forgiving, theMost Merciful.'
  54. The king said: 'Bring him before me. I will assign himto myself.' And when he had spoken with him he said: 'Today, you arefirmly established in both our favor and trust.'
  55. He (Joseph) said:'Give me charge of the storehouses of the land, I am a knowledgeableguardian.'
  56. And as such We established Joseph in the land to livewherever he liked. We bestow Our Mercy on whom We will, and We never wastethe wage of the righteous.
  57. Indeed, the reward of the Everlasting Lifeis better for those who believe and are cautious.
  58. Joseph's brotherscame and presented themselves before him. He recognized them, but they didnot know him.
  59. And when he had given them their provisions, he said:'Bring me a certain brother from your father. Do you not see that I givejust measure and am the best of hosts?
  60. If you do not bring him to me,you shall receive no measure (of corn) from me, nor shall you come near me(again).'
  61. They replied: 'We will ask our father for him. This we willsurely do.'
  62. Then he said to his attendants: 'Put their merchandise intheir saddlebags, hopefully they will recognize it when they return totheir people. Perhaps they will come back.'
  63. When they returned to theirfather, they said: 'Father, we have been denied the measure. Send ourbrother with us and we shall receive our measure. We will indeed lookafter him.'
  64. He replied: 'Am I to trust you with him as I once trustedyou with his brother? Why, Allah is the Best of guardians, and He is theMost Merciful of the Merciful.'
  65. When they opened their saddlebags, theyfound that their merchandise had been given back to them. 'Father,' theysaid 'what more do we desire? Look, our merchandise has been returned tous. We will receive provisions for our family and we will look after ourbrother. We shall receive an extra camel-load, that is an easy measure.'
  66. He replied: 'I will never send him with you until you swear by Allahthat you will bring him back to me, unless you are prevented.' And whenthey had given him their oath, he said: 'Allah is the Guardian of what wesay.'
  67. Then he said: 'My sons, do not enter from one gate. Enter throughdifferent gates. I cannot be of any help to you against Allah; judgementbelongs to Allah alone. In Him I have put my trust. In Him let all puttheir trust.'
  68. And when they entered from where their father hadinstructed them, nothing helped them against (the decree of) Allah. It wasbut a need in Jacob's soul which he had fulfilled. He possessed knowledgebecause of what We had taught him, though most people do not know.
  69. Whenthey presented themselves before Joseph, he took his brother in his arms,and said: 'I am your brother. Do not grieve at what they did.'
  70. And whenhe had given them their provisions, he hid a drinking-cup in his brother'ssaddlebag. Then a herald called out after them: 'Cameleers, you arethieves!'
  71. They turned back and asked: 'What have you lost?'
  72. 'We aremissing the goblet of the king,' he replied. 'Whosoever restores it shallhave a camel-load, that I guarantee.'
  73. 'By Allah,' they said, 'you knowwe did not come to do evil in this land. We are not thieves.'
  74. Theysaid: 'What shall be the recompense, if you prove to be lying?'
  75. Theyreplied: 'Its recompense - in whosoever's saddle bag it is found, he shallbe its recompense. As such we punish the harmdoers.'
  76. He searched theirbags before his brother's and then took out the goblet from his brother'sbag. As such We directed Joseph. By the king's law he had no right toseize his brother unless Allah willed otherwise. We raise whom We will inrank; over every knowledgeable person is One who knows.
  77. They said: 'Ifhe is a thief know then that a brother of his has committed theft beforehim.' But Joseph kept it secret and did not reveal it to them. He said:'You are in a worse position. And Allah knows well what you describe.'
  78. They said: 'Mighty prince, his father is old, advanced in years, take oneof us instead of him. We can see you are amongst the good-doers.'
  79. Hereplied: 'Allah forbid that we should seize any but he with whom ourproperty was found, for then we should be harmdoers.'
  80. When theydespaired of him, they went in private to confer together. The eldestsaid: 'Do you not know that your father took a pledge from you in the Nameof Allah, and that you failed before regarding Joseph? I shall never stirfrom this land until my father gives me leave or Allah makes known to meHis judgement: He is the Best of judges.
  81. Return, all of you to yourfather and say to him: 'Father, your son has committed a theft. We testifyonly to what we know. How could we guard against the unforeseen?
  82. Askthe village where we were and the caravan in which we traveled, we speakthe truth.'
  83. 'No' he (Jacob) said, 'your souls have tempted you to dosomething. But come sweet patience. Allah may bring them all to me. Healone is the Knowing, the Wise.'
  84. And he turned away and said: 'Alas forJoseph!' His eyes turned white with the grief he repressed within him.
  85. They said: 'By Allah, will you not cease to mention Joseph until you areconsumed, or are among the perishing?'
  86. He replied: 'I complain to Allahof my anguish and sadness. I know from Allah what you do not know.
  87. Goand seek news of Joseph and his brother. Do not despair of the Comfort ofAllah, none but unbelievers despair of the Comfort of Allah.'
  88. And whenthey presented themselves before him they said: 'O mighty prince, we andour people are afflicted with distress. We have brought but littlemerchandise. Fill up the measure, and be charitable to us; Allah rewardsthe charitable.'
  89. 'Do you know' he replied, 'what you did to Joseph andhis brother in your ignorance?'
  90. They said: 'Are you Joseph?' 'I amJoseph,' he answered, 'and this is my brother. Allah has been gracious tous. Those who keep from evil and are patient, indeed, Allah does not letthe wage of the good- doers go to waste.'
  91. 'By Allah,' they said, 'Allahhas preferred you above us all. We have indeed been sinful.'
  92. Hereplied: 'Let no reproach be on you this day. Allah will forgive you - Heis the Most Merciful of the merciful.
  93. Go, take this shirt of mine andcast it over my father's face, he will recover his sight. Then return tome with all your family.'
  94. As the caravan departed, their father said:'I smell the scent of Joseph, unless you think I am foolish.'
  95. 'ByAllah,' they said, 'this is but your old illusion.'
  96. And when the bearerof glad tidings arrived, he laid Joseph's shirt over him, and he saw onceagain. He said: 'Did I not tell you that I know from Allah what you do notknow?'
  97. His sons said: 'Father, ask forgiveness for our sins. We haveindeed been sinners.'
  98. He said: 'I shall ask my Lord to forgive you. Heis Forgiving, the Most Merciful.'
  99. And when they entered before Joseph,he took his father and mother into his arms and said: 'Welcome to Egypt,safe, if Allah wills!'
  100. He lifted his parents to the throne, and (theothers) bowed before him. Joseph said to his father: 'This is the meaningof my vision of long ago, my Lord has verified it. He has been gracious tome. He brought me out of prison and brought you out of the desert aftersatan had corrupted (the relationship) between me and my brothers. My Lordis Gentle to whom He will. He alone is the Knower, the Wise.
  101. Lord, Youhave given me the kingdom and taught me to interpret visions. Originatorof the heavens and the earth, my Guardian in this world and in theEverlasting Life. Let me die in submission (as a Muslim) and let me jointhe righteous.'
  102. That is of the news We reveal to you of the unseen.You were not present when they agreed upon their plan, scheming.
  103. Eventhough you are so eager, most people will not believe.
  104. You shall askno wage for it. It is nothing except a reminder to all mankind.
  105. Howmany signs in the heavens and earth do they pass by and turn away from.
  106. And most of them do not believe in Allah, but they associate otherswith Him.
  107. Do they feel secure that the punishment of Allah willenvelop them, or that the Hour will overtake them suddenly when they areunaware?
  108. Say: 'This is my Path. I call to Allah with sure knowledge, Iand my followers. Exaltations be to Allah! I am not among the idolaters.'
  109. We did not send any before you from the inhabitants of the village,but men to whom a revelation was sent. Have they not traveled in the landand seen what was the end of those before them? Better is the dwelling inthe Everlasting Life for those who keep from evil. Do you not understand?
  110. And when at length Our Messengers despaired and reckoned that theywould be belied, Our help came down to them, saving whom We pleased. OurMight cannot be withheld from the guilty nation.
  111. Indeed, in theirstories is a lesson for those of understanding. This is no forged tale,rather, it is a confirmation of the previous, a distinguishing of allthings, a guidance and a mercy to a nation who believe.
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