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8. The Spoils - Al-'Anfal

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. They ask you about the spoils (of war). Say: 'The spoils belong toAllah and the Messenger. Therefore, have fear of Allah and set thingsright between you. Obey Allah and His Messenger, if you are believers.'
  2. Indeed the believers are those whose hearts quake at the mention of Allah,and when His verses are recited to them it increased them in faith. Theyare those who put their trust in their Lord.
  3. Those who pray steadfastly,and spend of that which We have provided them,
  4. those are, in truth, thebelievers. They shall have degrees with their Lord and forgiveness, and agenerous provision.
  5. It is like when your Lord caused you to leave yourhome with the truth, though some of the believers disliked it.
  6. Theyargued with you about the truth after it had been made clear, as thoughthey were being led to certain death while looking.
  7. (Remember) whenAllah promised to grant you one of the two parties (at Badr), and youwished for the one that was not strong. Allah wanted to establish thetruth by His Words and to sever the unbelievers to the last,
  8. in orderthat He might verify the truth and annul the falsehood, even though thewrongdoers hated it.
  9. And when you (Prophet Muhammad) prayed to your Lordfor help, He answered: 'I am sending to your aid a thousand angels insuccession.'
  10. Allah only made it to be glad tidings and so that yourhearts may be satisfied; victory comes only from Allah; He is Almighty,Wise.
  11. When you were overcome by sleep, as security from Him, He sentdown water from the sky to cleanse you and to purify you of satan's filth,to strengthen your hearts and to steady your footsteps.
  12. And when Allahrevealed to the angels, saying: 'I shall be with you. Give courage to thebelievers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strikethem above the necks, smite their finger tips.'
  13. This is because theyhad made a breach with Allah and His Messenger. He who makes a breach withAllah and His Messenger indeed, Allah is stern in retribution.
  14. 'Thatfor you, so taste it, the punishment of the Fire is for the unbelievers.'
  15. Believers, when you encounter unbelievers on the march do not turn yourbacks to them in flight.
  16. If anyone on that day turns his back to themin flight, except when maneuvering to fight, or to join another party, heshall be laden with the Anger of Allah and Gehenna shall be his refuge -an evil arrival.
  17. It was not you who killed them, but Allah slew them,neither was it you who threw at them. Allah threw at them in order that Heconfers on the believers a fair benefit. Indeed, Allah is Hearing,Knowing.
  18. Allah will surely weaken the guile of the unbelievers.
  19. Ifyou were seeking a victory, victory has now come to you. If you desist, itwill be better for you. If you resume We will return, and even if yourforces are numerous, they shall not help you at all. And Allah is with thebelievers.
  20. Believers, obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not turnaway from him when you are hearing.
  21. Do not be like those who say: 'Wehear,' but they do not listen.
  22. The worst beasts before Allah are thosewho are deaf, dumb, and do not understand.
  23. Indeed, had Allah known anygood in them, He would have let them hear. But even if He had made themhear, they would have turned away, swerving aside.
  24. Believers, respondto Allah and the Messenger when he calls you to that which revives you.Know that Allah is between the person and his heart, and that to Him youshall all be gathered.
  25. And be cautious against a sedition that will notsmite the harmdoers alone. Know that the punishment of Allah is Stern.
  26. And remember how He gave you shelter when you were few in number andconsidered weak in the land, ever fearing that the people would snatch youaway; but He gave you refuge and supported you with His victory andprovided you with goodness, so that you might give thanks.
  27. Believers,do not betray Allah and the Messenger, nor knowingly betray your trust.
  28. Know that your children and your wealth are but a temptation, and that thereward with Allah is great.
  29. Believers, if you fear Allah, He will giveyou a criteria and cleanse you of your sins and forgive you. Allah is theOwner of great bounty.
  30. And when the unbelievers plotted against you(Prophet Muhammad). They sought to either take you captive or have youkilled, or expelled. They plotted - but Allah (in reply) also plotted.Allah is the Best in plotting.
  31. Whenever Our verses are recited to them,they say: 'We have heard them, if we wished, we could speak its like. Theyare but tales of the ancients.'
  32. When they say: 'O Allah, if this isindeed the truth from You, rain down upon us stones from heaven or bringus a painful punishment..'
  33. But Allah was not to punish them whilst youwere living in their midst. Nor would Allah punish them if they repeatedlyask forgiveness of Him.
  34. And why should Allah not punish them, when theyhave barred others from the Sacred Mosque, although they were not itsguardians? Its only guardians are the cautious, though most of them do notknow.
  35. Their prayers at the Sacred House are nothing but whistling andclapping. Therefore, taste the punishment for your disbelief.
  36. Those whodisbelieve spend their wealth to bar (others) from the Path of Allah. Theywill spend it; but it will become a regret for them, then they will beovercome. The unbelievers shall be gathered in Gehenna,
  37. in order thatAllah will separate the wicked from the good. He will heap the wicked oneupon another, and then heap them together and cast them in Gehenna - thoseshall be the losers.
  38. Tell the unbelievers that if they abandon theirways He will forgive them what is past; but, if they return, that wasindeed the way of their forefathers who have passed away.
  39. Fight themuntil persecution is no more and the Religion of Allah reigns supreme. Ifthey desist, Allah sees the things they do;
  40. but if they turn away, knowthat Allah is your guardian, (He is) the best Guardian and the best Giverof victory.
  41. And know that one fifth of whatever you take as spoilsbelong to Allah, the Messenger, kinsmen of the Messenger, the orphans, theneedy, and the destitute traveler; if you believe in Allah and what Wesent down to Our worshiper on the day of victory, the day when the twoarmies met. Allah has power over all things.
  42. And when you were encampedon the nearside and they (the unbelievers) on the farther side, with thecaravan below, had you made an appointment with them, you would havesurely failed to keep it; but Allah sought to accomplish what He hadordained, so that by clear evidence, he who was destined to perish mightperish, and he who was destined to live might live. Surely, Allah isHearing, Knowing.
  43. And when Allah made them appear to you in a vision asa small band, had He showed them to you as many, your courage would havefailed you and you would have quarreled over the affair. But Allah saved;He knows the inner most thoughts in the chests.
  44. And when you met them,He showed them in your eyes as being few, and decreased (your number) intheir eyes so that Allah might determine what was ordained. To Allah allmatters return.
  45. Believers, when you meet an army stand firm andremember Allah abundantly, in order that you are prosperous.
  46. Obey Allahand His Messenger and do not dispute with one another lest you should losecourage and your resolve weaken. Have patience - Allah is with those whoare patient.
  47. Do not be like those who left their homes elated withinsolence and showing off to people, barring others from the Path of Allah- but Allah encompasses what they do.
  48. And when satan made their fouldeeds seem fair to them. He said: 'No one shall conquer you this day. Ishall be your savior.' But when the two armies came within sight of eachother, he took to his heels, saying: 'I reject you, for I can see what youcannot. I fear Allah, Allah is Stern in retribution.'
  49. And when thehypocrites and those in whose hearts was sickness said: 'Those, theirreligion has deceived them.' But whosoever puts his trust in Allah, indeedAllah is Mighty, Wise.
  50. If you could see the angels when they carry offthe souls of the unbelievers, beating their faces and their backs, saying:'Taste the punishment of Burning!
  51. That is for what your hands haveforwarded, Allah is not unjust to His worshipers.'
  52. Like Pharaoh'sfamily and those who have gone before them, they disbelieved the signs ofAllah. Therefore, Allah seized them in their sinfulness. Mighty is Allahand stern in retribution.
  53. This is because Allah would never change Hisfavor that He bestowed upon a nation until they change what is in theirhearts. Allah is Hearing, Knowing.
  54. Like Pharaoh's family and those whohave gone before them, they belied the signs of their Lord, and so Wedestroyed them for their sins and drowned Pharaoh's family. They were allharmdoers.
  55. Indeed, the basest creatures before Allah are theunbelievers for they will not believe;
  56. those with whom you have made atreaty, then break their treaty with you every time; having no fear (ofAllah),
  57. if you meet them in battle, cause their example to scatterthose behind them so that they remember.
  58. If you fear treachery from anyof your allies, you can dissolve with them equally. Allah does not lovethe treacherous.
  59. Do not suppose that the unbelievers have outstripped(Allah). They cannot frustrate Me.
  60. Muster against them whatever you areable of force and tethers (ropes) of horses, so that you strike terrorinto the enemies of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them whom youdo not know but Allah does. All that you spend in the Way of Allah shallbe repaid to you. You shall not be wronged.
  61. If they incline to peace,incline to it also, and put your trust in Allah. Surely, He is theHearing, the Knowing.
  62. Should they seek to deceive you, Allah issufficient for you. It is He who supported you with His victory and withbelievers,
  63. and brought their hearts together. If you had given away allthe riches of the earth, you could not have so united them, but Allah hasunited them. He is Almighty, Wise.
  64. O Prophet, Allah suffices you andwhosoever follows you of the believers.
  65. O Prophet, urge the believersto fight. If there are twenty patient men among you, you shall overcometwo hundred, and if there are a hundred, they shall overcome a thousandunbelievers, for they are a nation who do not understand.
  66. Allah has nowlightened it for you, for He knows that there is weakness amongst you. Ifthere are a hundred patient men among you, they shall overcome twohundred; and if there are a thousand, they shall, by the permission ofAllah, defeat two thousand. Allah is with the patient.
  67. It is not forany Prophet to have prisoners in order to slaughter many in the land. Youwant the gains of this life, and Allah wants the Everlasting Life, andAllah is Mighty, Wise.
  68. Had there not been a previous writing fromAllah, you would have been afflicted by a mighty punishment.
  69. Eat ofwhat you have taken from the spoils; such is lawful and good, and fearAllah. Allah is Forgiving and Most Merciful.
  70. O Prophet, say to thoseyou have taken captive in your hand: 'If Allah finds goodness in yourhearts, He will give you that which is better than what has been takenfrom you, and He will forgive you. Allah is Forgiving, the Most Merciful.'
  71. But if they seek to betray you, they had betrayed Allah before, but Hehas let you overcome them. Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  72. Those whobelieve and migrated, and fought for the Cause of Allah with their wealthand their persons; and those who sheltered them and helped them shall beguides to each other. And those who believe, but have not emigrated - youhave no guidance towards them till they emigrate. But if they seek yourhelp in the cause of your religion, it is your duty to help them, exceptagainst a nation with whom you have a treaty. Allah sees the things youdo.
  73. The unbelievers, they are guides of one another. Unless you dothis, there will be persecution in the land and great corruption.
  74. Thosewho believe and migrated from their homes and fought for the Way of Allah,and those who have sheltered them and helped them they are truly thebelievers. Theirs shall be forgiveness and a generous provision.
  75. Andthose who believed afterwards and emigrated, and struggled with you - theyare of you. And in the Book of Allah, the near kinsmen deserve one another(in inheritance). Allah has knowledge of all things.
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