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6. The Cattle - Al-'An'am

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

  1. Praise is due to Allah, who has created the heavens and the earth andmade darkness and light. Yet the unbelievers make (others) equal withtheir Lord.
  2. It is He who has created you from clay. He has decreed aterm for you and another one set with Him. Yet you are still in doubt.
  3. He is Allah in the heavens and earth. He has knowledge of all that youhide and all that you reveal. He knows what you earn.
  4. Yet every time asign comes to them from the signs of their Lord, they turn away from it.
  5. They belied the truth when it came to them, but there shall come to themnews of that they were mocking.
  6. Have they not seen how many generationsWe have destroyed before them whom We had established in the land in a wayWe never established you, sending down for them abundant water from thesky and made the rivers to flow underneath them? Yet because they sinned,We destroyed them and raised up other generations after them.
  7. Had Wesent down to you a Book on parchment and they touched it with their ownhands, those who disbelieved would say: 'This is nothing but plain magic.'
  8. They ask: 'Why has no angel been sent down to him?' If We had sent downan angel, their fate would have been determined and they would never havebeen respited.
  9. If We had made him an angel, We would have given him theresemblance of a man, and would have as such confused them with that inwhich they are already confused.
  10. Other Messengers have been mockedbefore you. But those who scoffed at them were encompassed by that theyhad mocked.'
  11. Say: 'Travel the land and see what was the fate of thosewho belied.'
  12. Say: 'To whom belongs that which is in the heavens and theearth?' Say: 'To Allah. He has written for Himself mercy, and will gatheryou on the Day of Resurrection in which there is no doubt. Those who havelost their souls, they do not believe.'
  13. His is whatever is at rest inthe night and in the day. He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
  14. Say: 'ShouldI take any but Allah for a guardian? He is the Originator of the heavensand the earth. He feeds and is not fed.' Say: 'I was commanded to be thefirst to submit to Him.' Do not be one of the idolaters.
  15. Say: 'Indeed Ifear, if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment of a great Day.'
  16. Fromwhomsoever it is averted on that Day, He will have mercy on him; that is aclear triumph.
  17. If Allah visits you with affliction, none can remove itexcept He; and if He touches you with good, indeed, He has power over allthings.
  18. He is the Conqueror over His worshipers. He is the Wise, theAware.
  19. Say: 'What thing is greatest in testimony?' Say: 'Allah is awitness between me and you. This Koran has been revealed to me in orderthat I can warn you and all whom it reaches. Do you indeed testify thatthere are gods other than Allah?' Say: 'I do not testify!' Say: 'He isonly One God, and I am quit of that which you associate.'
  20. Those to whomWe have given the Book know him (Prophet Muhammad) as they know their ownchildren. But those who have lost their own souls do not believe.
  21. Whois more wicked than he who invents a lie about Allah or belies His verses?The harmdoers shall never prosper.
  22. On the Day when We gather them alltogether We shall say to the idolaters: 'Where are your partners now,those whom you claimed?'
  23. Then it was not their trial, but they willsay: 'By Allah, our Lord we have never been idolaters.'
  24. Look how theylie against themselves, and how that which they were forging has goneastray from them!
  25. Some of them listen to you. But We have cast veilsover their hearts lest they understand it and in their ears heaviness; andif they see every sign they do not believe in it. When they come to youthey argue, the unbelievers say: 'This is nothing but the tales of theancient ones.'
  26. They forbid from it (the Koran) and keep away from it.They destroy none except themselves, though they do not sense it.
  27. Ifyou could see them when they are set before the Fire! They will say:'Would that we could return! Then we would not belie the verses of ourLord and would be believers.'
  28. Indeed, that which they concealed willappear to them. But if they were sent back, they would return to thatwhich they have been forbidden. They are indeed liars.
  29. They say: 'Thereis only but our present life; we shall not be resurrected.'
  30. If youcould see them when they are made to stand before their Lord! He will say:'Is this not the truth?' 'Yes, by our Lord' they will reply, and He willsay: 'Taste then the punishment, for that which you disbelieved!'
  31. Theyare lost indeed, those who belied the meeting with Allah. When the Hourovertakes them suddenly, they will say: 'Alas, for us, that we neglectedit!' On their backs they shall be bearing their sinful loads; how evil iswhat they sin!
  32. The life of this world is but playing and an amusement.Surely, the Everlasting home is better for the cautious. Will you notunderstand?
  33. We know what they say saddens you. It is not you that theybelie; but the harmdoers deny the verses of Allah.
  34. Messengers indeedwere belied before you, yet they became patient with that which they werebelied, and were hurt until Our help came to them. There is none to alterthe Words of Allah; and there has already come to you some news of theMessengers.
  35. If their turning away is hard upon you, seek if you can, atunnel in the ground or a ladder to the sky by which you can bring them asign. Had Allah willed, He would gather them to guidance. Do not then beamong the ignorant.
  36. Those who listen will surely answer. As for thedead, Allah will revive them. To Him they shall return.
  37. They ask: 'Whyhas no sign been sent down to him from his Lord?' Say: 'Allah is Able tosend down a sign.' But most of them do not know.
  38. There is no crawlingcreature on the earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but theyare nations like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book. They shallall be gathered before their Lord.
  39. Those who belie Our verses are deafand dumb, in darkness. Allah leaves in error whom He will, and guides tothe Straight Path whom He pleases.
  40. Say: 'Do you see yourselves when thepunishment of Allah smites you or the Hour overtakes you, will you call onany except Allah, if you are truthful?
  41. No, on Him alone you will call,and He will remove that for which you call upon Him, if He will. Then youwill forget what you associate (with Him).
  42. Before you We sent forth toother nations, and then seized them with misery and hardship so that theymight humble themselves.
  43. If only they humbled themselves when Ourscourge overtook them! But their hearts were hardened, and satan decoratedto them what they were doing.
  44. And when they had forgotten that withwhich they have been admonished, We opened the gates of everything tothem, until just as they were rejoicing in what they were given, Wesuddenly seized them and they were in utter despair.
  45. As such theharmdoers were annihilated. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds!
  46. Say: 'What would you see if Allah took away your hearing and your sight,and set a seal upon your hearts, who is a god, other than Allah, to bringit back to you?' Look how We make plain to them Our verses, and yet theyturn away.
  47. Say: 'What do you see yourselves then, if the punishment ofAllah overtook you suddenly or openly, would any perish but the harm-doingnation?'
  48. We send forth Our Messengers only to give glad tidings tomankind and to warn them. Those who believe and mend their ways shall havenothing to fear or to be saddened.
  49. But those who belie Our verses,punishment shall touch them for their misdeeds.
  50. Say: 'I do not tell youthat I have the treasuries of Allah or know the unseen, nor do I claim tobe an angel. I follow only that which is revealed to me.' Say: 'Are theblind and the seeing alike? Will you not think?'
  51. And warn with it thosewho fear to be brought before their Lord that they have no guardian orintercessor, other than Allah, in order that they are cautious.
  52. Do notdrive away those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking onlyHis Face. Nothing of their account falls upon you, and nothing of youraccount falls upon them, that you should drive them away and so become oneof the harmdoers.
  53. As such We have made some of them a means for testingothers, so that they should say: 'Are those whom Allah favors amongst us?'But does not Allah best know the thankful?
  54. When those who believe inOur verses come to you, say: 'Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreedMercy on Himself, if any one of you commits evil through ignorance, andthen repents, and mends his ways, then He is Forgiving, the MostMerciful.'
  55. As such We make plain Our verses, so that the path of thewicked will be clear.
  56. Say: 'I am forbidden to worship whom you callupon instead of Allah.' Say: 'I will not yield to your wishes, for then Ishould have strayed and should not be of those guided.'
  57. Say: 'I am upona clear proof from my Lord, yet you belie Him. I do not have that whichyou seek to hasten; judgement is for Allah alone. He narrates the truthand He is the Best of deciders.'
  58. Say: 'If what you seek to hasten werewith me, the matter between you and me would be decided, and Allah knowsvery well the harmdoers.'
  59. With Him are the keys of the unseen, noneknows them but He. He knows that which is in the land and sea. No leaffalls except He knows it, and there is no grain in the darkness of theearth, fresh or withered, but is recorded in a clear Book.
  60. It is He whomakes you to die by night, knowing what you have gained by day, and thenresurrects you so that an ordained term is realized. To Him you shallreturn, and He will tell you of what you have been doing.
  61. He is theConqueror over His worshipers. He sends forth guardians who watch over youuntil death comes to one of you, when Our messengers take him, and theyare not neglectful.
  62. Then, they are returned to Allah their Guardian,the True. Surely, the judgement is for Him, He is the Swiftest ofreckoners.'
  63. Say: 'Who saves you from the darkness of the land and sea,when you call out to Him humbly and in secret, (saying:) "If You save usfrom this, we will be among the thankful."
  64. Say: 'Allah saves you fromthem, and from all afflictions. Then, you associate (with Him).'
  65. Say:'He is Able to send forth upon you punishment from above you or beneathyour feet, or to divide you into discordant factions, and to make some ofyou taste the affliction of the other.' Look how We make plain Our verses,in order that they understand.
  66. Your nation has belied it (the Koran),although it is the truth. Say: 'I am not a guardian over you.
  67. Everynews has its appointed time; you will surely know.'
  68. When you see thosewho plunge (scoffing) into Our verses, withdraw from them till they plungeinto some other talk. If satan causes you to forget, leave the wrongdoingpeople as soon as you remember.
  69. Those who are cautious are notaccountable for them in anything, but it is a reminder in order that theybe cautious.
  70. Avoid those who take their religion as playing and anamusement and are seduced by the life of this world. Admonish them herebylest a soul be taken by what it has gained, for it has no guardian orintercessor before Allah, and though it offers every ransom, it shall notbe taken from it. Those are they who are taken for that which they earned.For them a drink of boiling water, a stern punishment for their disbelief.
  71. Say: 'Are we to call, other than Allah, what can neither help nor harmus? Are we to turn on our heels after Allah has guided us like him, who,being bewitched by devils, blunders aimlessly in the earth, although hisfriends call him to the guidance, (saying) 'Come to us!' Say: 'Theguidance of Allah is the Guidance. We are commanded to submit to the Lordof the Worlds,
  72. and to establish prayer, and fear Him. Before Him youshall all be assembled.'
  73. It was He who created the heavens and theearth in truth. On the Day when He says: 'Be,' it shall be. His Word isthe truth. His shall be the Kingdom on the Day when the Horn is blown. TheKnower of the unseen and the visible, and He is the Wise, the Aware.
  74. (And remember) when Abraham said to his father Azar: 'Will you take idolsfor gods, surely I see you and your people are in clear error.'
  75. And soWe showed Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth, so that hemight be of those who are certain.
  76. When night drew over him, he saw aplanet. 'This,' he said: 'is surely my Lord.' But when it set he said: 'Ido not like the setting ones.'
  77. When he saw the rising moon, he said:'This is my Lord.' But when it set, he said: 'If my Lord does not guideme, I shall surely be amongst the astray nation.'
  78. Then, when he saw thesun rise, shining, he said: 'This must be my Lord, it is larger.' But whenit set, he said: 'O nation I am quit of what you associate (with Allah,the Creator),
  79. I have turned my face to Him who has created the heavensand the earth, uprightly, and I am not among the idolaters.'
  80. His nationargued with him. He said: 'Will you argue with me about Allah, indeed Heguided me! Except by His will, I do not fear those you associate with Him.My Lord embraces all things in knowledge, will you not remember?
  81. Andhow should I fear what you have associated when you yourselves are notafraid that you have associated with Allah that which He did not send downfor it upon you an authority. Which of the two parties is more deservingof safety, if you know?
  82. Those who believe and have not confounded theirbelief with harm - security belongs to them; and they are guided.'
  83. Suchis the argument that We gave Abraham against his nation. We raise whom Wewill to an exalted rank. Your Lord is Wise, Knowing.
  84. We gave him Isaacand Jacob and guided both; and We guided Noah before them, among hisdescendants were David and Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses and Aaron - assuch, We recompense the good-doers,
  85. and (Prophets) Zachariah, John,Jesus and Elias, each was of the righteous,
  86. and Ishmael, Elisha, Jonahand Lot. Each We preferred above the worlds,
  87. as We did their fathers,their descendants, and their brothers. We chose them and guided them to aStraight Path.
  88. Such is the guidance of Allah by it He guides whom Hewill of His worshipers. Had they associated (others with Him), theirlabors would have indeed been annulled.
  89. Those, We have given them theBook, judgment, and prophethood. If these disbelieve it, We have entrustedit to others who do not disbelieve in it.
  90. Those were whom Allah guided.Follow then their guidance and say: 'I do not ask you a wage for it.Surely, it is a reminder to the worlds.'
  91. They have not valued Allahwith His true value, when they said 'Allah has never sent down anything toa mortal.' Say: 'Who, then sent down the Book which Moses brought, a lightand guidance for people? You put it on to parchments, revealing them andhiding much, you have now been taught what neither you nor your fathersknew before!' Say: 'Allah.' Then leave them, playing in their plunging.
  92. And this is a Blessed Book which We have sent down, confirming what camebefore it, in order that you warn the Mother of the Villages (Mecca) andthose who (live) around it. Those who believe in the Everlasting Lifebelieve in it and preserve their prayers.
  93. Who is more harmful than hewho invents a lie about Allah, or says: "It has been revealed to me," whennothing has been revealed to him? Or he who says: 'I will send down thelike of what Allah has sent down!' Would that you could see the harmdoerswhen death overwhelms them! With hands outstretched, the angels (willsay): 'Yield up your souls. You shall be recompensed with a humiliatingpunishment this Day, for you have said of Allah what is untrue and yougrew proud against His verses.
  94. Now you have returned to Us, alone, asWe created you at first, leaving behind all that We have bestowed on you.Nor do We see with you your intercessors, those whom you asserted to beyour associates. The ties which bound you are broken, and that which youasserted has gone astray from you.'
  95. It is Allah who splits the grainand the date-stone. He brings forth the living from the dead, and the deadfrom the living. So, that is Allah; how then are you perverted?
  96. Hesplits the sky into dawn. He has ordained the night for rest and the sun,and the moon for reckoning. Such is the ordinance of the Almighty, theKnowing.
  97. It is He who has created for you the stars, so that you can beguided by them in the darkness of land and sea. We have made plain Ourverses to a nation who know.
  98. It is He who originated you from one soul,then a lodging (place), and then a repository. We have made plain theverses to a nation that understands.
  99. He sends down water from the sky,and with it We bring forth the plant of every thing. From these We bringforth green foliage and composite grain, palm-trees laden with clusters ofdates within reach, vineyards and olive groves and pomegranates alike andunlike. Behold their fruits when they bear fruit and ripen. Surely, inthese there are signs for a nation who believe.
  100. Yet they regard thejinn as the partners of Allah, although He created them, and withoutknowledge ascribe to Him sons and daughters. Exaltations to Him! He isabove what they describe.
  101. He is the Creator of the heavens and theearth. How can He have a son when He had no female companion? He createdall things and has knowledge of all things.
  102. That is Allah, your Lord.There is no god except He, the Creator of all things. Therefore, worshipHim. He is the Guardian of all things.
  103. No eye can see Him, though Hesees all eyes. He is the Subtle, the Aware.
  104. Clear proofs have come toyou from your Lord. Whosoever sees clearly it is for himself, andwhosoever is blind, it is against himself. I am not an overseer for you.
  105. As such We make plain Our verses, so that they can say: 'You havestudied,' in order that We clarify it to a nation that knows.
  106. Therefore, follow what has been revealed to you from your Lord - there isno god except Him, and avoid the idolaters.
  107. Had Allah willed, theywould not have associated. We have not made you an overseer for them, norare you their guardian.
  108. Do not say crude words to those who call uponother than Allah, lest they use crude words about Allah in revenge withoutknowledge. As such we have made the actions of each nation seem pleasing.To their Lord they shall return, and He will inform them of that they weredoing.
  109. They solemnly swear by Allah that if a sign is given to themthey would believe in it. Say: 'Signs are only with Allah.' And how canyou tell if it comes - they will not believe.'
  110. We will turn away theirhearts and eyes since they refused to believe in it at first. We willleave them in their insolence wandering blindly.
  111. Even if We sent downthe angels to them and the dead spoke to them, and assembled all things infront of them, they would still not believe, unless Allah willed it. Butmost of them are ignorant.
  112. As such We have assigned for every Prophetan enemy; the satans of humans and jinn, revealing varnished speech toeach other, all as a delusion. But had your Lord willed, they would nothave done so. Therefore leave them and what they invent,
  113. so that thehearts of those who have no belief in the Everlasting Life are inclined toit and, being pleased, persist in their sinful ways.
  114. Should I seek ajudge other than Allah when it is He who has sent down the welldistinguished Book for you? Those to whom We have given the Book know thatit is the truth sent down from your Lord, so do not be among the doubters.
  115. Perfected are the words of your Lord in truth and justice, none canchange His Words. He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
  116. If you obeyed mostof those on earth, they would lead you astray from the Path of Allah. Theyfollow only supposition and they are but conjecturing.
  117. Your Lord knowsbest who stray from His Path and the guided.
  118. Eat then of that overwhich the Name of Allah has been mentioned (when slaughtered), if youtruly believe in His verses.
  119. And why should you not eat of that overwhich the Name of Allah has been pronounced when He has already made plainto you what is forbidden, except when you are constrained? Many are thosewho mislead through ignorance on account of their fancies, but your Lordbest knows the transgressors.
  120. Forsake the revealed and hidden sin.Those who earn sin shall be recompensed for what they have committed.
  121. Do not eat from that which the Name of Allah has not been mentioned, forit is a sin. The satans will reveal to their guided ones to argue withyou. If you obey them, you shall indeed become idolaters.
  122. Is he whowas dead whom We have revived and given a light with which he walks amongpeople to be compared to him who blunders about in darkness from which hewill never emerge? As such what the unbelievers have done appear decoratedto them.
  123. And as such we have placed in every village itsarch-transgressors to scheme there. But they scheme only againstthemselves, though they do not sense it.
  124. When a sign came to them theysaid: 'We will not believe in it unless we are given that which theMessengers of Allah have been given.' But Allah knows best where to placeHis Message. Humiliation with Allah shall befall the sinners as well as aterrible punishment for what they devised.
  125. Whomsoever Allah desires toguide, He expands his chest to Islam (submission). Whomsoever He desiresto lead astray, He makes his chest narrow, tight, as though he wereclimbing to heaven. As such Allah lays the scourge on the unbelievers.
  126. This is the Path of your Lord, a Straight Path. We have made plain Ourverses to a nation who remember.
  127. Theirs is the abode of peace withtheir Lord. He is their Guardian for what they did.
  128. On the Day when Heassembles them all together, 'O company of Jinn, you have seduced mankindin great numbers.' And their guided ones among the humans will say: 'Lord,we have enjoyed each other. But now we have reached the term which Youhave appointed for us.' He will say: 'The Fire shall be your lodging, andthere you shall remain for ever - except as Allah will.' Your Lord isWise, Knowing.
  129. So We make the harmdoers guides of each other for whatthey have earned.
  130. 'Jinn and human, did there not come to youMessengers of your own who narrated to you My verses and warned you ofencountering this Day?' They will reply: 'We bear witness againstourselves.' Indeed, the life of this world beguiled them. They will bearwitness against themselves that they were unbelievers.
  131. That is becauseyour Lord will not destroy villages unjustly, while their inhabitants wereinattentive.
  132. They all have their degrees according to their deeds.Your Lord is not inattentive of their actions.
  133. Your Lord is Rich andthe Owner of Mercy. He can destroy you if He will and replace you withwhom He pleases, just as He raised you from the offspring of othernations.
  134. That which you are promised is sure to come. You shall notfrustrate Me.
  135. Say: 'Work according to your station my people, forindeed I am working.' You shall know to whom will be the good end of theabode. The harmdoers shall not be triumphant.
  136. They set aside for Allaha share of what He has created of tilth and cattle saying: 'This is forAllah - so they claim - and this for our associates (gods).' The share oftheir associates never reaches Allah, but the share of Allah reaches theirassociates. How evil they judge!
  137. As such their associates made itattractive to the idolaters to kill their children so that they ruin themand confuse them about their religion. But had Allah willed, they wouldnot have done so. Therefore, leave them to their false inventions.
  138. They say: 'These cattle, and these crops are forbidden. None can eat ofthem except those whom we permit' - so they claim - 'and cattle whosebacks are forbidden, and others over which they do not pronounce the Nameof Allah.' As such fabricating lies against Him. He will recompense themfor their invented lies.
  139. They also say: 'What is in the bellies(wombs) of these cattle is reserved for our males but not for our wives.'But if it is still-born, they all partake of it. He will recompense themfor their describing. He is Wise, Knowing.
  140. Lost are those who, withoutknowledge, have foolishly slain their own children and made unlawful thatwhich Allah has provided them, fabricating lies about Allah. They havegone astray and are not guided.
  141. He brings forth gardens, trellised anduntrellised, palm-trees and crops, different to eat, and the olive andpomegranates alike and unlike. When it bears fruit eat of it and pay whatis due (the zakat) of it upon the harvest day. But do not be wasteful; Hedoes not love the wasteful.
  142. And of the cattle, some are for carryingburdens, and others for slaughter. Eat of that which Allah has providedyou with and do not follow in satan's footsteps; he is your open enemy.
  143. (He has given you) eight couples, a pair of sheep and a pair of goats.Say: 'Of these, has He forbidden you the males, the females, or what thewombs of the two females contain? Tell me with knowledge, if you aretruthful.'
  144. Then a pair of camels and a pair of cattle. Say: 'Of these,has He forbidden you the males, the females, or what the wombs of the twofemales contain? Were you witnesses when Allah charged you with this? Whois more harmful than he who, without knowledge, invents a lie about Allahto mislead people? Allah does not guide the harmdoers.
  145. Say: 'I findnothing in what has been revealed to me that forbids any one to eat of anyfood except the dead, running blood, and the flesh of swine - for theseare unclean - and that which has been hallowed in its slaughter to otherthan Allah. But whoever is constrained to eat of any of these, notintending to sin or transgress, then your Lord is Forgiving, the MostMerciful.
  146. We forbade the Jews all with undivided hoofs and the fat ofsheep and cattle, except what is on their backs and entrails, and what ismixed with their bones. As such We recompensed them for their transgress-ions. Indeed, We are truthful.
  147. If they belie you, say: 'Your Lord isthe Owner of all Encompassing Mercy, but His Might cannot be withheld fromthe nation, the evildoers.'
  148. The idolaters will say: 'Had Allah willed,neither we nor our fathers would have associated (idols), nor would wehave forbidden anything. As such, those who have gone before them belieduntil they tasted Our Might. Say: 'Have you any knowledge you can bringforth to us? You follow nothing but guessing and you are only speakers ofconjecture.'
  149. Say: 'Allah alone has the conclusive proof. Had Hewilled, He would have guided you all.'
  150. Say: 'Bring those witnesses ofyours who can testify that Allah has forbidden this.' If they testify toit, do not testify with them, nor follow the wishes of those who belie Ourverses, and disbelieve in the Everlasting Life and ascribe equals to theirLord.
  151. Say: 'Come, I will recite to you what your Lord forbids you;that you shall associate anything with Him; that you shall be good to yourparents, that you shall not kill your children because of poverty, Weprovide for you and for them, that you shall not commit foul deeds whetheropenly or in secret, and that you shall not kill the soul that Allah hasforbidden except by right. With such Allah charges you, in order that youunderstand.
  152. Do not touch the wealth of the orphan, except in thefairer manner until he reaches maturity. Give just weight and fullmeasure, We never charge a soul with more than it can bear. When youspeak, be just, even if it affects your own kinsmen. Fulfill the covenantof Allah. With such He charges you, in order that you remember.
  153. ThisPath of Mine is straight. Follow it and do not follow other paths, forthey will scatter you away from His Path. With such Allah charges you, inorder that you be cautious.
  154. Then to Moses We gave the Book, completefor him who does good, and (to make) plain all things, and guidance, andmercy, so that they might believe in the ultimate meeting with their Lord.
  155. And We have sent down this blessed Book (the Holy Koran). Follow itand be cautious in order that you receive mercy,
  156. lest you should say:'The Book was sent down only to two parties before us; we are inattentiveto their study.'
  157. Or (you say), 'Had the Book been sent down to us, wewould have been better guided than they.' Indeed a clear sign has now cometo you from your Lord; a guidance and a mercy. And who is more harmfulthan he who belies the verses of Allah and turns away from them! We shallrecompense those who turn away from Our verses with an evil punishment fortheir turning away.
  158. Are they waiting for the angels or your Lord tocome to them, or for some of the signs of your Lord? On the Day when someof the signs of your Lord come, no soul will be benefited by its beliefhad it not believed before or earned good in its belief. Say: 'Wait, weare waiting.'
  159. You have nothing to do with those who have madedivisions in their religion and become sects. Their affair is with Allahand He will inform them of what they have done.
  160. He who brings a gooddeed shall have tenfold of its like, but he who brings a sin shall berecompensed only for its like. None shall be wronged.
  161. Say: 'My Lordhas guided me to a Straight Path, an upright religion, the creed ofAbraham, he was upright, not from the idolaters.'
  162. Say: 'My prayers andmy worship (for example, pilgrimage and sacrifice), my life and my death,are all for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
  163. He has no partner, withthat I am commanded, and I am the first of the submitters (Muslims).'
  164. Say: 'Should I seek a lord other than Allah, who is the Lord of allthings? Every soul earns only to its account - no soul shall bearanother's burden. Then to your Lord you shall be returned, and He willinform you about that in which you differed.'
  165. It is He who has madeyou caliphs in the earth and raised some of you in rank above others, sothat He might try you in what He has given you. Swift is your Lord inretribution; yet He is Forgiving, Merciful.
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