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9. Repentance - Al-Tawba

  1. An acquittal from Allah and His Messenger to the idolaters with whomyou have made agreements;
  2. 'For four months you shall journey freely inthe land. But know that you shall not render Allah incapable, and thatAllah will humiliate the unbelievers.'
  3. A proclamation from Allah and HisMessenger, to the people on the day of the Grand Pilgrimage; 'Allahrejects, and His Messenger (rejects) the idolaters. So if you repent, thatwill be better for you; but if you turn your backs, know that you cannotfrustrate Allah. And give glad tidings to the unbelievers of a painfulpunishment,
  4. except those idolaters who have fully honored their treatieswith you and aided none against you. With these fulfill your covenant tilltheir term. Surely, Allah loves the righteous.
  5. When the sacred monthsare over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Take them and confinethem, then lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and establishthe prayer and pay the obligatory charity, let them go their way. Allah isForgiving and the Most Merciful.
  6. If an idolater seeks asylum with you,give him protection in order that he hears the Word of Allah, and thenconvey him to his place of safety, because they are a nation who do notknow.
  7. How can the idolaters have any treaty with Allah and HisMessenger, except those with whom you have made treaties by the SacredMosque? So long as they are straight with you, so be straight with them.Allah loves the righteous.
  8. How? If they prevail against you they willrespect neither agreements nor ties of kindred. They satisfy you withtheir tongues, but their hearts are averse; and most of them are wicked.
  9. They sell the verses of Allah for a small price and bar others from HisPath. Evil is what they have been doing.
  10. They honor with the believersneither bonds nor treaties. Such are the transgressors.
  11. If they repentand establish the prayer and pay the obligatory charity, they shall becomeyour brothers in the religion. So We make plain Our verses for a nationthat knows.
  12. But if, after coming to terms with you, they break theiroaths and revile your belief, fight the leaders of the disbelief - forthey have no oaths - in order that they will desist.
  13. Will you not fightagainst those who have broken their oaths and conspired to expel theMessenger? They were the first to attack you. Do you fear them? Surely,Allah has better rights that you fear Him, if you are believers.
  14. Fightthem, Allah will punish them with your hands and degrade them. He willgrant you victory over them and heal the chests of a believing nation.
  15. He will take away all anger from their hearts: Allah turns to whomsoeverHe will. Allah is Knowing, Wise.
  16. Did you suppose that you would be leftbefore Allah has known those of you who fought and did not take aconfidant other than Allah, His Messenger, and the believers? Allah isAware of what you do.
  17. Idolaters should not inhabit the mosques of Allahbearing witness against themselves with disbelief. Those, their deeds havebeen annulled, and in the Fire they shall live for ever.
  18. None shouldinhabit the mosques of Allah except those who believe in Allah and theLast Day, establish their prayers and pay the obligatory charity, and fearnone except Allah. May these be among the guided.
  19. Do you considergiving drink to the pilgrims and inhabiting the Sacred Mosque is the sameas one who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and struggles in the Way ofAllah? These are not held equal by Allah. Allah does not guide theharmdoers.
  20. Those who believe, and migrated, and struggle in the Way ofAllah with their wealth and their persons are greater in rank with Allah.It is they who are the winners.
  21. Their Lord gives them glad tidings ofmercy from Him, and pleasure; for them await gardens in which there iseternal bliss.
  22. where they shall live for ever. The wage with Allah isgreat indeed.
  23. Believers, do not take your fathers or your brothers fora guide if they love disbelief rather than belief. Whosoever of you takesthem for guides are the harmdoers.
  24. Say: 'If your fathers, your sons,your brothers, your wives, your tribes, the property you have acquired,the merchandise you fear will not be sold, and the homes you love, aredearer to you than Allah, His Messenger and the struggling for His Way,then wait until Allah shall bring His command. Allah does not guide theevildoers.'
  25. Allah has helped you on many a battlefield. In the Battleof Hunain, when your numbers were pleasing you they availed you nothing;the earth, for all its vastness, seemed to close in upon you and youturned your backs and fled.
  26. Then, Allah caused His tranquility(sechina) to descend upon His Messenger and the believers; He sent legionsyou did not see and sternly punished the unbelievers. Such is therecompense of the unbelievers.
  27. Yet thereafter, Allah turns to whom Hewill. He is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
  28. Believers, the idolatersare unclean. Do not let them approach the Sacred Mosque after this year.If you fear poverty, Allah, if He wills, will enrich you through Hisbounty. He is Knowing, Wise.
  29. Fight those who neither believe in Allahnor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger haveforbidden, and do not embrace the religion of the truth, being among thosewho have been given the Book (Bible and the Torah), until they pay tributeout of hand and have been humiliated.
  30. The Jews say Ezra is the son ofAllah, while the Christians (who follow Paul) say the Messiah is the sonof Allah. Such are their assertions, by which they imitate those whodisbelieved before. Allah fights them! How perverted are they!
  31. Theytake their rabbis and monks as lords besides Allah, and the Messiah, sonof Mary, though they were ordered to worship but one God, there is no godexcept He. Exalted is He above that they associate with Him!
  32. Theydesire to extinguish the Light of Allah with their mouths; but Allah seeksonly to perfect His Light, though the unbelievers hate it.
  33. It is He whohas sent forth His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth touplift it above every religion, no matter how much the idolaters hate it.
  34. Believers, many are the rabbis and monks who in falsehood defraudpeople of their possessions and bar people from the Path of Allah. Giveglad tidings of a painful punishment to those who treasure gold and silverand do not spend it in the Way of Allah.
  35. On that Day they (thetreasures) will be heated in the fire of Gehenna (Hell), and theirforeheads, sides, and backs will be branded with them, and told: 'Theseare the things which you have treasured. Taste then that which you weretreasuring!'
  36. The number of the months, with Allah, is twelve in theBook of Allah, the day when He created the heavens and the earth; ofthese, four are sacred. That is the right religion. Therefore, do notwrong yourselves in them and fight against the unbelievers all together asthey themselves fight against you all together; know that Allah is withthe cautious.
  37. The postponement of sacred months is an increase indisbelief in which the unbelievers are misguided. They allow it one yearand forbid it another year, so that they can make up for the months thatAllah has sanctified so making lawful what Allah has forbidden. Their foulacts seem fair to them - Allah does not guide the unbelievers.
  38. Believers, why is it that when it is said to you: 'March in the Way ofAllah,' you linger with heaviness in the land? Are you content with thislife rather than the Everlasting Life? Yet the enjoyment of this life in(comparison to) the Everlasting Life is little.
  39. If you do not go forth,He will punish you with a painful punishment and replace you by anothernation. You will in no way harm Him; for Allah has power over all things.
  40. If you do not help him, Allah will help him as He helped him when hewas driven out with one other (Abu Bakr) by the unbelievers. When the twowere in the cave, he said to his companion: 'Do not sorrow, Allah is withus.' Then Allah caused His tranquility (shechina) to descend upon him andsupported him with legions (of angels) you did not see, and He made theword of the unbelievers the lowest, and the Word of Allah is the highest.Allah is Mighty, Wise.
  41. Whether lightly or heavily, march on and fightfor the Way of Allah, with your wealth and your persons. This will be bestfor you, if you but knew.
  42. Had the gain been immediate or the journeyeasy, they would have followed you; but the distance seemed far to them.Yet they will swear by Allah: 'Had we been able, we would have gone outwith you.' They bring destruction upon their souls. Allah knows that theyare lying.
  43. Allah has forgiven you! Why did you give them leave (to staybehind) until it was clear to you which of them was truthful and knewthose who lied?
  44. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day will notask your permission so that they may struggle with their wealth and theirselves. Allah knows best the righteous.
  45. Only those who ask yourpermission do not believe in Allah and the Last Day and whose hearts arefilled with doubt. And in their doubt, they waiver.
  46. Had they intendedto set forth with you, they would have prepared themselves for it. ButAllah did not like their going forth and held them back, and it was said:'Stay back with those who stay back.'
  47. Had they gone forth among you,they would only have increased your burden, and run to and fro in yourmidst, seeking to stir up sedition between you; and some of you wouldlisten to them; and Allah knows the harmdoers.
  48. Beforehand they hadalready sought to stir up sedition, and turned things upside down for you,until the truth came, and the command of Allah appeared, although theywere averse.
  49. Among them are some that say: 'Give us leave and do notexpose us to temptation.' Surely, they have already succumbed totemptation. Gehenna shall encompass the unbelievers.
  50. If good comes toyou, it grieves them; but if hardship befalls you, they say: 'We havetaken our precautions,' and they turn away, rejoicing.
  51. Say: 'Nothingwill befall us except what Allah has ordained. He is our Guardian. InAllah, let the believers put their trust.'
  52. Say: 'Are you waiting foranything to befall us except one of the two excellent things (victory ormartyrdom)? We are waiting for the punishment of Allah to smite you,either from Him or at our hands. Wait if you will, we are waiting.'
  53. Say: 'Whether you spend voluntarily or reluctantly it shall not beaccepted from you; for you are a wicked nation.'
  54. Nothing prevents theirofferings from being accepted except that they do not believe in Allah andHis Messenger. They do not come to the prayer except lazily and spendgrudgingly.
  55. Let neither their wealth nor their children please you.Through these Allah seeks to punish them in this life, and that theirsouls depart while they are unbelievers.
  56. They swear by Allah that theybelong with you, yet they are not of you. They are a nation that areafraid.
  57. If they could find a shelter or caverns, or any place to creepinto they will turn stampeding to it.
  58. There are some among them whofind fault with you concerning the distribution of alms. If a share isgiven to them they are contented, but if they receive nothing then theyare angry.
  59. Would that they were well-pleased with what Allah and HisMessenger have given them, and would say: 'Allah is sufficient for us.Allah will provide for us from His abundance, and so will His Messenger.To Allah, we hope.'
  60. The obligatory charity shall be only for the poorand the needy, and for those who work to collect it, and to influencehearts (to belief), for ransoming captives, and debtors in the Way ofAllah and the destitute traveler. It is an obligation from Allah. Allah isKnowing, Wise.
  61. And there are others among them who hurt the Prophetsaying: 'He lends an ear (to everything).' Say: 'He lends an ear of goodfor you; he believes in Allah and trusts the believers, and he is a mercyto the believers among you. Those who hurt the Messenger of Allah - forthem there is a painful punishment.'
  62. They swear in the Name of Allah inorder to please you. But it is more just that they should please Allah andHis Messenger if they are believers.
  63. Are they not aware that whosoeveropposes Allah and His Messenger shall live for ever in the Fire ofGehenna? That surely is the greatest degradation.
  64. The hypocrites areafraid lest a chapter be sent down against them telling them what is intheir hearts. Say: 'Mock if you will; Allah will surely bring forth whatyou are fearing.'
  65. If you question them, they will say: 'We were onlyplunging and playing.' Say: 'Were you mocking Allah, His verses, and HisMessenger?
  66. Do not make excuses. You have disbelieved after youbelieved. If we forgive some of you, We will punish others, for they weresinners.'
  67. Be they men or women, the hypocrites are all alike. Theyorder what is evil, forbid what is just, and tighten their purse strings.They forsook Allah, so Allah forsook them. Surely, the hypocrites areevildoers.
  68. Allah has promised the hypocrites, both men and women, andthe unbelievers the Fire of Gehenna. They shall live in it for ever. It issufficient for them. Allah has cursed them and for them is a lastingpunishment.
  69. You are like those before you. They were stronger than youin might, and had greater riches and more children. They took enjoyment intheir share, so do you take enjoyment in your share as those before youtook enjoyment in their share. You have plunged as they plunged. Those,their works are annulled, failed in this world and in the EverlastingLife, those, they are the losers.
  70. Have they not heard the news of thosewho have gone before them? The news of the nations of Noah, Aad andThamood, of Abraham's nation, and the people of Midian and the ruinedcities? Their Messengers showed them clear signs. Allah did not harm them,but they harmed themselves.
  71. The believers, both men and women, areguides to each other. They order what is just and forbid what is evil;they establish their prayers and pay the obligatory charity and obey Allahand His Messenger. On these Allah will have mercy. He is Mighty, Wise.
  72. Allah has promised the believing men and women gardens underneath whichrivers flow, in which they shall live for ever. Goodly mansions in theGardens of Eden, and the pleasure from Allah which is greater. That is thegreatest winning.
  73. O Prophet, struggle with the unbelievers and thehypocrites and be harsh with them. Gehenna shall be their refuge - an evilarrival.
  74. They swear by Allah that they said nothing. Yet they did utterthe word of disbelief and disbelieved after they had submitted. Theyintended what they never attained to, and took revenge only that Allahenriched them, and His Messenger, of His Bounty. If they repent, it willindeed be better for them; but if they turn away, Allah will sternlypunish them both in this world and in the Everlasting Life. They have noneon earth to protect or help them.
  75. Some of them have made a covenantwith Allah, 'If Allah gives to us of His bounty, we will give charity andbe of the righteous.'
  76. But when Allah had bestowed His bounty on themthey became greedy and turned away, swerving aside.
  77. He has causedhypocrisy to be in their hearts till the Day they meet Him, because theyhave changed what they promised Allah and because they were liars.
  78. Didthey not know that Allah knows their secret and what they conspiretogether, and that Allah knows all the unseen?
  79. As for those who tauntthe believers who give charity voluntarily, and scoff at those who giveaccording to their means, Allah will scoff at them. Theirs shall be apainful punishment.
  80. (It is the same) whether or not you beg forgivenessfor them. If you beg forgiveness for them seventy times Allah will notforgive them, for they have disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger. Allahdoes not guide the evildoers.
  81. Those who were left behind were glad thatthey were left behind by the Messenger of Allah, for they disliked tostruggle in the Way of Allah with their wealth and their persons. Theysaid: 'Do not go forth in the heat.' Say: 'The Fire of Gehenna is morehot!' Would that they understood!
  82. They shall laugh but little and shedmany tears. So shall they be recompensed for their earnings.
  83. If Allahbrings you back to a party of them and they ask permission to march withyou, say: 'You shall never march with me, nor shall you fight with meagainst any enemy. You were pleased to remain on the first occasion,therefore, you shall now stay with those who remain behind.'
  84. You shallnever pray over any one of them when he is dead, nor stand over his tomb.For they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger and died whilst they weresinners.
  85. Let neither their riches nor their children please you. Withit Allah wants to punish them in this life, so that their souls departwhile they disbelieve.
  86. Whenever a chapter is sent down, saying:'Believe in Allah and struggle with His Messenger,' the rich among themasked you to excuse them, saying: 'Leave us with those who are to staybehind.'
  87. They were content to be with those who stayed behind, a sealwas set upon their hearts, so they do not understand.
  88. But the Messengerand those who believed with him struggled with their wealth and theirselves For them awaits goodness and those are the winners.
  89. Allah hasprepared for them gardens underneath which rivers flow, in which theyshall live for ever. That is the greatest winning.
  90. Some Arabs of thedesert who had an excuse came asking permission to stay behind; whilstthose who belied Allah and His Messenger remained behind. A painfulpunishment shall fall on those of them that disbelieved.
  91. There is nofault for the weak, the sick, and those lacking the means to spend (tostay behind), if they are true to Allah and His Messenger. There is no wayagainst the righteous; Allah is Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
  92. Nor shallthose who came to you to be provided with mounts. And when you said: 'Ican find no mounts for you,' they turned back, their eyes streaming withtears grieving that they could not find the means to spend.
  93. But theblame is to be laid on those who asked permission of you whilst they arerich. They are content to remain with those who stay behind. Allah has seta seal upon their hearts so they do not know.
  94. When you return, theywill apologize to you. Say: 'Make no excuses; we will not believe you.Allah has already told us of your news. Surely, Allah and His Messengerwill see your work; then you will be returned to the Knower of the unseenand the visible, and He will inform you of what you were doing.'
  95. Whenyou return to them, they will swear to you by Allah that you might turnaside from them. Let them alone, they are unclean. Gehenna shall be theirrefuge, a recompense for their earnings.
  96. They will swear to you inorder to please you. But if you will be pleased with them, Allah will notbe pleased with the evildoing nation.
  97. The Bedouin Arabs surpass (thecity dwellers) in disbelief and hypocrisy, and are more likely not to knowthe bounds that Allah has sent down to His Messenger. But Allah isKnowing, Wise.
  98. Some Arabs (Banu Asad and Ghatfan tribes) regard whatthey spend as a (compulsory) fine and wait for some misfortune to befallyou. Theirs shall be the evil turn! Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
  99. Yetthere are some Arabs (Juhaina and Muszaina tribes) who believe in Allahand the Last Day, and regard what they spend as a means of bringing themclose to Allah and to the prayers of the Messenger. Indeed, they are anoffering for them; Allah will admit them to His Mercy. He is Forgiving,Merciful.
  100. As for the first outstrippers among the migrants andsupporters and those who followed them in doing good, Allah is pleasedwith them and they are pleased with Him. He has prepared for them gardensunderneath which rivers flow, where they shall live for ever. That is thegreatest winning.
  101. Some of the Bedouin Arabs around you are hypocrites,and so are some of the people of Madinah who are well versed in hypocrisy.You do not know them, but We do. Twice We will punish them - then theyshall return to a mighty punishment.
  102. There are others who haveconfessed their sins; they intermixed good deeds with another evil. It maybe that Allah will turn towards them in mercy. Allah is Forgiving,Merciful.
  103. Take charity from their wealth, in order that they arethereby cleansed and purified, and pray for them; for your prayer is acomforting mercy for them. Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
  104. Do they not knowthat Allah accepts the repentance of His worshipers and takes theircharity, and that Allah is the Forgiving, the Merciful?
  105. Say: 'Allahwill see your works and so will His Messenger and the believers; then youshall be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the visible, and He willinform you of what you were doing.'
  106. There are others who must wait forthe Commandment of Allah. He will either punish or turn towards them. AndAllah is Knowing, Wise.
  107. And there are those who have taken a mosque tocause harm, disbelief, and to divide the believers, and as a place ofambush for those who fought Allah and His Messenger before. They swear:'We desired nothing but good', but Allah bears witness that they areliars.
  108. You shall never stand there. A mosque founded upon piety fromthe first day is worthier for you to stand in. In it are men who love topurify themselves. Allah loves those who purify themselves.
  109. Is he whofounds his building on the fear of Allah and His pleasure, better or hewho founds his building on the brink of a crumbling edge so that it willtumble with him into the Fire of Gehenna? Allah does not guide theharmdoers.
  110. The buildings they have built will always cause doubt intheir hearts, unless their hearts are torn into pieces. Allah is Knowing,Wise.
  111. Allah has purchased from the believers their selves andpossessions, and for them is Paradise. They fight in the Way of Allah,slay, and are slain. That is a binding promise upon Him in the Torah, theGospel and the Koran; and who is there that more truthfully fulfills hiscovenant than Allah? Therefore, rejoice in the bargain you have bargainedwith Him. That is the mighty winning.
  112. Those who repent, those whoworship Allah and praise (Him); those who journey, those who bow, thosewho prostrate themselves; those who order righteousness and forbid evil,and those who observe the limits of Allah - give glad tidings to thebelievers.
  113. It is not for the Prophet or the believers to askforgiveness for idolaters, even though they are near kindred, after it hasbecome clear that they are the inhabitants of Hell.
  114. Abraham only askedfor forgiveness for his father because of a promise he had made to him.But when it became clear to him that he was an enemy of Allah, he declaredhimself quit of him. Surely, Abraham was earnest in his supplication andtender-hearted.
  115. Nor will Allah lead a nation astray after He has giventhem guidance until He has made clear to them all that they should guardagainst. Allah has knowledge of all things.
  116. Indeed, to Allah belongthe kingdom of the heavens and the earth; He gives life and causes death.Other than Allah, you have neither a guardian nor a helper.
  117. In thehour of adversity, Allah turned (in mercy) to the Prophet, the Emigrants(of Mecca) and the Supporters (of Madinah) who followed him when some oftheir hearts were about to swerve away. He turned to them, indeed, He isGentle, the Most Merciful.
  118. And to the three who were left behind (atthe Battle of Tabuk), until the earth became narrow with all its vastness,and their souls became narrow for them, they knew there was no shelterfrom Allah except in Him. Then He turned to them (in mercy) so that theymight also turn (in repentance). Allah is the Turner, the Most Merciful.
  119. Believers, fear Allah and stand with the truthful.
  120. The people ofMadinah and the Arabs who dwell around them have no cause to stay behindthe Messenger of Allah, or to prefer their lives to his. They are neitherstricken by thirst, nor by tiredness, nor yet by hunger in the Way ofAllah, nor do they take steps that anger the unbelievers, nor gain anygain from an enemy, but that it is counted as a righteous deed. Allah doesnot waste the wage of the good-doers.
  121. Each sum they spend, be it smallor large, and each valley they cross is written to their account, so thatAllah may recompense them for their best deeds.
  122. The believers shouldnot go forth altogether, rather, a party from each section should go forthto become well versed in the religion, and when they return to theirpeople warn them in order that they may beware.
  123. Believers, fight theunbelievers who are near you. Let them find firmness in you. Know thatAllah is with those who are cautious.
  124. Whenever a chapter is sent downto you, some ask: 'Which of you has it increased in belief?' It willsurely increase the belief of the believers and they are joyful.
  125. Asfor those whose hearts are diseased, they will be increased in filth addedto their filth, so that they die as unbelievers.
  126. Do they not see howonce or twice every year they are tried? Yet still they neither repent norremember.
  127. Whenever a chapter is sent down, they glance at each other,(asking): 'Does anyone see you?' Then they turn away. Allah has turnedaway their hearts, for they are a nation who do not understand.
  128. Indeed, there has come to you a Messenger from your own, he grieves foryour suffering, and is anxious about you, and is gentle, merciful to thebelievers.
  129. Therefore, if they turn away, say: 'Allah is sufficient forme. There is no god except He. In Him I have put my trust. He is the Lordof the Mighty Throne.'
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